‘Basketball Wives’ Star Gloria Govan Defends Herself Following Her Arrest For Child Endangerment


Gloria Govan hit Instagram to defend herself following her arrest for felony child endangerment on Friday. The Basketball Wives star found herself behind bars after getting into a fight with her ex-husband, former NBA star Matt Barnes, that police say put the couple’s twin boys at risk.

“Let me tell y’all something… there isn’t a person on this earth that isn’t struggling with something!” she wrote on Instagram. “I don’t care how much money, success, or followers anyone has. We all have problems.”

According to TMZ, the fight that led to Gloria’s arrest began after a dispute over who was going to get the twin boys for the Labor Day weekend. Allegedly, it was Matt’s weekend with the kids, but Gloria showed up at their school before school let out on Friday and told the kids to get into her car. When Matt showed up, he told the boys to get into his car, which they did.

That’s when, according to TMZ, Gloria “flew into a rage.”

“[She] tried to follow Matt’s car, screaming and cussing,” the site reported. “Our sources say she then blocked Matt’s car with the kids inside, and that’s when someone called 911.”

The police came and hauled Gloria in for child endangerment and violating a court order. Matt produced paperwork showing that it was his weekend and he was allowed to take the children with him.

Gloria was released from the clink early Saturday morning, after posting $100,000 bail.

This is not the first time Matt and Gloria have gone to battle. The exes are infamous for talking crap about each other via social media.

“I’ve been dealing with this s**t for four years, man,” Matt posted to Instagram in June, following a court date he attended to battle Gloria for custody and child support. “I’m tired. I know y’all tired of hearin’ it, but y’all don’t know what kinda s**t this girl is on, man. All these motherf**in’ lies and allegations, and tryin’ to throw dirt on my name and all that s**t. But it all caught up today, man. And I know this social media s**t plays out like a game, and everybody keke-ing and haha-ing. No, this s**t is real life, man. Some s**t should stay private, but my life’s not private. It’s public. So y’all sit back and judge thinkin’ you know the truth, but you don’t.”

Matt— who was arrested for suspected domestic violence against Gloria back in 2012– advised other young men to learn from his situation.

“But let this be a lesson, man. To all the young athletes out there, entertainers, rappers: pre-nups, good decisions,” he wrote. “Make sure your s**t is tightened up, and you still might get f***ed. But today, ‘they tried to charge me, but I’m not guilty!”

Gloria, who is now engaged to Matt’s former Laker teammate Derek Fisher, has also taken shots at Matt. She recently told TMZ that hopes he pays his bills. Matt says Gloria “throws the kids against him.”

Gloria and Matt in 2014…

Matt and Gloria– who welcomed their twin boys back in 2008– were married in 2012. Their marriage lasted just under two years, with the couple separating in 2014 and finalizing their divorce in 2016.

Matt has yet to comment publicly on his ex-wife’s arrest.

(Photos: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images; Instagram ; Jason Merritt/Getty Images)


  1. Such a shame. While I don’t know the specifics sounds like she is guilty of child endangerment. She almost caused a car accident on purpose. On another note did anyone watch “In Living Color” back in the day? The “let me tell you something” quote reminded me of Fire Marshal Bill. Lol

  2. Gloria and her sister are batshit crazy. Always have been….and Matt’s stuck with her for another 8 years. SMH. He’s no angel either, but as time goes on, Gloria’s true colors are coming out.

    1. That will probably come later. Given that he had a copy of the custody agreement with him, it seems like this isn’t the first time she has tried this

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