Derick Dillard Says He Encourages People “Not To Watch The Filth on TLC”: Wants ‘Counting On’ To Change Networks


Duggar son-in-law Derick Dillard has made it no secret that he is not a fan of TLC, the network that made his wife Jill‘s family famous– but it seems that Derick’s hate for the reality TV network has reached an all-time high!

In a series of tweets posted this week, Derick called the shows that air on TLC “filth” and encouraged fans not to tune into the network. He also expressed his hope that his in-laws’ show Counting On jumps ship from TLC and moves to a more righteous network soon.

When a ‘Counting On’ viewer pointed out that a commercial featuring Ellen DeGeneres (who is an out-and-proud lesbian) aired during a recent episode of ‘Counting On,’ Derick was not pleased.

“Yeah hopefully [‘Counting On’] moves to UpTv soon,” Derick replied. (UPtv currently airs Bringing Up Bates, the reality show featuring the Duggars’ friends The Bates Family.)

When another fan asked Derick if he watched certain TLC shows, he used the opportunity to blast the network.

“I don’t watch any of them. I’m now aware of them, but I encourage others not to watch the filth on TLC… and other networks, but you brought up TLC shows,” he replied.

TLC ended its relationship with Derick last year after he posted a string of tweets attacking transgender I Am Jazz star Jazz Jennings and the transgender community. (He has maintained that he was not fired from ‘Counting On’ and chose to leave the show on his own.)

Since then, he has blasted various TLC shows. In April, he attacked Nate Berkus‘s show Nate & Jeremiah By Design (which features Nate, his husband, Jeremiah Brent and their daughter Poppy), calling it “a travesty of family.”

“[Their lifestyle] affect(s) this poor child, as well as what perversions are celebrated,” Derick wrote. “If it were adultery, I doubt a network would be so quick to focus on the reality of it as if it were OK.”

Jill has tried to remain neutral on her husband’s outspokenness on all things LGBTQ and TLC. She no longer appears on ‘Counting On’ (except for a special appearance she made on Joy Forsyth‘s recent birth episode), and is rarely even discussed on the show.

Perhaps Jill is talking about the fact that TLC let her sneak into an episode of ‘Counting On?’

She has attempted to stay in the public eye in various ways since leaving ‘Counting On.’

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(Photos: TLC, Twitter, Discovery Press Site)


  1. I so agree with Derek and hope Counting On moves o a different network. TLC used to be one of my favorite networks. But now it’s full of trash and I refuse to watch it!

  2. How dare this perpetually jobless grifter imply that Ellen Degeneres is “filth”! Ellen has given millions to help more causes than any us can begin to count! All why scamming his ignorant followers with questionable GoFundMe pleas. He may want to take the liable law crash course if he keeps up his nonsense!

  3. Outdaughtered, the dumpster fire that is 90 Day Fiance and all other related 90 days Rattled. Say yes to the dress. Basically I watch TLC all week. Except mondays ?‍♀️

  4. Money talks. Since TLC is no longer paying Derick, now the network is “filth”. I’m interested to hear what the Duggar siblings think that are still being paid by TLC, but of course they won’t be making statements.. I wouldn’t doubt the Duggars still on TV would be making a lot more money since they are a bigger network than UpTV (which I have never heard of before now).

  5. I saw an orange shirt an for one second I thought “Yes, justice has been served, the first Duggar that did something they could arrest him for”. But no.

  6. I don’t understand how a commercial for Ellen is so bothersome to him. She didn’t like snog her wife on telly, it’s just a commercial. Yeah, this man will never be a lawyer. Not with a hate like that. (Imagine a gay man suing his employer for being bullied for being gay……Derick would just say to him “Serves you right!”)

    1. I imagine his work would be finding a way to twist the law to suit his own views. He could have represented Kim Davis. I can’t stand that woman!!

    2. Visions of Ellen snogging poor Anna. Maybe, someday, when she sets herself free from her and his family.
      Her family supported her first when she wanted to divorce but they changed their minds and pushed her back into her marriage. Probably because of the people around them.

  7. I encourage people not to watch the sexist, homophobic family on Counting On. The Dugger children have been denied a real childhood as their parents ignore their obligations to care for their own children and household. This is what happens when you have more children than you can actually care for. Shameful. These young people have been denied a real education, and now they are most likely going to do the same thing to their own children.

  8. There alot of tv shows i watch on tlc.derick might be hoping hoping if they change networks e & jill might be hired back.i guess he’s missing that money.

  9. I know it’s all great fun to laugh at this idiot.

    But at least law school wonder doesn’t hide or deny what he believes (no matter how wrong or disgusting it is) unlike the rest of the Duggar relations still featured on TLC.
    He is quite openly a person that makes ambulance chasing lawyers look noble.

    TLC still features Michelle and JimBob who have both made political statements and robo calls against the LGBT, still support rapist Bill Gothard AND the rape apologists/people who actively covered up sex crimes against women and children on the IBLP board.

    They also feature Joy’s husband who’s family is friends with and supports Debbi and Michael Pearl.
    Who in a just society would have been charged with accomplice to grievous/life threatening child abuse and manslaughter.

    It is also interesting to note how certain sermons and “testimonies” from Jingers father-in-law (they featured Jeremy) have disappeared.

    None of the Duggars are any better than Derick, they just know how to hide it better and say the things that keep them on the show.
    It’s not about being Christians or any of the BS they try to claim.
    It’s all about being beyond hateful,lazy leeches and keeping the money rolling in.

    Does TLC really get that many views (and whatever comes along with them) from continuing to feature such people??

    Also I don’t think UPTV will be asking the Duggars to Join anytime soon.
    They have enough on their hands with Erin Bates Paine having the father in law she has AND her sister in law being married to a rapist.

    1. A-fucking-MEN! I used to watch the Duggars YEARS ago until i realized the parents truly are horrible people who want nothing but to hurt others dressed up in christian values.

  10. I hate religious people. They think their beliefs should be the land if the law and that everyone should believe in their beliefs. Religion is man made and is one of the worst things created by man.

  11. Hey Derrick, “Outdaughtered” is one of my favorite shows now. The Busby family is awesome! Also, I think you’re full of crap!

  12. I’m amazed that he believes he is so influential and important. We don’t need to constantly know about all the things you hate. Get a hobby…please!!

  13. I find it strange that so many people who claim to be “godly” seem constantly filled with rage. It’s been awhile since I’ve cracked open the good book, but I don’t think that’s what Jesus was going for?

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