Amber Portwood Melts Down: Declares She Needs to Quit ‘Teen Mom OG’ Days After Posting Angry Rant on Instagram

“Don’t mess with Portwood!”

Amber Portwood went off on her haters in an expletive-filled Instagram rant posted over the weekend and, based on from the tweets she posted on Monday, she’s ready to quit Teen Mom OG over all the online hate!

If only there was a way that Amber didn’t have to be on social media to see the hate!


Anyway, on Monday Amber tweeted, “I can’t do this anymore… I have to quit this show.” When her followers ask her to explain the tweets, Amber wrote that she couldn’t deal with the negative things ‘Teen Mom OG’ viewers wrote about her online.

“The heartache this show has put me through is too much to bear anymore,” she wrote. “If I will not be shown then there’s nothing more to do. My name will not get smeared anymore. I hope everyone is resting easy with the money they’ve made off of heartache and pain that I’ve endured.”

This is, of course, much kinder than what she was saying to viewers during her weekend Instagram rant, which was filled with some quality Amber quotes.

At one point during the video, Amber tells her followers that they shouldn’t be calling her a bad mom.

“How am I bad mom?” an angry Amber screeched into the camera. “Tell me one f**king way I’m a bad mom…other than being an addict back in the day…and hittin’ my baby daddy…and going to prison!”

Amber has long proclaimed to be a changed woman since getting sober and leaving prison. However, in this rant, she threatened followers, telling them she’s still capable of beating the beJesus out of them.

“Do you understand that, if I didn’t have two f**king kids, that I would beat the f**k out of you?” Amber told one person. “Do you understand that s**t? You look at the past stuff, you think that’s not me still? You think that’s not IN me? You think I won’t run up on a f**king stage like I did to Farrah? You think I won’t do nothing like that to your ass? I’ll f**king run up on you any day! But I’ve got two kids now, and I’ve got money and I have to take care of things.

When your baby mama is cussing out strangers on the Internet…

“You guys already know the f**king life I used to live,” Amber continued. “I’ll bust you in your face in two seconds and not even think twice about it. I swear to God!”

When a follower called her “ratchet” for ranting on social media, Amber got even more angry.

“I used to be ratchet; I don’t really think I’m ratchet anymore, but I don’t know how I deal with it, honestly.” Amber said.

Later, when Amber began talking about how she and the other ‘Teen Mom’ stars made a difference in preventing teen pregnancy, thanks to the platform they were given on the show, one person replied, “Spreading your legs isn’t a platform.” The comment set Amber off, resulting in her screaming at the person and calling them a derogatory word.

“When did you lose your virginity you f**king ret**d!?” she yelled. ” That’s so disrespectful, teen pregnancy was running rampant when my show came on!”

All of our faces as we listened to Amber’s rant…

Anyway, Monday’s tweet session about quitting ‘Teen Mom’ is not the first time Amber has stated she’s leaving the show. Back in December 2016, Amber declared on Twitter that she was leaving the show because she felt disrespected after the Reunion show aired for Season 6.

She obviously had a change of heart, as she has appeared in every ‘OG’ episode since then.

Watch a portion of Amber’s angry Instagram rant below. (Be aware, though, that the video contains plenty of naughty language!)

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(Photos: MTV)


  1. She’s pathetic and way too old to be acting like she can beat anyone’s ass. Grow up Amber and be a better mom. Your kids deserve that.

  2. SERiously does this chick ever leave the couch/bed/house? If you are familiar with the little boy that cried wolf story you know what Im saying about threats that she is quitting the show.

  3. shes in bed as usual, shes a fluffy, out of shape white woman who’s never had a real job, shes lazy, doesn’t cook or clean, or take care of her kids. Not socially relevant, a poser, trying to be all gangster. What a joke. shes said she was going to quit the show many times. amber you boring fuck, you’re fired! lol. you aint all that. she looks/acts like she’s on drugs.

  4. Amber there are jealous,sick,mean,hateful,horrible sickos everywhere,don’t listen to anything they say.Youre doing great for yourself and your children,that’s all that really matters dear.

  5. Well…. That was embarrassing. Does she forget that Leah and her friends likely know how to use the internet and kids will probably make fun of her because of how her grown ass mother talks, behaves, etc??
    Just act right already! Grow up!
    Smh, lol. So embarrassing.

  6. Amber does not do herself any favors with these rants. It’s ridiculous to me. She acts like she is perplexed as to why anyone would think she’s a bad mother! Really? I don’t feel like wasting my time typing out a list of reasons that even James would understand! I’m happy that Leah is completely fulfilled with her Dad who has never quit on her. And, God bless Kristina! She is a wonderful mom to Leah. Amber leaves for a month to go to California. At Leah’s age that reads “My mom doesn’t care enough to be here to see me on the weekend”. Maybe Leah also doesn’t want to hang around with Andrew. Who knows? Bottom line is Amber needs to put Leah’s needs ahead of her own. I suffer with severe depression and there were days I didn’t want to get out of bed but I did because I loved my kids. The kids I’ve raised and paid for and had full custody of!

    1. Agree with this 100% she is acting for sure…She was no different as far as her attitude about child rearing, relationships, life in general before prison than after. She is still the same lazy ass person who runs her mouth non stop when she is confronted about what we have all watched for how many seasons now?! Kristina is a great mother to Leah, hate it or love it, its the truth.

  7. I will never understand why anyone sends a mean message directly to someone on social media. It is legitimately crazy to be reaching out to people on tv to tell them you think they suck. Its one thing to read an article and comment but when someone is communicating with a person they actually do not know on social media to criticize them with very limited information I think that person should be psychologically assessed. Why would anyone care enough to do that?

    1. Absolutely! I feel weird enough occasionally commenting something NICE on a celebrities (let’s use that term loosely for the Teen Mom cast) personal post, and would never post something mean or even neutral! Very odd to feel compelled to do that.

    2. And on that note. The recipient of negative message shouldn’t take it to heart. Why are so many people affected by what others say about them on SM? True it is annoying but that person is probably crazy anyway. Don’t let those negative people get to you.

  8. She’s still a ghetto trashbucket. “I’ve totally changed! I’m a good mom now! But don’t forget bitch I’m a recovering addict and I’ve been to jail I’ll beat your ass!” ???‍♀️ Oh and btw how hilarious is it she claims she had a miscarriage with Matt. So she WAS almost tied to him for life, wasn’t practicing safe sex, and made the decision to get pregnant TWO more times while her relationship w/Leah was nonexistent. Good job Amber you lying sack of shit.

    1. “Trashbucket”!!!! And don’t you just love how tough this idiot thinks she is. Just like Farrah one day she’s going to say the wrong thing to a person that isn’t all talk and she’s going to get mowed through like jello (and she’d deserve it). The only thing AT ALL that has changed about Amber from her 16&P episode is that she has money now (temporarily). Same attitude, still lazy, still entitled, still solely focused on having a man (any man will do) marinating on the couch/bed with her. Leah doesn’t care to go to her home because she’s smart enough to know where Amber’s priorities lie.

  9. Open Adoption is a beautiful thing in many circumstances. But I don’t think it’s been healthy for Cate and Tyler. I don’t think they were ever emotionally mature (or stable) enough to process the adoption in a healthy way, and between the ongoing contact with Brandon and Theresa, and the forced fixation on the adoption courtesy of MTV, it had a much bigger presence in their lives than it should.

    They need to step back and move to exchanging letters and pictures once or twice a year. They need to focus on themselves, their marriage, and the kids they are parenting.

    Poor, poor Nova

    1. I’m happy someone else feels like this too! I wondered if it was just me. I always felt like Cate was very unsure. I remember one episode where she was saying she was going to keep Carly so her mom went and bought a bassinet. Tyler came over and saw it and was upset. Cate was kind of walking around on eggshells with her feelings and said something like, “Well, what IF I was thinking about keeping the baby, what would you think?” He ended up saying something like if she made that decision she would end up losing him too because they would be so stressed out being teen parents they would hate each other. By the end of the episode, Cate had changed her mind again. It’s hard to tell if she makes decisions for herself or for people around her.

      1. they both have been sorry they gave Carly up for adoption. All the girls were in basically in bad situations. Amber’s father and mother were both addicts, and she kept her child. Farrah is crazy with crazy parents, and she kept her daughter. As dysfunctional as Butch and April were, they would have helped them with the baby, and Tyler’s mother would have also. After 16 and pregnant, they both had plenty of money, they could have easily raised her on their own. None of the girls were in any better positions then them. I think the decision to give Carly away, has destroyed them mentally. They can not get over it, and it will be painful for both of them for the rest of their lives. It’s so sad, it’s heartbreaking to watch them. Really sad!

        1. You are so right, Pat! I think this is truly where a lot of Cates PTSD comes into play. I feel like they both have mental issues and a lot of it is the result of the adoption. It really is sad to see. I think that Cate and Tyler are good people. I remember watching them on 16 & pregnant and I agreed with them that April & Butch weren’t the best. But, Tyler’s mom Kim seemed quite stable and willing to help. I got pregnant at 15, the first time I had ever had sex. I had my daughter at 16. My parents helped but, I also worked 2 jobs and by the time I was 18, graduated with a 4.0 as a certified medical assistant. Instead of getting a high school diploma, I got a degree. Was it hard? Absolutely, but it was worth it! It can be done even without MTV…?

  10. I wish she would leave the show. So uncomfortable watching her awkwardness with her daughter “Bew Bew” or “Monkey Butt” or what other stupid names she calls her. That nit wit baby daddy, let’s see how long he sticks around. She won’t leave though, because that would mean she has to stand upright and GET A JOB!

  11. amber got paid teenage drug addict battering ram . we didnt get rich watching the show amber you did. and you said once “i cant ever have more kids cuz i have bpd” but then you had more kids just fine. so your a drama queen getting paid fat money for making mistakes we dont get paid to watch this mess you do . you get paid for having babies too young and you still canat cope with life cuz your threatening to quit once again. your not going to quit tv cuz then youd need a real job where they expect youo to work 8 or more hours a day. your not quitting anything your just m remember what you said and they called you out on your own shit. your man doesnt make enough money for your plastic surgerys and fancy clothes so your gonna be on teem mom until your all elderly .

    1. She will file for SSI or SSD as soon as the money is gone. She will never have a job. The zoo already has a sloth
      Amber you are “resting easy”

  12. It’s that catch 22, she needs to be on social media to sell whatever someone pays her to sell because that teen mom money is going to dry up, so they either have to create drama to stay interesting or sell crap to her followers. All the girls are spending money wastefully just look at the show they buy cars like they aren’t selling them any more.

    they could have taken the money invested it and lived a comfortable life but I think these girls wont stop until they have drivers for the cars they are buying.

  13. Wow she has not changed at all. She just has money now, like she says. This is honestly pathetic, she says herself she has two kids. I have two kids and can’t imagine ranting and swearing like that, especially at random people on the internet. Poor Andrew, I kinda feel sorry for him. Meanwhile, Gary has even more ammo against Ambien now

  14. When a “GROWN mom” acts like a “TEEN mom”.

    Time to retire this show…’s long past due….like when they STOPPED being TEENS!

  15. Was anyone else creeped out last night on TM when Tyler and Kate had a birthday party for Carli? Is that normal? No wonder Nova is already in therapy at 2 yrs old. That’s gonna mess her up emotionally watching her parents mourn this kid they gave away while ignoring Nova. I’m horrified watching her blow out,the candles on a cake for Carli. She was dealt a rough hand she had drug addicted grandparents and parents who resent each other. Her mother is so overwhelmed with motherhood that she has to leave for inpatient therapy and gets all kinds of distractions like therapy pets and weed to avoid the kid she had to replace the kid she gave away. I wish Nova had a parent like Gary who cared enough about his kid to get her away from this mess. MTV better pay for Nova lifelong therapy because she will need it.

    1. Their whole segment yesterday bothered me. It’s been 9 years and a whole episode was devoted to Carly. A party for Carly in absentia was bad enough, but the visit thing just made it worse. Cate got really passive aggressive with Theresa when she didn’t respond right away and both Cate and Tyler are still acting really entitled when it comes to visits. When Dawn suggested that instead of always demanding a visit, they could just casually text to ask how Carly is doing, Cate was like “oh yeah, I could do that.” You think?

      Theresa has explicitly asked Cate not to repeat what she says on air. Cate and Tyler apparently just can’t help themselves. I really can’t blame B&T for not feeling comfortable when simple requests aren’t honored. And Carly isn’t a baby anymore. These visits have a real and lasting affect on her at this age and it’s up to her parents to determine whether or not it’s in her best interests. Cate and Tyler seem completely unbothered about what Carly may want or need.

    2. I felt so bad for Nova when she was SCREAMING for Catelynn to give her a bath, and Cate was acting like why can’t daddy give you one?…like GIRL…first of all, he’s giving her baths every day while you’re getting “treatment” and secondly you are her mother and you disappear for months at a time to have a mini vacation at rehab. OF COURSE Nova is going to be clingy, she’s probably paranoid that Cate’s gonna leave again…which lets be real, after this new baby, she probably is gonna go back to rehab to get diagnosed with God knows what else.

      In regards to Carli, I think it was a little weird that they were having a party for her…I think part of the problem is that they didn’t fully understand what signing away your rights meant at the age of 16…I think in their young minds, they thought that they would be able to have this friendship/relationship with Carli, and see her whenever they wanted, and have input in her life…but they need to accept that B&T are Carli’s parents. They’re the only parents that she’s ever known. When T said that Carli is trying to figure everything out because her situation is very different than other kids…Cate n Tyler really need to understand that. It’s not always about them. Carli is getting older, has bio parents on TV airing out all her and B&T’s dirty laundry…Cate and Tyler should seriously back off with their demands, and put themselves in Carli’s shoes for once.

      And the way that T has been so short with them makes me think A LOT more goes on behind the scenes, other than them asking to see her on her birthday. I feel like they’ve crossed the line on NUMEROUS occasions and B&T have had it.

      1. And, i think that b&t originally wanted a closed adoption. (I think they agreed because they wanted a baby so badly) Probably for this very reason. I know personally that I couldn’t give my children up for adoption.But, if I was the parents who adopted the baby, I would be that kids parents forever. I feel like visits and things like that would be so evasive and would confuse Carly more.

        1. I believe that’s what is starting to happen with Carly…she’s getting older, she may be getting confused (could be why Teresa said she’s trying to figure it out because her situations different from other kids) and she may not want to see Cate and Tyler…look at how Leah is with Amber, or how Benny didn’t want Maci to walk him into school…all of the kids are getting to that age where they’re finding their independence and figuring things out. Catelynn and Tyler are being kind of selfish not understanding that…they think that it’s about them, and B&T are trying to keep her from them, but I don’t believe that’s the case.

          1. I like you!? I agree. I think it’s totally unfair the way they portray b&t on the show. Almost as if b&t are the selfish ones! But, they are the ones that have loved this child and supported this child and been there when she is sick. They are her parents. They shouldn’t have to be expected to make themselves and Carly available any time Cate texts. I don’t think that b&t are trying to keep Carly from them either. They are looking out for Carly’s best interests as they should.

    3. I had the distinct impression that the “party” was totally for show. As in, we’re going to show Carly that we’re the most wonderful parents on earth and that mean Brandon and Theresa are awful people who kept you away from us. Huh. Just ask Nova about that. I’m sure she would dream of B&T saving her!

    4. Tyler still comes across like Carly’s parents are just babysitting Carly for them. Whenever Caitlyn reads or says what Tereasa have texted, she at least seems to acknowledge she has to back off. Although by now, with three “treatments” under her belt, you would think she would learn how to respect Carly’s parent’s boundaries and never get it to that awkward place from the jump. Her parents have frequently requested they not be on the show, mentioned on the show, talked about on the show and yet they do so all the time. That baby is 9. She has every right to figure things out at her own pace. She’s growing up knowing she’s adopted and probably knowing that all her bio family’s drama is out there.

    5. Did anyone else notice at the end of the show when the nosey adoption lady was hugging Kate, the look on Tyler’s face? Summed the whole situation up.

  16. She needs to get a grip and just turn off the comments or limit them. It’s not that serious…and we all know that’s the emptiest threat any of these girls use. NOBODY is leaving behind that TM money. Girl Bye.

  17. Amber is an idiot. Teens have always gotten pregnant. This show has not changed that fact. I think the recession played into the 2098 decline in teen pregnancies more so than this silly show. Does she think people really take them that seriously?

    1. I think them all saying (along with Dr Phil) “This show helped reduce teen pregnancy” and wanted to show statistics to prove it is bullshit. The statistics weren’t because of the show, it was because teenagers got more knowledge about birth control and were able to get it. Like, there will always be teen pregnancies, I’m sure of it but the fact that they think this show solely helped reduce it is a laughable statement.

      If anything, it helped increase it for those teen girls who wanted to be famous that way. (Wasn’t Mack Douthit proven to have gotten pregnant for the sole purpose of being on the show? And I’m sure she isn’t the only one) So tell me, what are those girls who didn’t get in because it was canceled, gonna do? They have a baby and their whole life was changed because they wanted to “be like those girls on MTV”.

  18. She still acts like an ignorant 16 year old, threatening to beat people up and giving a crap about what strangers post on the internet. Go focus on your daughter and your baby girl.

  19. “Teen pregnancy was running rampant when the show started!” And yet, MTV has added “Teen Mum” and “young and pregnant” to their current roster… Hmm.. sounds like Teen pregnancy is still happening.. and being profited off of, not to mention the girls that purposely got pregnant to be on the show. Like Chelsea Houska’s ex best friend. If they had stopped at 16 and pregnant, the impact could have been different. That show was more of a PSA, Teenmom, however, is a trumped up reality show, and the only thing that matters are the ratings.

  20. Post partum maybe? She is prone to it but anyway, Amber was always crazy. So I guess it’s just how she reacts to people calling her out.

    Good luck James (and Andrew but I don’t really like him so I don’t care), you will need it with a mom like that, oh man, at least Leah has a great mother figure!

  21. After all her past physical violence toward Gary, and swinging and missing when she tried to hit Farrah on a reunion show, is Amber STILL talking about running up on people and beating them up? What is she… 12?

    Amber, stop.

    Stop making video clips threatening faceless people from the Internet you don’t even know because of what they said. In fact, stop all this juvenile “I’ll kick ass and cut a bitch” mentality, and focus on being the best possible example you can be for your kids.

    Please? Thank you.

    1. ??Haha that’s the same thing I thought! She keeps bringing up the Farrah reunion “fight” up like she was in a UFC cage match with Ronda Rousey! She came out dressed like a broke down Marlin Monroe and did nothing but talk, swing & miss!

  22. Did anyone notice Andrew slouching on the couch feeding James and James was slouching too. They looked liked identical twins.

  23. Amber, if you were truly being a good mom to your nine-year-old daughter and your new baby, you’d be WAY too busy to get on the internet and make a fool out of yourself! Turn off the internet and parent your kids.

  24. she needs to grow up she had to take it and make it all about her. when chritina was telling her and later in the show. she won’t quit none of them quit plus she would have to get off the couch always the victim i’m not buying she had a miscarriage in vegas sorry not sorry

  25. Look, I’m not a fan of online bullying but Amber is not a victim. She willingly exposes her private life on national TV for the world to see and judge in exchange for a paycheck. People are going to talk shit. That’s just the way it is. All she has to do is stay off social media if she can’t take the negativity. The problem with Amber is that has absolutely zero self control. She just flips out over everything. She can claim Andrew changed her ways all she wants but the fact of the matter is, no one can change you except yourself. She hasn’t changed. She probably never will.

    1. So because she’s on a tv show it makes it okay for people to bully her online? Online bullying is psychotic regardless of who the victim is.

  26. I wonder how many employers will hire a couch potato… I’m glad she semi turned her life around, but she could have been there a lot more for Leah.

    1. Exactly, that’s precisely why Leah doesn’t want anything to do with Amber! She chose not to see her for long periods of time, between boyfriends and whenever she didn’t leave the couch. Leah was never a priority to Amber, and she KNOWS THAT! To Gary and Kristina she is a priority.

      Going to jail does not make you a good mom. Being present, consistent, and active in your child’s life does.

  27. You changed, Amber? Well freaking act like it! You just admitted you are the same violent person that you were in the past. And not just by losing your sh!t and threatening people but you literally stated you still had violent tendencies. And you expect believe that you have changed? Psh. If you were really conscious about your children, you wouldn’t go on a belligerent defense on social media.

  28. I love how these teen moms come on here trying to prove they are good moms, and then threaten to beat the sh** out of people on IG live. Anyone else remember the last time their mom threatened to beat the shit out of someone just for calling them a bad mom? No? Anyone?

  29. Well, she better get her resume ready. Get ready to work her rear off, for next to nothing. Like every other teen mom.

  30. The first step in how to be a good mom:

    Show up. Feeling like crap? Show up anyway. Get out of bed and take your kid on your assigned weekends.

    Many of us have our kids all the time. Every day. We have migraines or depression or cancer or arthritis and we don’t bail. We show up and we do the best we can.

    Call. Email. Text. Show up.

    P.S. Bonus lesson. Do some stuff kids like instead of just mani-pedis.

    You’re welcome.

  31. Chose a man over Leah. Then when you finally split up; you chose another man and got knocked up. There’s two reasons you’re a sh!t mom bishh. Sign over custody and let her mommy adopt her. Kristina has been around since Leah was small and she’s more a mom than you’ll never be. Poor Leah and poor baby James.

  32. Amber wants a list of all the ways she’s a bad mom?! Lol it’s endless. Wasn’t it just last summer Amber was drinking all the time, didn’t see Leah more than 2-3 times, went on MBC with Matt and left with Andrew, got knocked up again, and ditched Leah again to go to Hawaii? And that’s just a 2 month span last summer. She hasn’t grown at all. She’s just slightly better at hiding it until she can’t anymore.

  33. OMG, she is the biggest whitetrash and one of the worst mother’s I’ve ever seen. And Andrew is BEYOND CREEPY. Like seriously, why is he with her???

  34. Hey Ambie! This behavior is the exact reason you don’t have your daughter anymore. She’s probably embarrassed by you. You’re unstable, you need meds and you need to lose your son too. Grow the fuck up. The only beatdown you’re gonna give anyone is a handjob.

  35. she is white trash from the core, and always be, no matter what she is on, who she is screwing, how much money she has, she’s a loser through and through and ALWAYS will be. Angry, no impulse control, and it’s scary that she has a little baby, she doesn’t deserve the privilege of having a baby!

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