Bristol Palin Officially Quits ‘Teen Mom OG’! Find Out How Her Ex Dakota Meyer & ‘Teen Mom’ Co-Stars Reacted & Get More Details

“I’m outta here!”

Bristol Palin says she’s done with Teen Mom OG — and there’s no amount of money that MTV could offer her to make her change her mind.

Bristol— who has only appeared on one season of the MTV show so far— put in her notice via Instagram, writing in a long post that she has realized that appearing on ‘Teen Mom OG’ is not worth the headache.

The Ashley‘s sources tell her that this is very real and that Bristol did officially quit the show with production.

“‘Teen Mom OG’ wasn’t a fit for me, it took away my peace.. and honestly – my peace has a price tag that no one but God can afford,” Bristol wrote. “$ doesn’t impress me, I don’t entertain bs, and walking away from this show allows God to rebuild me (and my little fam) in the right direction. I have love for all the girls on the show, and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors!! ❤️🍻 xoxo, B”

The Ashley confirmed that Bristol did sign a contract for the upcoming Season 8, and that a film crew has filmed scenes with her for the new season. (The Ashley does not know what those scenes are about; it’s possible that it is her being filmed “quitting the show.” The Ashley will let you know when she finds out!) 

“They will air all the footage they’ve shot of Bristol,” the source said. “But once that is used, that’s it.”

The source added that MTV also has footage filmed of Bristol’s ex-husband Dakota Meyer.

“There is also a “Being Dakota” special that was filmed and is set to air very soon,” the source said.

In the past, The Ashley has been told that, once a girl signs a contract, they are obligated to film. However, as one cast member tells The Ashley “If we really, truly want out, for real, they will not make us continue with the show.” 

Of course, Bristol is not the first ‘Teen Mom’ franchise star to declare they are done with the show. Nearly every cast member from Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2 has “quit” their show at least once in the decade or so they’ve been on the air. (By The Ashley’s count, the only regular cast members who have never said that they’re quitting are Chelsea Houska, Catelynn Lowell and Cheyenne Floyd.)

However, everyone has always come back to the show following their meltdowns/temper tantrums/etc. (all except Adam Lind, surprisingly, who stated he was done with the show several years ago and has never filmed another scene.) 

However, Bristol did officially quit. In past social media posts (like the one below), she has stated that she was very unhappy with how MTV chose to portray her on the show.

During an Instagram Stories Q& A session on Tuesday, Bristol’s ex Dakota voiced his opinion about Bristol leaving the show.

“[I] 100% support that decision and I’m happy for her,” Dakota wrote when asked how he felt. “It was 100% on Bristol’s terms. She wanted to pick what was best for everyone over the money.”

Dakota was outspoken about not wanting to appear on ‘Teen Mom OG’ in the first place, but stated that he never really had a choice in the matter if he wanted to see his kids.(Back in December, he likened the show to “trailer trash!”)

When asked how he feels about no longer having to appear on the show, Dakota said he’s thrilled.

“[It feels] amazing!” he wrote. “I feel like I can finally close the last chapter and move on!”

Bristol’s ‘OG’ cast mates responded to the post and wished her well.

“Will definitely miss working with u pretty girl! Definitely still have to get the boys together! Xoxo,” Maci Bookout wrote.

“Wishing you all the luck and blessings,” Cheyenne Floyd— who joined the show with Bristol last season– wrote.

“Thanks boo, no more venting to you on Monday nights!” Bristol responded to Cheyenne.

“I’m taking my trusty overalls and getting the hell out!”

Cheyenne later told Us Weekly that she was not surprised that Bristol chose to leave the show.

“I am not shocked that she’s not going to continue. I wish her and her family the best and all the luck on her next endeavors,” Cheyenne told the magazine. “I have no clue if there will be a replacement, and if so, welcome aboard. Bristol is very nice and I will miss her being a part of our show.”

(The Ashley has not heard about anyone replacing Bristol, at least not yet. Despite what the clickbait articles are saying, Farrah Abraham is not returning to the show.)

The Ashley will update this story when she has more information.

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(Photos: MTV, Instagram)


  1. Good, now I only have to fast-forward through Cheyenne’s parts. I’m so happy I won’t accidentally hit play and find the Sarah Palin show.

  2. I am almost certain she quit the show because of Dakota. It is possible that they are getting back together and he did not like that the show painted him in a bad light and revealed some truth. So for the sake of her relationship she is not going to appear on the show anymore.

  3. Came across her Instagram the other day and saw she has just started her own real estate business. How very convenient. I think this was just a ploy to gain more publicity for her (and thus her new business) all along.

  4. What is she even talking about? She wasn’t even portrayed that bad on the show…but whatever. I actually liked her and Dakota’s story line. She must have done/said something extra dumb this up coming season, tried to get the producers to not air it…figured out she has no say in what’s aired, got upset and left.

    Maybe Mackenzie McKee will finally get the chance she’s been begging for…

  5. I didn’t mind Bristol but I hated seeing her fake ass mom (always wearing sunglasses inside for no reason) on TV. I won’t miss Dakota’s sweaty bangs and him wearing the same shirt every episode.

    As long as Farrah isn’t brought back, I’ll be good. Double up on Maci’s segments. Her and Taylor are freaking adorable and I find them interesting.

  6. What the hell did she do to her face? She looks like a totally different person. She did more that just jowl surgery. She must have went to Kylie Jenners plastic surgeon and bought a new face too.

    1. As I was scrolling, I truly thought it was Farrah in the second photo (the one from instagram with her hands up)- it took me a few seconds to realize it was Bristol. The very pronounced cheekbone fillers, botox ‘brow lift’, lips and veneers – I actually wonder if they use the same doctor in Austin?

  7. didnt even read this article besides the title. I boycotted teen mom (after watching since 16and preg) after they announced they were adding racist Cheyenne. I was upset that I would be missing Bristol on it because I love her fam and her other shows. so I am so happy she quit! although she is ACTUALLY an OG teen mom..she and her status is above MTV and teen mom show.

  8. Now if we could get rid of Briana, Cheyenne and Jenelle (since she’s only filmed for a grand total a three minutes all season), then combine the two shows we’ll be golden.

  9. I’ll miss seeing her little girls, they’re adorable. Fortunately Bristol is in a situation where she can walk away. It’s not convincing that she was clueless to what a cheap trick the show is, maybe she thought she was a step above the rest and wouldn’t be portrayed as they are.
    I think the majority can’t quit with the foolish way they spend … house after house, car after car, vacations galore, plastic surgery, lavish parties.
    Of course Mackenzie is lying about having to film, she’s begging to film! Ryan has to be in hock up to his neck spending thousands a month on drugs.kail made a comment that jo was asking for more money than what her house&car payments are… why aren’t they paid for???
    I hate to say it, if the show ended right now the only one not living the life of Riley is Brianna, does she even have her own car? None of them have skills or qualifications to earn enough money to uphold the lifestyle.

  10. Really not surprised at all. She complained a lot. Like I get that editing can twist things but they are working with the material she gave them so she is only to blame for what she says and does while filming. I’m sure it won’t be long before we see her on yet another reality show seeking a few more minutes of fame.

  11. I am so happy and proud of you Bristol for quitting Teen mom OG,So happy for you Bristol and God has a plan for your life Bristol

  12. Sooooo it is possible to actually quit? Looking at you, Mack. She is always complaining that it was basically impossible and that’s why she’s been subjected to filming against her will.

    1. Well, it does get hard to quit when you are broke cause your husband has expensive addictions and they throw money at you. Especially when shopping at Wal-Mart already makes you feel poor.

  13. She was simply not a good fit for the show. Not sure what in the world MTV was thinking when they cast her! She was a very privileged teen mom to begin with ten years ago with a famous mother. She never had to struggle a day in her life like some of the original teens on the show. I will never understand why she agreed to do the show (she says she doesn’t need the money). I guess she just wanted some fame out of it.

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