Farrah Abraham Says She’s Ready To Return To ‘Teen Mom OG’: “If They Ever Need Me Back, I’m Here.”

“Oh come on, you know you miss me!”

Well, well, well… look who’s crawling back with her tail between her backdoor.

After getting the boot from Teen Mom OG in 2017, Farrah Abraham has revealed to Radar Online that despite her previous trash-talkings of the show, its stars and its producers, she’s open to returning to the long-running MTV franchise.

“I really miss it,” she said. “I’m not digging the low ratings and people leaving the show so I really feel like if I come back I want it to be positive. I really hope I could bring it back. If they ever need me back, I’m here.”

Farrah went on to tell the site that even though she’s had run-ins with former co-stars Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell and Amber Portwood, she just wants them all to “lift each other up.”

Our faces when Farrah says that bringing her back to the show will make things “positive”…

“You can’t make any other OG cast like that,” she said. “It was pretty sick. Maybe that will be in my future. My relationship with MTV is great right now. We’ll see how it works out.”

In the years since her firing, Farrah did return to MTV to appear on the most-recent season of Ex on the Beach; however, her original issues were with the show’s producers and not the network itself.

Anyway, even though Farrah claims to be all about lifting the other ‘OG’ girls up, she went on to clarify that it doesn’t mean she’s down to make peace with the other girls… or those behind the camera.

“MTV better pay me at least four more blazers if I’m forced to have another conversation with Farrah.”

“I don’t have anything to reconcile with them,” she said.

If she does return, it seems that she’s be bringing that “Farrah Sunshine” we’ve all come to expect from the Backdoor Teen Mom.

“Some people are sore losers at the end of the day,” she said. “My last conversations were with the producers. Since then, everyone apologized. I only have the best for the producers of ‘Teen Mom.’ If the show is a success, I’m a success. I always wanted it to work out, even if we fight, just like every family does.” 

Yep, just like family.

As for Bristol Palin, one of the two girls brought on to fill Farrah’s spot after her departure, Farrah said she isn’t surprised to see her leave her after just one season.

After all, it’s hard to live in the shadows of the Great Farrah Abraham…according to Farrah Abraham.

“My thoughts on that are I am sure it was hard to bounce into a position where someone left after like 10 years and those are big shoes to fill,” she told In Touch Weekly. “I really believe no on can fill [those shoes] and either you’re born to handle TV or you’re not, so you know, I am here if MTV ever needs me, I just know we mended out relationships finally and I just want to keep it in a happy place.”

“Listen, if anyone understands how hard it is to fill things, it’s me.”

Given the lawsuits Farrah has been hit with this year—one for backing out of a celebrity boxing match and another for unpaid store rent—and the fact that her furniture store, children’s boutique and yogurt shop have all closed down, it’s no surprise that Farrah is missing those ‘Teen Mom OG’ paychecks. 

The bright side is that, if the producers were ever masochistic enough to bring Farrah back to ‘Teen Mom OG’, we would once again be able to see her mother, Debra “Debz OG” Danielsen (and her eclectic wardrobe), as well as Farrah’s other assorted family members, who were always entertaining.

“‘Member me?”

The rest of the ‘Teen Mom OG’ cast has yet to comment on the prospect of Farrah returning to the show. However, for the record, The Ashley has not heard anything from her behind-the-scenes sources that would indicate the producers are even considering bringing Farrah back, so breathe easy!

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(Photos: MTV)

56 Responses

  1. The ENTIRE show has to go. Kail & Amber have to live real life now. Farrah isn’t wanted. Don’t even try. She would come in demanding $1 mil, do a crappy job, then the show would implode like a black hole. Or back door. Just get rid of the show. I can’t watch it anymore no matter how hard I try. No more Young & Pregnant and those idiots Ashley & Jade. No more of that new one they just started calling TM. It’s OVERRRRRRRRRR.

  2. Meh the show is tired as hell, none of the stories are even useful at this point. 95% of the cast are not teens nor particularly good moms. You are pretty much paying bad people to be bad and petty. I would be fine with a total cancellation and just showing music videos that I don’t watch either lol.

  3. I actually would be happy to see her come back. Since she’s so desperate mtv can draw up a contract that caters to them and the show and not Farrah. Force her to film and go to reunions, or she’ll be subject to penalties/termination. And I would think they wouldn’t be obligated to pay her the OG salary?

  4. I am absolutely confident that she’ll be the next reality personality to go down for tax evasion/fraud. And I can’t wait to hear the Farrah-speak about it.

  5. Along with her other entrepreneurial pursuits, are the escorting gigs drying up too? #bossbabe

    MTV would have to pay me well to watch Feral again.

  6. Remember when she shoved that producer Larry and said she didn’t need to be a part of a trashy ass reality show? Yeah….no thanks. You’re broke honey. Everyone knows it.

    1. Why weren’t charges pressed against her? If he did it he’d be tackled and arrested. Farrah would have 2 black eyes, a gash on her cheek, bruises everywhere. I’m all for equality. If a man gets arrested, so should a woman (in reality charges are pressed & people are arrested over the dumbest things.)

    1. Along with her other entrepreneurial pursuits, are the escorting gigs drying up too? #bossbabe

      MTV would have to pay me well to watch Feral again.

  7. Farrah says everyone has apologized?? Laughing hard about that considering she’s the only one that should of been apologizing to the entire crew! Farrah you are not missed at all!

  8. Hell no!!!!!. Will not watch the minute she and that brat are back on. I love the others and will sadly miss their stories so blame MTV for one less fan due to that reason. She is broke so now she comes back with her tail between her legs and MTV fell for it. Have lost so much respect for MTV but I am just one fan I probably wont make a difference voicing my opinion.

  9. Farrah is the most unlikable person on tv Honestly she should just go away If she comes back to any show u will lose viewers. She has no personality She looks like a worn out 40 yr old thats had too much filler. Its pathetic that her daughter is her only real friend, who else could stand her?

  10. If Farrah was brought back I would never watch the show again. Matter of fact I’d probably blow up my T.V.

  11. Oh Farrah you need MTV a lot more than they need you I haven’t missed you one bit just accept the fact that you are not relevant any longer get a real job support your daughter she’s the only one that needs you we sure don’t an we all know the only way u can get SEX is if there getting paid to do it u r GROSS the less we see of u the more we like it

  12. Ohhh helllll to the NOOOOO! Desperate much Farrah!?!?! It’s almost comical except for the fact MTV has brought her back before. She definitely doesn’t deserve another chance. Get rid of the other trash too please!!!!

  13. Farrah is a cunt. An the apple dosent fall far!!
    I dont even watch the show no more!! SO STUPID. An bringing Farrah back would just anger more people. An cause more to stop watching..

    1. HAHAHA!!! Great idea, except Farrah would just demand it be rigged in her favor and refuse to fight when she didn’t get her way

    2. I think she should be put on the land at night, and ends up as David’s target, do everyone a favour.

    1. I truly hope they never, ever…EVER consider Farrah coming back to TMOG or any other reality show again. She is probably the most hated person to come from TM ( and that’s including Jenelle & her bunch ) she is clueless to just how insignificant & idiotic she really is. I don’t know a single person, comment, or “celebrity” who has a single nice thing to say about the bitch. Except for her bots.. it’s amazing how she can’t afford to do pretty much anything she needs to but she never fails to buy those thousands of likes

    1. You are totally right. Dumb and broke. Livin La Vita Loca didn’t work out too well for this nasty hateful ungrateful self centered narcissitic evil less than human being.
      Her poor daughter is the one who will suffer the most as she is used to her insane lifestyle her dumbo “mother” and I use that word with caution has gotten her used to
      What …………is Sophia 10 or 11 and still talks baby talk?
      Maybe old back door dumbo will pimp out her child some more for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$
      She is a menace.
      Don’t bring da ho back………please. I am sick of yelling at the television. She can’t hear me but the neighbors can.
      Things are nice and quiet now.

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