‘Teen Mom’ Amber Portwood Makes First Post-Arrest Court Appearance; Ordered to Stay Away From Boyfriend Andrew Glennon & Son

“Is anyone else having Déjà vu here?”

Amber Portwood had her first court date following her July 5 arrest, and the Teen Mom OG star did not get good news.

Amber— who was charged with three felonies on Tuesday, including “Criminal Recklessness Committed with a Deadly Weapon”—has hired an attorney to help her with her case. The attorney appeared in court alongside Amber on Wednesday morning, where they learned that the protective order against Amber that was filed on Tuesday has been granted.

Amber has been ordered to have no contact with her boyfriend Andrew Glennon (who claims Amber came at him with a machete and allegedly hit him with a shoe and her hands on the night of July 5). She is also not allowed to see James, the son she shares with Andrew.

Court docs obtained by The Ashley show that Amber was served with the no contact order by a court bailiff at 8:30 a.m. on Wednesday. 

TMZ attempted to speak to Amber as she entered the courthouse on Wednesday, but she refused to make any comment. She was accompanied by her mother, Tonya Portwood, as well as her other baby daddy Gary Shirley and his wife Kristina. Her MTV producer David Birch was also in attendance. 

(Amber was not filming at the time of the alleged incident on July 5. The ‘OG’ cast had technically wrapped filming for the next season. However, when something this major happens to one of the ‘Teen Mom’ girls, their producers high-tail it to them to capture the moment.)

It appears that Andrew is still living at the home he once shared with Amber, as Amber was heard telling her mother that she left her cars at the house so “he can have them for James.” 

Andrew also made an appearance at the courthouse on Wednesday, although he did not arrive with Amber & Co. When the TMZ reporter asked him how he was doing, Andrew muttered, “I’ve seen better days.”

On Tuesday, Andrew filed papers in the Marion County juvenile court to request an emergency custody hearing, as well as a petition to establish paternity for James. 

The Department of Child Services (which has launched its own investigation into the incident) interviewed Andrew on Monday. According to court documents, Andrew stated that Amber is “currently unable to provide a safe, stable, and secure environment for James on an ongoing basis due to her frequent refusal and/or failure to take medicines prescribed to treat her mental-health conditions, among other concerns.”

Andrew has yet to make any sort of public statement; however his account to police that was written up in the Affidavit for Probable Cause, which The Ashley obtained on Tuesday, painted a terrifying picture of what allegedly went down the night of July 5 inside Amber and Andrew’s Indiana home.

“She keeps a machete with a sheath on it,” the affidavit stated. “Amber picked up the machete, took the sheath off and looked at Andrew with a look so as she was moving around the bed, he took [the baby] into the office and closed the door and put his foot on it to hold it closed.

“Andrew said Amber kicked the door allowing the top to pop open from the kick but he kept his foot at the bottom…Amber then used the machete and began using it to put slashes on the door.”

An emergency custody hearing is scheduled for later today. A pretrial conference in regard to Amber’s criminal charges has been set for July 26.

The Ashley will update this story when she has more info…

(Photo: MTV)

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  1. I hope Andrew gets custody of James. Amber is obviously not in a good place right now & apparently can’t take care of a baby.She creates so much drama & makes everything about her. I am over. her fake tears. I really hope Leah is not exposed to any of these new. Amber antics!!

  2. First off, I just want to apologize to EVERYONE that I bashed and berated on here. Believe it or not, it was actually completely out of character for me. I have take the liberty of rereading some (there are far too many to read them all) of the comments with an clear and open mind. And I agree with most of them. While I do still feel for the girl, I do believe she should seek more intensive therapy. It’s obvious that what she is doing isn’t getting her anywhere!!! And the meds only help if a person takes them. She stated in a previous episode when she was on the momcation with the other girls that she hadn’t taken them for a couple days so that she could drink/have a good time and that Andrew didn’t know or else he would go bat shit crazy on her. But it looks like she was the one who went crazy!!! Idk why she would do something so stupid??? It looks to me like if she had a specific goal(s) in mind, then she would do everything in her power to achieve those goal(s)!!

    1. Thank you, I apologise too
      Going through a shit time, I just relocated from the USA to the uk,and 2 days later my aunt passed away, so I was emotional and in the defensive

      1. It’s okay. I’m sorry for your loss!! My phone has been messed up for like a month. That is why I am just now replying!!

  3. I remember when Amber was pregnant with James and filming, she lost her shit on Andrew for no reason. To look in his eyes, he looked terrified in that moment. I’ve seen that happen a few times. I feel like Andrew isn’t going to put up with Ambers shit when it comes to their sons safety. (Nor should he) I also feel like amber constantly uses her mental illnesses as an excuse.

  4. Andrew move back to cali. Amber and her kinfolk will stick together against you. Save Baby James!

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    When I was 11, one of my classmates was stabbed over 15 times by his mother. He died screaming, asking why she was hurting him. She was delusional but it was premeditated – she followed him 6 states away to his father’s house (bought an airplane ticket, rented a car, etc.) and murdered him in front of his grandmother and also stabbed his father when he tried to save their son.

    His mother had recently been fired from her job after she refused to get psychological treatment. Everyone knew she was spiraling.

    Take that baby away from Amber now and give Andrew full custody. This is about the child’s safety. Take it from someone who has seen what happens when intervention doesn’t happen fast enough. My classmate never saw his 12th birthday and many of his close friends went down dark paths because of what happened to him and are still trying to recover in their 30’s.

    If Amber cannot be responsible enough to take her meds there is no way in hell she is capable of caring for a kid. This isn’t about judging someone with mental illness, it’s about life and death.

  6. Amber’s mental illness breaks down the inhibitions and makes it much easier for her to act on impulses that are already there. The mental illness doesn’t creat those impulses. She would still have them if she weren’t mentally ill. She IS a violent, angry person with abusive tendencies and impulses. The fact that she knows she has violent tendencies and anger management issues, has been in trouble for domestic assault before, knows what her mental illness diagnosis is, has access to the medication she needs to treat said illness, and STILL doesn’t do what she needs to do to keep herself in check is wild. Yes, there are first time offenders out there who did something crazy like attack a trash can in the public park because they were having their first psychotic episode and didn’t know it was a psychotic episode until they had been arrested, assessed, and diagnosed with a mental illness. Those people, who have not actually hurt another person, and who do not have a record, and who did not know that there was something mentally unstable about them that is treatable, should probably not be thrown in jail. They should be referred to a doctor for the mental health help they need.

    That is not amber though. Amber knows she has mental illness. She knows her triggers. She has been living with it for 10+ years and can probably identify patterns about when she feels unstable and what brings it on. She knows how to treat it. She has access to the treatment. She can afford the treatment. She knows that when she is not treating her illness, she has a hard time controlling her anger and rage. She knows that she takes that anger out on her partner. She knows that she has a tendency to physically assault her baby daddies, especially when there are young babies around. And she knows the legal consequences.

    I said this elsewhere, but I’ll say it again. Mental illness tends to break down your inhibitions so that it’s easier to act on the feelings and impulses that you already have. If a person gets violent and angry and assaults people (just because they’re mad, not because they’re having a hallucination that makes them think they need to defend themselves), then they means that that person has violent, angry, temper control issues already. Why do some people harm themselves when they’re having a mental episode while other people beat up their family when they’re having an episode? Even if they have the same diagnosis? Who the person turns their violence towards, is indicative of who they are as people. The people who act out their violent tendencies on other people are already assholes, with or without a mental illness. Their illness makes it harder for them to control the impulse THAT IS ALREADY INSIDE THEM to attack other people when they’re angry. Amber has a mental illness. It does not make her hit people. She hits people because she’s an entitled asshole.

  7. That whole affidavit was crazy! She got all pissed off about traffic, blamed it on him, and locked him AND THE BABY out of the house… at night! That baby had to be driven around in a car by Andrew for three hours instead of sleeping in his bed after a long holiday day. The baby had to go into and out of the car all night so that Andrew could buy food and a gift for Amber in order to hopefully bribe their way back into their own house. That baby was being run from room to room around the house at 2AM, while his parents screamed at each other and the person carrying him had to dodge shoes and a machete! I always knew amber wasn’t a great mother, but I thought she was mostly lazy, depressed, and neglectful. I had no idea she would deny her baby the chance to come inside and go to sleep after a busy holiday because she was pissed off and wanted to be home alone to sharpen her machete or whatever the hell she was doing while she was refusing to answer the phone. Can you imagine being an exhausted baby, strapped into a car seat for three hours, maybe with a wet diaper and sweaty clothes, driving around in the middle of summer, while fireworks are going off everywhere, and your dad is probably yelling into the phone every five minutes leaving voicemail after voicemail for your mother? And even if you fall asleep, you’re hailed out of the car a few times to go into gas stations or convenience stores to buy presents? Then you finally get home and think you’re going to get to snuggle down in your crib, and instead you’re hauled around the house for another hour or so while your mom screams and tries to physically attack you, as you scream and cry and try to convey to everyone that you’re really tired and scared!? And then a bunch of stranger police officers come and bang on the door and there’s more yelling and your dad still can’t put you to bed because now he has to deal with that?! Did that baby ever get to sleep? How often does this happen to him? Andrew said she’s hit him multiple times before. Is it always a big thing like this that goes on for hours into the middle of the night? That poor baby!

    1. And we watched Leah being right there when Amber would lose it on Gary! You would think she would have learned her lesson with the first child! I’m glad that Andrew is doing what he needs to do to protect his son. What a sad situation for these children.

  8. This scumbag does not need any child. All these trifling harlots either have mental and attitude problems, get pregnant over and over again, go through men like water and have criminals and druggies for parents and family. Society allows impressionable girls to idolize and follow these examples. The moral fabric of todays America is worthless and this a GOOD example.

  9. Between amber and caitlin and lurch and duhnelle I cannot stand this shit show anymore. I will not be watching. I’m good. I’m sure mtv will be there filming amber when she goes to rehab. They need to turn the camera off and let these people figure out life. So unhealthy.

    1. I agree. It’s worse than the Beverly Housewives. Every week is a train wreck. It’s not even about these girls bettering themselves. It’s about how screwed up they can make their lives. I’m over it.

  10. Founder, Morgan Freeman, Kiki and the rest of the MTV staff that helps produce this show are the biggest trash of them all. I suppose anyone still watching this show (myself included) isn’t too good either.

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    He needs to take that baby far away. He’s a good man an Amber has problems

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    These girls know time is up, they either act a fool or try to put something together so they can still make money if the show stops.
    Amber and Janelle only have drama, thats what keeps the show alive, Nobody wants to see Maci shill more clothes, Or Chelsea pop out more kids, it’s boring, they need drama and friction with partners to keep them all driving Range Rovers and buying massive houses that none of them could afford once the teen mom money drys up.
    So if you ever want to meet a teem mom star just wait a bit you’ll find them at the target checkout soon.

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    I would love to join this site to try always read The Ashely. I hope to be approved. Thanks

  14. You bet MTV was there at the court house they love the drama..sickens me its encouraged great ratings..Amber once again has lost another childs custody do to her beating up the fathers of her kids…sadly she needs to be locked up in a mental facility thats where crazy people belong and this article says it all….

  15. All of the Teen Moms shows need to be cancelled! Morgan Freeman had a great idea and MTV took advantage of taping losers for drama ratings

  16. I really, really hope that because James is so young he will have no recollection of this. I can’t imagine how traumatizing it must have been. I just feel so sad for him. I’m also hoping MTV will choose to stop airing both TM shows now. The result suggests it’s very damaging to those involved. Every kid in the franchise is associated with this absolute craziness and it’s just so unfair to them. Reality shows really need to provide emotional and mental support to their cast members. All have suffered at some point as a result and MTV clearly isn’t offering any support.

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    David offs everyone on the land.

    Amber completes suicide.

    I hope neither happen, but holy shit I’m feeling that horror with my entire being.

  18. I’m glad to see Gary and Kristina there to support her.
    She is clearly mentally unstable. we as women should not be knocking her down we should be helping pick her back up.
    strong women support women – Especially in moments of weakness!
    Nothing, not even her mental issues, excuse her bad behavior but they might help explain it.

    I was kind of proud and almost regained hope for MTV with the last few weeks episodes. It almost seemed as if they were trying to shed a positive light on positive co-parenting.

    These women are not teenagers anymore MTV should be focusing on the good = show all the young girls they influence, good, NOT drama! MTV is truly no better then all this “fake news”. They are enabling all this bad behavior putting it out there in the spotlight for thousands of young girls to see and look up to. These women are being bashed and harassed online (right here on this site) It has to take a toll on them… even somebody with no mental issues it would eventually take a toll on them!! MTV needs take responsibility and the whole TM franchise should be shut down, all the way around… it’s time to move on MTV!! You’re not using your platform for anything positive, shut this sheeeet down and put the music videos back on!!

    Prayers to ALL parties involved!!

    1. Amber has been a stone cold asshole on tv for a decade. She had the resources to get good, quality help but would rather loaf around and bitch. Not to mention neglect Leah and now James.

      I don’t have to support her just because I’m a woman.

    2. @Goldie, Amber needs to help herself. She manipulates her illness to make her the center of attention no matter where she goes. Amber has to have the limelight at any expense. She wants bleeding hearts like you to swoon all.over her because it feeds her narcissistic tendencies and her delusions of grandiose. Time to take responsibility!!

      1. Very valid points. I agree. I still dont believe in knockimg someone when they’re down. And I still think MTV and TM is one big sh*t show who’s 15 minutes is up!!

        1. @Goldie, I agree about MTV. The show is over and they would be irresponsible and evil keeping it going.

    3. They aren’t teenagers anymore but they continue to act like teenagers. No accountability, no responsibility, no consequences to their actions because now they are in their late twenties, have never had to work for a living but get paid a ton of money to do nothing. Jenelle neglects her kids for years until they finally get taken away? No problem, bribe a judge and they’re back with their abusers after a couple of weeks. Amber has all the time and resources in the world to get help but she’s too lazy even for that. I don’t see why anyone should support a woman who knows she has issues yet doesn’t get the help she needs and randomly goes on and off meds. And jumps from one guy to another, can’t be bothered with birth control so more innocent children are brought into her mess.

    4. No I do not have to support her becuz she’s a women. Have u not seen the last 10 years of this women’s train wreck if a life? She has been given opportunities that she never would have received if not for teen Mom. She squandered them. She has the resources to get excellent psych help she can pay for proper meds / and it go to those expensive rehab places. She’s done none of that. That’s what’s do damn frustrating. Stop defending her becuz she’s “a sick woman” That’s what she wants people to think

      1. Pretty sure I wasn’t defending nor excusing her. Also pretty sure I said WE SHOULD not WE HAVE TO support her. But it’s cool. To each their own. You do you, I’ll do me. ✌✌

    5. no gary shouldn’t be there supporting her she is violent went to jail beat his sss. stop making excuses for this white trash. He is also starting a new job as a cop the last thing he needs is to support a felon who doesn’t give a shit about any of her kids

  19. I don’t know much about mental illness, but I still think she should be held accountable for her actions. She knows she wasn’t feeling completely right in the head, she knows she gets mad easily, yet she still didn’t take her meds? She needs to work on herself, and quit jumping into relationships so fast. And for goodness sake, don’t have anymore kids. She can’t handle the responsibility.

  20. Just glad I won’t ever have to hear her say bewbew ever again. I cringe every single time.

    No in all seriousness, if this was a man doing the same thing nobody would be saying she gets a pass even with a mental illness. She wears her prison time like a badge of honor rather than as the lesson it should have been. Anyone who attacks their significant other with a machete, especially while they are holding their infant son, needs serious jail time. As for Gary, I do think he and his wife should have been at the court hearing but the fact that he seemed to be there in support by walking in with her is questionable at best. I don’t think his new employer will look at it favorably. Girl needs to learn a lesson

  21. @hannah, you have berated and bullied almost all on this site who have made comments, you Keep saying you have freedom of speech, well that goes for the commenters that you have abused verbally on here.
    They also have a right to speak freely.
    So your not only a bully but a damn hypocrite.

    You’ve no idea how mean you are and I suggest you look at yourself and realise, not everyone will have the same opinion as yourself!!!
    You can have your own opinion, without resorting to the vile things I’ve seen from you in here.

    I will be, unsubscribing from theashley as I do not come in here to be verbally bashed by anyone.

    I got enough of that with my ex.

    You say you have a short fuse???
    I suggest you apologise to more people than Jane, as you’ve been mean to many others, for example Dejesusgawdleah. MoneyHoleInDaWallRoadRage And several others

    I do not want to be on any forum with people who cry freedom of speech whilst berating others for their free speech

    I’m done with this site

    1. I don’t start berating and bullying until a person starts giving their opinions of ME. It is an ultimate disagreement of opinion (no big deal). But that is where I draw the line. Jane is right, I care too much about what others think of me!!! If you have something bad/negative to say about ME, keep it out of your mouth and off of a public forum!

  22. Good gawd!!! And why was her Ex and his wife there supporting her!! WTF is wrong with them she is not the victim here!!!!…

  23. Good gawd!!! And why was her Ex and his wife there supporting her!! WTF is wrong with them she is not the victim here!!!!

    1. Maybe they are afraid she’ll take a machete to them, too!
      Don’t cross that bitch…she’ll cut you….and your little baby too!

    2. She isn’t but then again she is. She’s mentally ill. She isn’t fully responsible for her actions (nor can she be held accountable) I’m not excusing what she did. But unfortunately part of her brain (the responsible part) is being overridden by the (don’t give a crap) part and she is unstable. There may never be curable medication for her (she may have to settle for something that will make things tolerable and liveable).

        1. The minute she made herself regurgitate her pills you know she knows what she is doing!!! Give me a break

      1. Regardless of any illness she may have, she is 100% responsible and accountable for her actions as any other adult is, unless a court deems her a gaurdian ad litem and that certainly does not seem to be the case here.

      2. That is enough with that shit. Just because someone is mentally I’ll doesnt mean they have an excuse to be a violent human being. There are so many people out there that have mental illness and u dont see 99% of them wielding machetes shining style. While there son is screaming. This girl had a second chance baby and she screwed that up. I have absolutely no sympathy for amber. She is grown enough to no better.

    3. I would have some sympathy for her, if she didn’t keep blaming everyone for her actions and actually took the steps needed to help with her mental illnesses. She is not 18/19 anymore and knows what the consequences for her actions were last time when she hit Gary. Amber seems to enjoy bragging about going to prison and how tough she is. I’m just glad James is not allowed near her and hope Leah is not allowed near her unsupervised now either.

      1. I am NOT saying that being mentally ill excuses her behavior. I’m just saying that she may not have complete control of what/how her mind tells her to react. This is just my opinion, I respect yours and others that disagree. And as far as not seeing 99% of them doing the same thing (I hear about it on the news all the time).

  24. Im glad Gary and Kristina support her. She’s definitely mentally ill and he stated she wasn’t taking her meds. If she were on drugs she wouldn’t have lest Andrew he cars… just a sad situation

    1. Ok but mental illness or not, don’t you think she should be locked up SOMEWHERE for this? This was a serious crime!

      1. I agree with you 100% I don’t think she deserves any of her kids I was just trying to state that I don’t think she’s on drugs. I think she needs her meds adjusted I’m glad Gary and Kristina support her Because I think she needs that. Clearly they care and that will only help her in the long run.

      2. Well I don’t think she should be locked up somewhere though she needs mental health help somewhere. And def should get off tv!

        1. I respect your opinion it she definitely needs to do time for repeat offending alone! She’s a criminal so she should go to jail. If she’s a mentally ill criminal then she should go to a hospital for prisoners.

  25. I know a few drug addicts and a few recovering drug addicts. They are all taking Klonopin. Can someone with some prescription drug knowledge school me on why this is?

    1. Been in recovery for over 5 years and haven’t touched anything but I was on klonopin for over 10years for anxiety. When I got sober I stopped taking them and the drs still try to get me get back on it because me resting heart rate is always over 110…. I’m sure being on a reality tv show isn’t good for her. I couldn’t handle it. Shit I can’t go to the grocery store unless it’s like 7am when they just open lol!

      1. I’m just wondering if you can get high on it? Because everyone seems to be saying that a recovering addict shouldn’t be prescribed Klonopin

    2. I’ve never been an addict (or used any non-prescribed drugs), but I’ve had a klonopin prescription for years to use for occasional anxiety. Every doctor has warned me about how easy it is to abuse them and become addicted, so I would think that no recovering addict should be using klonopin unless closely monitored by a doctor for absolutely necessary use.

  26. She shouldn’t have anymore children. Period. She is too mentally unstable. I also believe she a narcissistic, overly dramatic, immature human being. And I’m not judging her for mental health issues. I suffer from anxiety and have bi-polar disorder myself. Amber seems to have no control though and I feel like she uses her mental health issues as a way of excusing her bad behavior. She doesn’t seem to be proactive in taking care of herself and it’s her fault if she doesn’t take her meds. She identifies too much as a “bad ass” and seems to think this type of behavior defines her and, even worse, makes her look interesting or appealing. Good luck to Amber, James, Gary and Leah.

  27. Repeat offender of domestic abuse people, came at her boyfriend and kid with a machete because of traffic. Do you really think she needs to go to Malibu for rehab and to get her meds tweaked? Your girl is going to the gray bar resort!

  28. I like seeing Gary and Kristina there to show support. We all know there is some underlining mental problem. Not that it excuses her actions but it definitely doesn’t make it okay for us to kick her while she’s down. We should be strong women supporting each other in moments of weakness.
    This is an all around terrible situation for everyone.

    The prior 2 weeks episodes (not this weeks) had almost restored my faith in MTV. It almost appeared as if they were trying to promote positive co-parenting! MTV is 100% part of the “fake news” problem. They promote all this drama when they should actually be promoting all the positive in these young women’s lives.

    Prayers for everyone, especially Amber.

  29. According to amber, she has bipolar depression (a disorder) and borderline PD. Is this even considered “mental illness?” My understanding is that there is a difference between mental illness and a personality disorder. I think she is fully aware of her actions and their consequences and does it anyway, thinking that rules don’t apply to her. Narcissistic. Antisocial Personality Disorder. But is she mentally ill?

    1. Amber, You have shown a caring nurturing side! We know you love your Children and your hubby and you’re to be admired for the way you stuck up for Kail. Get yourself some help hun, you will definitely benefit from it. ❣

    2. To answer your question: yes personality disorders are considered mental ilnesses.

      However, no mental illness excuses behaviour like this. You can be mentally ill and an asshole, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take responsibility for being an asshole, something Amber seems to forget. Being mentally ill just means you have to work harder than neurotypical people and sometimes need to be helped because of your illness, just like a physical illness, not that you can be an abusive shithole like some seem to think.

      I’m not going to speculate about Amber’s MI being real or not, that’s not my place, but nothing that was going on is close to being an excuse for behaviour like this

      (I hope this makes sense, English isn’t my first language lol)

      1. Right. Some people consider pedophiles to have a mental illness/disorder that gives them completely inappropriate sexual desires. If they molest or rape kids, though, no one is just like “oh, they’re mentally ill, they don’t need jail, they can’t help it, they need support and love, they need rehab.”

        I think that with mental illnesses like what Amber has, you can tell whether or not the person is also a violent asshole on their own, separate from their mental issues, by seeing who they direct their outbursts towards. So they self harm or try to commit suicide? That’s likely the mental illness. Do they beat up their partner and children? That’s because they’re entitled assholes.

    3. Your just ignorant…. I didn’t get far enough into the comments before responding to your newer comments…

    4. Yes bipolar disorder is a mental illness it’s caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. You have periods of hypomania, and depression. Please don’t take offense to this but look up bipolar disorder and educate yourself about it this is what i told my now fiance when he and i first started talking so he knew what he was getting into. Now i will also say I have NEVER physically touched anyone but I will admit I have done some extremely wreckless things while unmedicated. Thank you and have a great night

      1. Yes. My very good friend from childhood ( I’m in my 50s) suffers from that. I definitely had to educate myself so I knew what was going on w/ her during the different phases. She’s doing great now but yes she did some wreckless things in her life b4 getting proper treatment.

  30. AMber go to a place in Arizona like Catelynn. Get your shitz together. You have kids to raise.

    UNSUBSCRIBE to all the TM’S.

  31. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    I don’t think she would keep that in the house with her kids

  32. This is all really sad…I actually feel bad for everyone involved. Amber is not well, and she can’t seem to get a handle on her mental illness. I just have no idea why anyone would get involved with someone so unhinged. Andrew knew she went to jail for beating up Gary, and Gary isn’t a small guy…I don’t know why he thought he was exempt from beatings, and then he decided to have a baby with her. He in no way deserved to get beat up or threatened with a friggin machete, but he shouldn’t have gotten involved with her in the first place.

    1. he’s not dumb, he filed for custody, she will have to pay him child support, she will not get any custody with this looming. She can’t use her mental illness as a defesne of anything. Aileen Whormos was very mentally ill, it’s so clear, watch her, you can clearly see it, She was still executed, it’s not an excuse for violent behavior like this. I hope she does series jail time, and she is forced to get fixed. We don’t need any more of her offspring in the world.

      1. Never said he was dumb, I know who Aileen Wuornos is, and I’ve seen a manic bipolar in action. People with mental illness are not “fixed”…it’s not like a broken arm that heals, it’s much deeper and much more complex than that. You have to find the right combination of meds, the right doctors, etc. It is not that simple. Clearly prison didn’t help Amber the first time. I’m not a professional, but I do understand that situations where people suffer from mental illness are way more delicate than putting them in jail or prison…you can’t just put someone who’s sick in a cell and have them think about what they’ve done. They need help, not time out.

  33. I know it’s not right to make light of what is clearly a terrible situation, but was anyone else mainly surprised about the presence of an office in Amber’s house? Unless it’s just a room filled with giant cushions used for mooching I don’t see what use an office would be to either of them!

    1. I think Andrew does some online work or something, do it’s probably just where he keeps his computer.

    2. Gary needs to consider setting up some guidelines for Leah’s visits. If she is refusing to take meds on a regular basis, she shouldn’t be allowed to have unsupervised visits. What if, God forbid, she turned on Leah like she turned on Andrew. She obviously didn’t have James best interest in mind when she pulled out a machete. It’s safe to say she wouldn’t have Leah’s best interest in mind either.

  34. Lets get real here. Right now what sets this apart from David and Jenell’s situation is the shows advertisers. MTV does not care about public opinion because if we’re talking about it, they’re making money. MTV does not care about their so-called “talent” and whether or not they kill or beat the fuck out of each other. If one of them dies or goes to jail they can always pull another baby mama from some other show they have. What they do care about is lining their pockets from this shit show. If advertisers start pulling out well then it’s a problem! If they lose advertising dollars then they’ve lost the show. So since Amber has yet to rile the advertisers she’s ok. David went a little too far with the racism and killing a dog. Beating or attempted murder (which basically it could have been) of a person or your own child – that’s ok!

    1. Well the original TM did end when Amber went to gel the first time…that’s why Farrah went all backdoor because she thought her fame was over….I think they did the reboot because TM2 was doing so well, and Amber got out of gel. I don’t think they’re going to cancel OG if Amber goes to gel again though. Aren’t they bringing in Mackenzie McKee? Or whatever her name is….they’ll probably just use her as a filler if Amber gets incarcerated.

  35. In Florida we have a 72 hour hold for a suicide/ mental health evaluation by a psychiatrist. She’s obviously a risk to others and herself. I’m guessing the mental health evaluation laws are different in Indiana.

  36. She quite obviously has mental health issues but she needs to be held accountable for this despicable behavior. How terrifying for Andrew and James. Poor James has probably witnessed a lot, thankfully he won’t remember at this age.

    She won’t take her meds, she drinks booze, and she has been physical with him before.

    She’s in deep shit, as she should be.

  37. This is ridiculous mtv needs to fire her ass she honestly was trying to kill Andrew and if he wasn’t so alter he and or baby James be died by now but everyone is worried about Amber’s Mental Health but no one is worried about Andrew or baby James iam so sick of excuses about this girl she needs to get a real job but I think she will be working in the kitchen in jail

  38. Sorry, but while supporting Amber at the courthouse, Gary should also be asking for “supervised visits only” with Leah until Amber gets the professional help she so badly needs.

    Simply put, BOTH her baby dads should now be concentrating on the safety and well being of her kids — before anything else.

    1. Kristina does supervise Leah’s visits together (I have NEVER seen Amber alone with her). And as far as James goes, who would supervise (Andrew)???? All of Andrew’s family is in California. The only people he has here are James and Amber.

      1. Supervise Andrew?? I was talking about a formal request from Gary for Amber to have supervised visits for Leah, i.e., Amber taking Leah places, etc. which most certainly HAS happened in the past without Kristina or Gary.

        There is no mention in my post about supervision regarding Andrew with James. Only Amber concerning James.

        1. I’m saying that, Leah has people that can supervise her visits with Amber (Kristina and Gary). But who would supervise Amber’s visits with James?? All of Andrew’s family lives someplace else.

    2. Kristina does supervise Leah’s visits with Amber (I have NEVER seen them alone together). And as far as James goes, who would supervise (Andrew)??? All of his family is in California. The only people he has here are Amber and James.

        1. Yes, it is. And I’m sorry for the things I said (to you and others). I just get so upset when I see another person hurting when they need support (not bashing or nagging). I know what she did was wrong. I just sort of feel for her because I myself have been in situations where I could not control myself and would say or do things without thinking. I know that you know believe that I am in a wheelchair (and that’s okay). But it is true. I was born with Spina Bifida and have been paralyzed since birth.

          1. I just want to say this. I got mad the way I did because you were downplaying what actually happened. I’m not that kind of bitch usually. I grew up in a home that was unstable and filled with verbal abuse and manipulation and a lot of the things u were saying triggered me. #1 I do not know what really went down but I have a good idea. #2 calling the father of your child a bitch because he didnt defend himself is absolutely horrific as he did what a good man/father should do. #3 I still think your amber. Lol. But most of all when u do wrong the only way u can change is if u actually acknowledge that. I have depression and anxiety but I dont use that as an excuse for terrible behavior. I hope u get clean and get on the right meds and stick to it. I know I would be happier.

        2. I assure you, I am not Amber. I grew up in an unstable environment as well. My father is an EXTREME alcohol and he verbally abused my mother (who is unfortunately deceased), myself and my sisters.

          1. Ok well I appologize. I can be a real bitch if u push the right buttons. But I dont think teen mom should be on anymore. And if they continue with it. amber needs to go. We have to weed out all the bad seeds. They did it with Farrah and jenelle she had to go to. These girls have no concept of real life from an early age. They have to make there own way in the world. This shit cannot go on forever. People are going to complain to sponsors over this.

          2. Same here. I have a VERY short fuse!!!!! I can see that the show has started getting more dramatic over time, but I honestly think it’s just as much MTV’s fault as the people. They only people I have complete respect for is Cate and Tyler!!!!

      1. Check out some of the earlier episodes from shortly after Amber was released from prison. You will most definitely see Leah being dropped off and picked up from Amber’s former house in Anderson, Indiana without supervision during the visit.

    3. Amber has very limited visitation with Leah (she’s complained frequently that Gary doesn’t let her see Leah enough) so they might not be going through formal channels. Amber never takes actual steps to see Leah unless Gary makes it happen. She has never pushed it formally since she doesn’t actually care that much.

      1. I don’t think she doesn’t care. I think she cares deeply for both of her children. I think she just realizes that she she isn’t in the greatest shape to have Leah full time (or more often). And this most recent incident just goes to prove that she isn’t as stable as she wants to be.

  39. This is clearly a mental health issue. I don’t think she would ever intend to hurt someone that’s holding her child, with the proper medication. But her refusal to take them isn’t like a “oh screw those meds!” It’s psychological. She needs mental health help, not jail.

  40. I don’t know a whole lot about mental illness ( I’m not in the industry ?) , I do know that it’s not a plausible defense for her actions. The last 10 years we’ve watched Amber go from zero to bat shit crazy in the blink of an eye. Amber has bragged about being a badass, she IS aware of her violence, she goes out of her way to start shit. I’m not saying that she’s doesn’t need medical care, of course she does , she also needs to be rehabilitated by being incarcerated. Ambers 17 months obviously wasn’t long enough to change her mind set of being a proud Indiana badass.

    1. I totally agree with you Bailee. She’s proud of her nasty side and is always bragging about her past behaviours.

      1. @ kitty
        She truly is. All the money these girls make and the majority of them haven’t the first idea of how to be a lady.. guess you can’t buy that ?

    2. I helped with the mentally challenged through all four years of high school. I saw everything from Tourettes, to Autism, Multiple Personalities, and numerous seizure disorders. And let me tell you that those poor people are not responsible for their actions (nor are they accountable). As for meds, there may never be a med that cures her (only to make things tolerable and liveable).

  41. Considering Andrew is the victim here, and that he is the one who protected their son from Amber’s violent, hours-long psychotic break, it’s beyond sad to see him walk into the courthouse alone, with nobody there to support him. His family should have rushed to his side, and if he’s going to stay in Indiana, he needs to make some friends. Holing up with Amber all this time has left him isolated, and that’s not good for him, or for James. Pathetic that Amber had even an MTV producer in tow, and Andrew had nobody.

    This story is awful. Yes, of course everyone hopes Amber gets the help she most desperately needs, and resists, Andrew needs support too.

    1. I do feel bad for Andrew. I’m positive she’s beaten him up before, this was probably just the time that scared the shit out of him….I know I would be terrified if someone came after me with a heel and a machete while I was holding my kid. I don’t think he wants to do this, but she’s given him no choice. No kid should grow up around that, and thank God it’s only one child they have.

      1. You’re right NO child should have to endure that. I don’t know to much about Amber except that she’s a hot head ( I do give her credit for going at Jenelle though) but that’s a separate issue. She does seem to lose her temper quite quickly when I have seen her. Domestic Abuse is WRONG!!!!! It’s not just women that suffer from it , men do as well! But I think the difference is Men are less forthcoming about it because they would most probably feel embarrassed , ashamed and many of the SAME feelings women do. BUT IT’S WRONG! Please speak up, it doesn’t make you any less of a man !

    1. Gary & Kristina probably are worried about her getting fired from MTV and the gravy train ending for all of them!!

  42. You can down vote me if you like but all this talk about her mental illness is starting to annoy me. If she does in fact have a bonafide mentaller illness, cannot be trusted to take medication on her own, and acts out violently, then she needs to be in an institution indefinitely!!! If anyone were to read about a stranger on stranger attack and learned that the offender had mental illness, used a machete to attack a person holding a baby would not take their medication, we’d all be roaring to LOCK HIM UP! We wouldn’t want that person in a free society. I don’t know why amber gets so much sympathy! I’m so sick of this. Put her in a hospital! SHES DANGEROUS AND PSYCHOTIC!

  43. MTV needs to make an announcement that she’s been fired. The did it with Farrah, David and Janelle. What r they waiting for?

  44. I wonder if Andrew is granted sole temporary custody if he’ll take James and go back to California where his family is. I saw the footage of him going into the courthouse this morning and I felt bad no one was there to support him. Yet Amber had a fricking entourage with her. My guess is her next stop is rehab. ASAP.

    1. The emergency custody hearing is set for the end of the month. My guess is that she will enter rehab during that time, then her lawyer will say “your honor, my client has successfully completed rehab and has adjusted her medication “. Then it will be business as usual

  45. This is so sad. I’m worried Amber may kill herself. I really hope that doesn’t happen.

    1. TERRIFYING. I think that’s finally the thing that scared the shit out of Andrew, because we all know that’s not the first time she’s assaulted him. She took yo way too far with the machete. He’s doing the right thing.

  46. I’m certain he has seen better days! Amber is a beautiful woman I wish she would get the help she needs. I’m proud of Andrew for protecting his child and getting the law involved. This could have turned out worse than it did.

  47. She has enough money to admit herself to the hospital to get her meds adjusted. She should not wait until things escalate to this point. She should take some responsibility. Like any other illness, psychiatric conditions need to be monitored. Her family does not just have to endure it.

    1. There is a great mental health wing at Community Hospital North here in Indianapolis. I’ve been there before. She clearly needs help and I hope she gets it soon.

      I also have BPD & it’s not easy to manage. I’m on a couple different medications + doing talk & DBT therapy + occasional outpatient therapy through the hospital. She has the resources to get help. Now it’s a matter of whether or not she will.

      1. Im sure it is hard to manage and I sympathize. But what if she had killed them both? What if Andrew hadnt handled this as well as he did? My sympathy ends when people hurt others. And there is NO excuse for this level of violence. Lets not forget who the real victims are here: Andrew and the baby. Domestic violence is never okay…I don’t care how mentally ill someone is.

  48. I agree what Amber did is absolutely wrong and I’m not an Amber fan. I just can sympathize with what she’s dealing with mentally and just don’t think throwing her in jail or prison is the answer. It’s obvious that she has multiple mental illnesses and needs long term in patient treatment. Mental illness is like anything else there’s no one fit all answer. Everybody who has the same illnesses she has isn’t going to deal with it the same. Just because someone else has bipolar or bpd and they don’t get violent doesn’t mean that everyone is like them. I don’t think it’s an excuse for her to be violent when it could very well be the reason she acts out. I hope and pray she gets the help she needs so she can one day be the mother her children need.

    1. Amber needs to learn personal responsibility above all. She needs to accept she has mental illnesses and take her medications and do therapy etc. Instead of jumping relationship to relationship she needs to find herself. She needs to focus on her well being and clearly not trying to raise a family. I sympathize with her as well. I have family members with similar issues also but personal responsibility goes a long way. Like when she went to jail instead of rehab. She seems to be afraid of addressing her issues and that is her biggest problem.

  49. As long as MTV keeps this show on they are supporting this behavior. But then, it’s all about the money and ratings….sad commentary on our society. I would like to think we are smarter, but I guess not.

  50. How about canceling this show? Cancel the whole Teen Mom franchise. It’s been ten years and we’ve seen multiple arrests, drug addiction, drug abuse, child neglect, child abuse, animal abuse, spousal abuse, court hearings, custody hearings, porn, web cams, prostitution and even death.

  51. I don’t like amber at all but I’m worried about her. For her kids sake I hope she doesn’t harm herself. Who tf pulls a machete on a loved one with their child there? She claimed Matt abused her but she’s the one with a history of violence. With her mental illness and unwillingness to take her meds correctly she’s going to have a miserable lonely life.

  52. Thank god that the baby daddies are good men who are keeping their children safe! Kudos to you Gary and Andrew for stepping up for the kids!

    1. I will say as nuts as Amber is, she did a good job in picking the fathers of her kids…Gary and Andrew seem to put their children first….the same can’t be said about Jenelle.

  53. This girl needs help. Why does she keep having children if she doesn’t want to raise them? I’m surprised Gary walked in with her as he had experienced her wrath

      1. I personally think it’s pretty smart of Gary and Kristina. That’s probably the best and only way they can get accurate information. Appear to be “supporting” her while in reality sitting in the courtroom (or just outside) so they hear exactly what is going on and what the judge says.

          1. From what we’ve seen, Gary doesn’t take chances with Leah. He was very hesitant with trusting Amber with Leah and doesn’t push Leah to spend time with her, so this probably won’t help Amber’s situation.

      2. Attending a hearing with someone as emotional support and giving a formal statement in support of someone are not the same thing. They were there as her family/interested parties, not to be character witnesses.

      3. I could not believe they were there with her. I would have been furious if I were gary. It’s almost like how nathan was nice enough to invite swamp thing 1 and swamp thing #2 to kaisers birthday. Wtf??????

        1. I’m thinking perhaps they r thinking long term here in regards to Leah’s feelings.. in the future if this shit show ends badly Leah will know how compassionat her father & step mom have been to the train wreck. Actually a good lesson for parents to teach children. There is no way in hell they will allow Amber to b around Leah and I unless she is deemed to b stable. And even then I doubt they will allow you to unsupervised visits

          1. Goldie my apologies. Yes I misread the woman comment. However perhaps IF Amber reads enough if these posts that r reiterating that she needs professional ongoing phychiatric treatment she may decide hmmmm mayb there’s something to that. A lot of posters have described their own mental health struggles & they r having fulfilling lives. Ifthis woman with all the resources available to her does not make use of them then that’s on her.

    1. Even an amazing lawyer won’t be able to save her now. This is such a shitty situation. I feel bad for Andrew

      1. Don’t count on it. A good lawyer can have two of the theee felonies totally dropped and the third felony reduced to a misdemeanor

    2. Considering he has gone through this before and is willing to stand by her through this bout with Andrew speaks volumes on how this is a MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE! Gary has always done right by his daughter, and is now a police officer in this state.

  54. Of course an MTV producer is with her ? Fucking pathetic!!! Fire her ass!!! If it had been the other way and Andrew had assaulted Amber everyone would be up in arms, fired up. Domestic violence is no joke. She needs to get the boot!!

    1. Agreed Jill. To the people who “feel sorry for her” and say that jail is not the answer- would you say the same about a man who attacked his baby mama physically/came at their them with a freaking machete??!! No, absolutely not. I don’t doubt Amber is mentally ill, but I’m sorry, thats not good enough. She’s PROUD of using violence against people who “wrong” her. In any other context, you’d call someone like that a psychopath.

    2. yes! She should not get a free pass just because she is woman with a mental illness. David is obviously mentally ill (he killed an innocent dog) and he got the boot (rightfully so) for being a bigot. Amber needs to go. She attacked someone with a machete. A MACHETE! AND this is her second offense. We wont miss watching her sit on the couch.

    3. Agree 100%. I hate this double standard where women can abuse their partners and no one bats an eye but the opposite creates a lynch mob. It isn’t OK to put your hands on another person. Domestic Violence is an issue no matter who the victim and who the aggressor is. Everyone deserves respect and safety in their relationship. I always liked Amber but I truly think she needs to go to prison or a long term mental health facility for the criminally dangerous. I have a mental illness and I’ve never put my hands on another person. Using her mental illness as an excuse for her violence just stigmatizes mental health more than it already is.

      1. Agree 100%. A very good friend of mine is bi polar & I educated myself so I could support her & understand what was going on when she’s in her various ” phases”

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