“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” Season 4 Episode 11 Recap: Divorce Papers, a Delivery Room Diss & a Dramatic Drive with Debbie

Our prediction for the Season 4 finale…and the rest of these people’s lives….

On this episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, The Wife Chantel and The Husband Pedro decide to act like The Happy Couple; Larissa gets kicked to the (parking lot) curb; Ashley makes Jay pay for his barbershop-bathroom mistake; Elizabeth and Andrei welcome their daughter—without Chuck having to deliver her himself—and Paola forgets how to share everything but her opinion. 

We kick this episode off in Pennsylvania the day after Ashley and Jay’s huge argument that led to the cops being called—- a running trend here on “90 Day Fiancé.” As Ashley changes the locks to her dishwasher-equipped home, her friend Destiny stops by to check on her (and no, the irony of said friend’s moniker is not lost on us). 

“If Jay can get his screw on, then so can I!”

As Ashley takes her anger out on a door handle, she tells Destiny she’s planning to file for divorce and in the next scene, we see her do just that. Ashley tells the divorce lawyer she wants to take the quickest divorce route, in this case a “No Fault” divorce, because she doesn’t like to waste any time when it comes to getting out of a marriage… or getting into one, for that matter. 

Ashley fears that Jay will go MIA in protest of the divorce and prolong the entire process, but her lawyer assures her there are ways to find Jay, not limited to hiring a private investigator. (I mean, if she wants to save some cash, she should just hang up fliers announcing a fake “high school night” at a club or something. Jay will get there faster than you can say “As long as she’s 18!”)

“Legally I can’t tell you to do that…but that’s probably the easiest way to find your creepy husband…”

Down in the Dominican Republic, The Wife Chantel and The “In Hot Water” Husband Pedro head to Las Terranes—- the first place the couple “did the boom,” as Pedro says.

They are trying to forget about Pedro’s grind-a-thon with his sister’s friend, and move past all of the drama their families have helped create in their lives.

“Pedro talking about The Sex!”

Pedro and Chantel both agree to talk with their respective family members in an effort to make everyone get along… or at the very least stop kicking furniture and pulling hair. 

Over in Florida, Paola and Russ prepare for a visit from Russ’ mom, who will be meeting baby Axel for the first time. She will also be meeting Pao’s mom, Gladys. Pao says she doesn’t want Russ’ mom thinking she can hold Axel the whole time she’s visiting, because Pao doesn’t really want her to hold him at all. She is, however, more than happy to accept help with household chores… especially the washing of those soiled birthing sheets that are still wadded up in the laundry room. 

Russ says his mom isn’t coming all this way just to gaze upon her grandson from across the living room, and even if he has to barricade Axel’s nursery door with the still-inflated birthing pool, “Grammie” is getting her snuggles. 

“Look, I don’t know who this Grammie lady is, but do you think she can get rid of that funky smelling incense the midwife left next to my changing table?”

Next we head to Las Vegas where Larissa is still not telling Colt(ee) or Debbie that her case has been dismissed, despite the information being public record. (Deb hasn’t hit the Internets for a while and, besides, when she is burning up that dial-up, it’s to talk to her buddies in the “Felines Forever” chatroom.)

Unfortunately for Larissa and Debbie, they are forced to continue to run errands together, which means they have to take their tension-filled relationship and cram it into a compact-sized vehicle.   

Have these two never heard of online shopping?

During this particular outing, Larissa and Debbie bicker in between Larissa snapping a couple of selfies and Larissa ultimately says that she and Colt need to live alone—- without Debbie, without the concerning number of cats and without the fear of Colt regressing to the days of co-sleeping with his mother.

“Oh please! Like Colt is the only 30-year-old man who enjoys being rocked to sleep by his mother! This is why I prefer felines over felons, Larissa!”

Once they arrive at the store, Debbie tells Larissa to get out of her car, but proceeds to get out of the car herself. She tells producers they can figure out how Larissa the “self-centered little b**ch” is getting home because she doesn’t want to deal with her anymore.

Larissa happily obliges the crew’s obligatory offer to catch a ride with them. 

“At least this ride didn’t require me to be handcuffed first.”

In Tampa, Elizabeth has gone into labor and her sisters are shocked to find out that someone conveniently forgot to give them a call to let them know. Elizabeth’s mom Pamela tells her daughters that Elizabeth and Andrei have decided not to invite anyone into the delivery room that isn’t either birthing the baby, helping to deliver the baby, an actual baby or has the temperament of a baby. (That last one means Andrei gets to be in there.)

Good thing Andrei was able to take off time from work to be at the hospital. Oh, wait…

We don’t get to see the baby come shooting out of Elizabeth’s hoo-ha. (And, sadly, because this isn’t 16 and Pregnant, we don’t even get to see the birth via animated cartoon character illustrations.)

Finally, Elizabeth gives birth to a baby girl, whom she and Andrei name Eleanor. (Is anyone else surprised they didn’t name the kid Andrea? Honestly, they should name her Chuckina, since Chuck is almost surely footing the hospital bill for the kid’s birth!)

We learn that Andrei ultimately caved and invited Pamela to the hospital before the baby was born… even though he waited until 3 a.m. to do so and only because Elizabeth basically forced him.

“Everyone back up and leave this baby-handling business to the professional.”

Elizabeth’s sisters soon arrive and marvel at how much their niece looks like her father… while silently praying that she didn’t inherit his terrible work ethic.

Next we check back in with Ashley, who has invited Jay to come over to sign divorce papers and as expected, Jay refuses to sign the documents on Ashley’s terms. 

“I just assumed she was lying… kind of like when I put my relationship status as ‘single’ online, ya know?”

Instead, Jay offers to sign the papers “down the road” in the car and criticizes Ashley for wanting to “do everything on camera,” completely overlooking the fact that he got into a physical fight with his own boss on camera after having sex with a random girl in a barbershop bathroom. Whoops. 

Jay eventually wanders his way back to Ashley’s house and signs the divorce papers as he was asked. For his cooperation, Ashley offers to pay for Jay and all of his baggage—-both literal and figurative—-to fly to Florida to stay with his brother. 

Back in the Dominican Republic, Chantel and Pedro head to a private dinner on “boom island.” (Insert shiver here.)

Doesn’t look like there will be any “booms” tonight…

Shortly after being seated, Chantel decides to jump right in and ask Pedro about the allegations Obed made that Pedro’s mom and sister were seeking an American woman to marry him. Pedro says Obed hates his family and is lying and he ultimately convinces Chantel that she’s the main priority in his life. He also agrees to come back to the United States with her, which his mom and sister will surely understand.

As part of Chantel and Pedro’s agreement to move on as a couple, Chantel has agreed to sit down with Pedro’s mom and sister. During their meeting, Pedro tells his family that he and Chantel are going to keep on keepin’ on and Pedro’s mom wants to make sure her son is the one that gets to call all the shots along the way. Chantel tells Pedro’s family that won’t be happening because she’s a “liberated woman.” She then displays said liberation by telling Pedro to tell his mom to basically shut up. 

“Oh no you did NOT…”

Pedro’s mom says Chantel is disrespectful to Pedro and his family, but Chantel argues that they just need to worry about themselves. Pedro’s mom tells him no matter what decision he ends up making, the family will be there for him… and so will his bump-and-grind buddy from the club in case, you know, things with Chantel don’t work out. 

Back in Vegas, Colt arrives home from work and Larissa immediately fills him on how Debbie got fed up and kicked her out of the car. Colt defends his BFFL mom and points out that Larissa is often the one being disrespectful to Debbie. Naturally, this sets Larissa off so she stomps upstairs and resorts to venting to production while Colt goes to the kitchen to chug some whiskey.

“I usually let Mother hold he bottle for me when I drink…she enjoys it so!”

Shortly after Colt quenches his thirst, Larissa comes back down the stairs and accuses him of treating his mom like his “little lover.” 

We’ll just let that stew for a second…

I don’t even want to KNOW what words are being used to fill in those blanks…

Colt tells Larissa that her accusations are “kind of gross” and Larissa agrees with him before calling him a fat pig and storming out the front door, which basically just makes for an average Wednesday in this household.

Until next time! 

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12 Responses

  1. I love” Pillow Talk” too. Better than the regular show and shows 2 couples who have a real relationship. I guess not all of the couples are as ill-matched as Colt & Larissa, Andrei & Elizabeth, Paola & Russ, Chantal & Pedro and Elizabeth & Jay.

  2. I read that Andrei and Elizabeth started their own company. He talks such smack. Elizabeth when he talks like that to you in front of your daughter what are you going to do. Chuck my heart hurts for you and your family. If my daughter married someone like him I would be sad. Chantel and Pedro also started their own LLC called just that. I am wondering if this is fake because now they have their own spinoff-?? I need my head examined on why I even watch this stuff!

  3. Elizabeth… Andrei is a POS, please see that. Especially when you see his “dad” who is super passive and seems educated, and you have your worthless husband saying, “This isn’t a stranger, it’s my dad” – girl, it’s a stranger or a family friend trying to make Andrei look halfway decent. Why do you think he had to spend even more money to *meet* him and fly back, it’s because they were rehearsing and getting thier stories straight. Then this nonworking possessive a$$hole keeps your family, the one who gave you a job and pays for everything, out of the delivery room? Oh hell no. I don’t pity Elizabeth because shes an idiot, but hopefully Chuck cuts her idiot ass off and she sees just how worthless Andrei really is.
    Chantal… ugh, Pedro is a user. He might love you (doubtful, you’re just pretty), but his family will be forever trying to suck the American dollars from him, and he will feel obligated to hand them over, cut your loses now. You shouldn’t have to fight for and beg your husband back. You’re gonna have the same exact fight 6 months from now.
    It’s ridiculous watching Larissa, Colt, and Debbie – we know how it ends. And the fact Jay is in ICE detention and Larissa, who hit/beat up Colt 3xs is not is beyond outrageous. Deport her a$$ now. And Colt just wanted a sex slave, he gets all his other needs met by his mother. And yes, it’s as gross and stunted as it sounds. Good job Debbie, your adult child cannot form normal healthy relationships that interfers with you…
    Pao, selfish bitch, always has been. So what does that say about Russ? Decent looking, has a great job… has to marry a foreigner that doesn’t listen or care about his opinion or family… gee, couldn’t find that in the states?
    Russ has some skeletons in his closet to put up with Pao’s delusional selfish ass.

  4. Well, Larissa finally called Colt and Debbie’s relationship what it is. I almost CHOKED! Love “Pillow Talk.”

  5. OMG I almost puked when I saw colt chug that jack Daniels! Could his mother have replaced it with apple juice or something?

  6. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Larissa is an idiotic moron she needs to go back to her own country to be with her childten and be a mom and quit living of the united states and using people. She is the most shallow selfish person she belongs in jail.i cant believe she has been allowed to stay here as lonhg as she has. To make debvie upset you have to be an evil person.

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