“90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?” Season 4 Episode 14 Recap: Part 2 Tell All & Trial Day

The moment Shaun Robinson realized she should have asked for more money (and a helmet) to host this mess…

This rather unhappy season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? is ending…but the couples were back for Part 2 of the ‘Tell All” episode.

Part 2 picks up with host Shaun Robinson trying to make sense of Ashley and Jay’s roller coaster romance… much like the rest of us have done this season. Shaun eventually resorts to flat-out asking Jay how many women he’s slept with since he’s been in America. Jay tells Shaun he’s only slept with two women… that is, two women other than Ashley.

“I feel like I need an antibiotic shot just from sitting next to this guy.”

Ashley assures Shaun that she’s not getting back together with Jay, but Paola remains doubtful, given Ashley’s previous decision to withdraw her divorce filing. Ashley makes it known how much she’s “dying inside” due to her marriage falling apart, but Jay argues to the group that there’s a lot more to the story. Ashley says the only thing she did was hold Jay’s Green Card over his head, though she says it was only out of fear of him leaving. 

Jay doesn’t think his and Ashley’s relationship will ultimately work out because of their age difference and because Ashley insists on him only sleeping with her. Go figure.

He does, however, admit that he loves her, just not her tendency to treat him “like her kid.” 

“If we were still together, I’d dock his allowance at least three weeks for pulling this crap.”

Next we check in with Elizabeth, Andrei and special video-chat guest Chuck, aka Daddy WarChucks. After getting to see a collection of Andrei’s greatest hits this season—-including that infamous phone grab in the car—- Chuck is most disappointed by “Andrei’s pride” which evidently prevents him getting a job.

Chuck thinks Andrei is too focused on waiting for the perfect opportunity to open up… and thanks to TLC, it kind of did. 

When your family fails to realize your five-year plan consists solely of being on reality TV…

Andrei (who is dressed like some sort of waiter/magician) says Elizabeth hates working for Chuck so he’s bound to feel the same way.

If only there were other jobs they could work where Chuck wasn’t there boss!


Andrei reminds Elizabeth that he’s “in progress right now and everything’s going to be fine,” though we learn he’s only “doing the trucking” sporadically. Chuck says he gave Elizabeth and Andrei “a substantial amount of money” to help pay for the truck Andrei uses for “work” and it frustrates him to see the truck parked in the driveway when Andrei’s ass is parked on the couch.

Andrei takes this as a personal attack, at which point even Jay speaks up to defend Chuck.

Jay finally did something right… other than swipe.

When Jay, the guy who cheated on his wife multiple times, including one time in the bathroom of a barbershop full of families, says you’re in the wrong, you know you’re in the wrong. 

When asked about the upcoming trip (and supposed wedding) in Moldova, Elizabeth says she has no idea when or if it will happen. Chuck says if it does end up happening he plans to attend, but he doesn’t know where Elizabeth and Andrei will get the money to pay their own way. 

“We’ll just use some of that free money Elizabeth says all Americans get. It just magically ends up in our checking account each month somehow!”

Elizabeth says she hopes the days of borrowing money from the Bank of Chuck are behind her. 

Sure, Jan…

Larissa and Colt(ee) are up next in the hot seat. After watching some of this season’s shenanigans, Larissa begins to get emotional on the video chat because she says she really thought that she and Colt (and Debbie, by default) could be one big cat-loving, margarita-sipping family. Larissa says she doesn’t blame Debbie for everything that happened, even though Debbie is “territorial like a cat.” 

Larissa says she tried to make the marriage work, but Colt argues otherwise. He also admits that he still loves Larissa. During the commercial break, Colt tries to bro-out with one of the producers over his lady troubles, failing to realize the guy probably only approached him to switch out his microphone batteries. 

“Listen man, I’m just trying to do my job… and no, I don’t want to grab margaritas with you and your mom after the show.”

Mother Debbie finally manages to lint-roll most of the cat hair from her outfit and make her way to the stage. She tells Shaun that living with Larissa “was hell.”

If only there was a way Mother Debbie didn’t have to live with her son and his new wife!


We then get to relive some of the arguments that went down this season at Casa de Cat Hair, including when Larissa threw her wedding ring into the toilet.

As for whether or not Colt and Larissa could ever make amends, Larissa tells Shaun to “never say never,” just as Shaun becomes aware that someone is talking to Larissa off-camera…and that someone happens to be her boyfriend Eric. 

“Oops! I forgotee he was here!”

Shaun decides to clue Eric in on Larissa’s “never say never” remark, but Eric isn’t phased because he loves the camera Larissa. Someone who is bothered by Larissa’s happy and carefree new relationship, however, is Colt. 

“Larissa, you’re an a**hole. You’re an a**hole, Larissa,” Colt says. “I poured my heart out to you and you’re laughing and making fun of me.” 

“I can have a new relationship too! Mother, come brush the cat hair off my blazer! I’m going out after this show to charm the ladies!”

Debbie then chimes in to call Larissa a “piece of s**t” and to let Larissa know she’s lost all respect for her. Shaun asks Eric if he’s at all threatened by Colt and Eric answers, “absolutely.” Larissa seems shocked by Eric’s answer until he lets her know he’s just kidding. (Ouch.)

After being on the receiving end of Colt and Debbie’s lashing for a few seconds, Larissa decides she and Eric are done filming. 

“Now will you unhook my phone(ee) so Eric and I can take the selfies?”

After the commercial break, Eric convinces Larissa to continuing filming to tell her side of the story, which conveniently will also provide him with a few more minutes of screen time himself. With Larissa is back on screen, Shaun asks her for an update of her legal issues and Larissa says she’s still awaiting trial. Larissa says she’s positive about the outcome and given her track record of cases being dismissed, we can understand why. 

Colt says he doesn’t care if Larissa goes back to Brazil because he says she doesn’t care about him. Debbie says she definitely wants to see Larissa deported. Despite Debbie’s firm opinion on the matter, Larissa says if she ever saw Debbie, she’d give her a hug, “if you don’t call the cops on me,” she adds.

Eric says if Larissa is deported, he’s down to sell his belongings and move to Brazil with her. Colt accuses Eric of being disrespectful and requests that he “get the f**k off” the screen. Instead, Colt and Debbie leave the set and Colt tells producers he won’t return until Eric is gone. 

“Make it happen or I’m taking back the invitation to margarita night.”

Next we (thankfully) move on to Nicole and Azan’s update. Joining Nicole on stage is her mother Robbalee because, per usual, Azan is back in Morocco spending Nicole’s money and couldn’t make it. Azan does, however, manage to clear his busy schedule long enough to video chat with the group. 

“He’s probably at home selecting songs for our wedding, obviously!” 

After a recap of the couple’s season of cancelled trips, Shaun asks Azan about the shop he was supposed to start with the money Nicole gave him. Azan’s response only confuses Shaun further so Nicole explains that they have a space rented and are in the process of ordering product. 

Meanwhile, Azan looks comatose.

“Umm… yeah, what she said.”

Shaun then asks about the cancelled Grenada trip but Nicole offers no real explanation as to what really happened, nor does Azan. During the commercial, Russ asks Nicole why she and Azan didn’t reschedule their Grenada trip and again, she can’t answer the question. Russ quietly tells Nicole to be careful because he’s likes her and feels that Azan is stringing her along. 

The focus then switches back to Ashley and Jay’s disaster of a relationship, as Jay’s barbershop buddies—- the ones who work at the shop, not the one Jay banged in the bathroom—- join the group via video chat. 

Raise your hand if you’re only here to promote your barbershop business.

The guys from the shop blame Jay’s shenanigans on the fact that he’s young, but Jay pulls the classic “you don’t know me” card and proceeds to accuse one of his friends of trying to hook up with Ashley. He then walks off stage, because apparently everyone on the cast is going to do that at some point during this Tell All.

This reunion has basically become a walk-a-thon.

After a quick lap around the studio, Jay returns to set and his former pals from the barbershop say their goodbyes. 

Ashley then explains that after taking Jay back, she never truly forgave him and retaliated by holding his Green Card over his head. She also says she looked through Jay’s phone one night and learned that he was in a relationship with someone else. Jay says Ashley was talking to two of her exes at that time. It’s then Ashley’s turn to storm off stage, except she takes it one step further by leaving the actual studio. 

With Ashley gone, Shaun is forced to move along to Paola and Russ. Russ kicks things off by saying he and Pao were naive to think that having a baby would bring them closer together, admitting that the two of them are fighting constantly. He also says their son Axel is often the only reason he even wants to come home.


Pao says Russ continues to travel a lot for work and just because she isn’t going to an office (or covering herself in body paint) doesn’t mean she’s not working, too. 

Pao shows us what she plans to do to Russ’ head when they get off camera.

Once the Tell All wraps up, the couples pack up their belongings and begin to head out. During this time, Jay learns that Ashley has blocked his phone number (no surprise there); Andrei and Elizabeth agree that things are nowhere close to being resolved with Elizabeth’s family (no surprise there either); and Nicole, the eternal optimist, continues to live in a world of complete delusion. 

“I hope I can make it to next year’s Tell All… It might be kind of difficult between running the shop in Morocco after Azan and I get married. We’ll probably have a baby on the way, too!”

Before heading out, Russ and Pao audition for their own spin off sit down and talk about what was said on stage. Russ admits again that Axel is the only thing that makes him want to come home, noting that Pao stresses him out. Pao accuses Russ of not doing enough to help her.

“I just feel like I’m moving away from you, like, I do not want to be with you,” she tells him. 

Russ suggests they see a marriage counselor, but Pao doesn’t seem to believe it will help them. 

Well…that’s sounds, um, promising…

We then head to Las Vegas to check back in with Larissa. She tells Eric that Colt’s behavior on the Tell All only confirmed their decision to get a divorce. Back at the studio, Colt says he’s embarrassed about sharing his feelings with someone other than Debbie. He says Larissa’s new boyfriend makes things officially over between the two of them.

Um…I think it was over when the cops arrived to pick up your wife, who had just scratched her own face off to make it look like you abused her….just sayin’…

Despite being ready to move on, Colt remains conflicted about Larissa’s possible deportation. 

Three weeks later, it’s the day of Larissa’s trial and Colt and Debbie arrive at the courthouse. While the trial wasn’t filmed, we learn that Larissa was able to get off with only paying a $345 fine and serving 48 hours of community service. 

Before leaving with Eric, Larissa’s says Debbie and Colt can “suck it.” Instead, Colt and Debbie agree to go home and make some beef stew. 

“You two make it way too easy to make the jokes!”

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(Photos: TLC) 


  1. The way Russ talked to Nicole; telling her to be careful tells ne he is a sweet guy.

    I understand that having a baby IS stressful but do remind me WHO was the one that didn’t wat the grandmas to help out with the baby? Pao.

    I don’t understand what exactly her deal is and why she is so upset with his job. She knew what he was doing before and he makes good money from what I gathered.

    Concerning her inlaws…
    Russ’ mom was right to be pissed about the babyshower.

    “In Colombia we don”t show up on time”. Well guess what Pao you ain’t in Colombia no more. Get over yourself.

    Back to Russ.. I think if she keeps pushing him and pushing him eventually he is going to leave. Pao will be left alone and then what. A modelling career?? Come on now…

  2. Azan was sporting Airpods. No doubt Nicole paid them. I hopr she wakes up. He is never going to marry her.

  3. [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “trash”. Reason: Failed GASP Bot Filter Test (comment token failure) *]
    Chantel and Pedro they must put pride aside and focus on their love… If they really love each other both parents should learn to make their kids happy too…

  4. How come it was never mentioned that Colt cheated on Larissa? I was looking forward to getting the tea on that!

    1. WTF 😮😮😮😮😮😮 Did Colt (eeee) really cheat on Larissa ????? I haven’t heard that . If love to see it all unfold though 😂😂😂

  5. Nicole spending a fortune at the hairdresser to get her hair fixed…..so goes for the “fresh blonde look” so Azan thinks she’s ” SEXY” WTF!!!!! That was embarrassing!
    SO after ( probably using some of her Morrocco plane fare money) The idiot goes and dyes her hair purple !

  6. I hope that Chuck calls out his lying ungrateful daughter about the way she uses him as her own personal ATM….and I hope it’s done in front of Andrrrrrrrrei
    ( who is believing the stories about Elizabeth getting work bonuses?🤔)….And by the way Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrei , The tooth fairy and Santa Clause ARE NOT REAL.REPEAT They are NOT REAL.
    Elizabeth gives me the shits Great way to start a marriage…..with all of those lies!
    HER and that caveman pig of a husband of her’s suit each other perfectly !!!!!!

  7. I really hope Russ and Pao aren’t back next season. They are the most obnoxious couple, and they barely got any air time. Pao is a conceited bitch, and Russ is this weak wimp.

    Did anyone pick up on when Debbie was like Colt didn’t bring anyone with him, but Larissa brought her new boyfriend….I was thinking like Debbie…Colt did bring his girlfriend. He brought YOU to the tell all.

    And Nicole…when she started crying watching the couples having babies and said she was crying because it made her happy and hopeful, and that she can’t wait to make babies with Azan and have that same experience?? I. CAN’T. WITH. THAT. IDIOT. Azan doesn’t want you girl! The girl has got to have one of the thickest skulls of any human on earth.

  8. Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrei looks like a little boy who’s about to go off to his first day of school😂😂😂
    With his braces on to hold up his pants, and his fringe slicked down with god knows what….. NOT a good look Andrrrrrrrrrrei

  9. Pao can suck it with her nonsense. She shows up at a family meal with her tits hanging out, no, that wasn’t Russ’s family being mean, that was YOU being narcissistic Pao.
    And no, it isn’t Russ’ fault that you aren’t an espicey model. You’re a mom. This is mom life, and you are a spoiled wretch for making your husband miserable because he literally cannot be two places at once. You think you can support the family in Miami with your modeling gigs? Not happening.
    Trashley can get off my television permanently. She groomed a child and is now playing the wronged wife. GTFO.
    Andre can stfu too, I still find it shocking that Mr. Macho apparently doesn’t want to support his family. I
    Axel and Eleanor are the only people I’m interested in.

    1. BRILLIANT POST !!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏👏 I agree wholeheartedly! And any way Pao dosen’t seem to appear as a highly “sought after” model ,, The agent she saw told her to go and have “professional photos” done for her portfolio ( No doubt at Pao’s…. or should I say Russ’s expense!)
      Then so called “supermodel”
      gets sent out to dye her hair
      So called “supesupermodel model” reappear’s with her ” NEW BLONDE LOCKS”
      BY this stage, the agent is STILL trying to get her out( it has a tint of Nicole Azan desperation now)
      And OOOOOOPS Pao ” the so called ” super model” has been lost in the system!😂😂😂
      And last but not least ” go out on the club scene with some other skank desperate to be noticed girls and mingle”

      YEP she’s up there in the desperation stakes with Nicole!
      The “so called agent” just wants Pao to get the fuck out of her office!
      The only thing I can see Pao modelling now is incontinent aides

      1. As much as Colt (eee) is creepy, I actually don’t mind Deb, She tried with Larrissa from day one.
        I don’t think she’s been that horrible at all.

        Or maybe I’m the crazy one 🤔😂😂😂

    2. You left out the fact that Pao wants JUAN to be Axel’s godfather. What the HELL is she thinking? I’m sorry, that really pisses me off!!

  10. Is it just me, or is Shaun the world’s worst moderator? Lots of dead air, and she cuts off and moves to a different couple just when getting to something interesting with the first couple?

    1. No not just you. I was wondering how Shaun keeps coming back as the moderator? She always seems so clueless. Can’t go off script or has no sense of freestyle. Doesn’t know how to ask follow up questions. Basically she sucks. I like Kevin Frasier from the Little Women reunions better.

      1. Now that you mention it , I agree with you.
        Shaun is quiet boring, whenever someone walks off stage or people start arguing, She just looks around like a deer caught in the headlights.
        Without her cue cards she’d be lost , more so than what she already is. I agree I think Kevin would be a much better host.

  11. Pao is the type of woman who’s never ever going to be satisfied with any man. She wants men to be hard-working aka full of money, manly, strong and explicit. But when they act like that they’re too much for her and she complains that a man should stay home more, should not have a strong opinion (that is not the same as hers) and basically kiss her ass all day. And when they turn into a henpecked husband, Pao starts the circle again and wants them to be strong willed etc. That’s a toxic pattern and sadly I do see them getting a divorce.

  12. Out of all these clowns, for some reason Pao annoys me the most. (Maybe because her and Russ act like one of the more “normal, stable” couples on the show.) She’s actually a very nasty person. Selfish on a level thats pretty shocking given that shes in her 30s with a baby. Like, what do you even want? Are you mad at Russ because he bends over backward too much, trying to make your miserable, mean ass happy? And did I miss the part where his family treated her poorly? Cuz she is awful to them for no real reason. I think homegirl is angry and bitter that the amazing modeling gig she just knew she was destined for isn’t working out. (And its all his fault.) Sorry Pao- modeling just aint that into you.

    1. Russ’ family treated her badly when she went to have their first breakfast together with her tits hanging out and the mom asked her to cover herself a bit. That must have been a torture, poor Pao. Oh and when they met Russ’ friends for brunch, in the middle of the day, and nobody wanted to drink tequila with poor Pao. And when she was 1-2 hours late from the baby shower that that monster of a family threw her and the guests left shortly after the presents. They were true assholes for expecting her to be there on time. Poor poor Pao and her hell of a life in Oklahoma.

      1. I Honestly think Pao gets some sick sort of satisfaction by torturing Russ and just being outright rude to EVERYONE!
        Funny though, I NEVER saw her talk to her family like that !!!

      2. You are so right – how DARE Russ’s family expect her to not run around looking like a common hooker? Doesn’t the family know that’s how Columbian supermodels act?

        Seriously Pao – go back to Columbia, paint yourself the colors of the rainbow if you want, and roll around on the beach getting sand in your paint-covered nethers. Leave poor Russ alone.

    2. ” I think homegirl is angry and bitter that the amazing modeling gig she just knew she was destined for isn’t working out. (And its all his fault.) Sorry Pao- modeling just aint that”.

      Nail hit on the head.

  13. Lots of comments on all this BS. So Elizabeth you didn’t like working with your dad either who provides everything for you pays for your rent your groceries your maternity leave gave you a house you are ungrateful. I understand now you have money with TLC and whatever you’re doing on your Instagram promoting things plus you and Andre E have started your own LLC. You need to treat your father with respect. I don’t know why anybody hasn’t put a private investigator on out so Elizabeth you didn’t like working with your dad either who provides everything for you pays for your rent your groceries your maternity leave gave you a house you are ungrateful. I understand now you have money with TLC and whatever you’re doing on your Instagram promoting things plus you and Andre E have started your own LLC. You need to treat your father with respect. I don’t know why anybody hasn’t put a private investigator on Azan. Ashley my heart goes out to you because I truly believe you love Jay but he’s a horn dog. Larissa her last two words are a huge testimony to your character because she said colt and Debbie suck it. No isn’t she one classy lady. Not. Pao it’s your idea to live in Miami and that’s the best job he could get so if he’s traveling to bad you’re just gonna have to suck it up girl. Lots of military wives raise their children while their husbands are deployed and they don’t get TLC money.Hey my husband worked a long long long hours and through the grace of God I raised two children. Stop complaining. Stop complaining. Enjoy the beautiful child and stop fighting with Russ.You’re a nice lady Shaun but you ask the wrong questions and i’m thinking that the Chantel family is a fake reality show because they now have their own sitcom. I think I just need to stop watching this trash.

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