American Idol’s Lilly Scott: Bitter, Party of One

"Me and my indie friends will murder you in your sleep Katie."

Poor Lilly Scott. Since getting the boot on Thursday’s American Idol, ol’ Lilly has been riding the bitter wagon, giving this interview (originally found on where she talks about how cool her indy peeps are, why she rocked harder than anyone else and why cool people don’t watch American Idol. Apparently, they ride bikes.

I pulled the yummiest Lilly quotes from the interview (by Christopher Rocchio):

“The people that I thought were going to go home were completely different than the people that left last night, including myself.  It’s really strange.” Translation: How the hell is Paige Miles still on that freaking show?!

“Watching certain people make it into the Top 12 that had kind of not done so well over the past three weeks… I just was kind of frustrated, just kind of feeling like my fan base wasn’t really there, even though the producers and judges seemed to love me and I was feeling like I was having a great run on the show.” Translation: Everyone loves me and my way cool indie rock feather earrings and seriously, how the hell did Paige Miles make the Top 12?

“My voting demographic is probably more of the underground scene who probably doesn’t even own a TV and if they do they’re probably out riding their bike or doing something more productive than watching TV, let alone American Idol.” Translation: Anyone who is dumb enough to stay home on a Tuesday night isn’t worthy of listening to my way cool indie voice anyway. Let’s all head to Buffalo Exchange and give disapproving looks to people who aren’t as indie-cool as us.”

“I don’t want to think that anything is rigged, but I would also like to know how many votes I really did have.” Translation: Seriously, does Paige Miles have an uncle that works in production or something? Geez..

“It was just my time to go out with a bang so I can still keep my Indie cred and kind of do my own thing without having the American Idol over my head.” Translation: See? I wanted to get kicked off. That’s why I was giving Katie Stevens the stink eye when they told me I was going home and she was staying.

“I thought I could break the mold, but I guess it’s another season of the same old stuff.” Translation: Good thing my songs always sound so different from eachother….oh, wait.

Lilly, I know I’m not indie rock enough for you to care about what I say, but you should’ve gone out with class.

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