16 & Pregnant’s Eric: World’s Greatest Dad [under 17 and on MTV]

Sixteen and pregnant
"I'm such a good guy, I'll even wear hot pink for you, baby. But are these tacky corsages really necessary?"

All hail Eric, the latest baby daddy on 16 & Pregnant! This season’s only non-douchebag father is the boyfriend of Samantha, a 16-year-old that looks and sounds like she’s literally too young to even have her period, let alone be pregnant. She should be reading The Babysitters Club books and chewing Bubble Yum, not pumping Pitocin through her veins…however…back to Eric.

As I have stated before, the men of MTV’s ’16 & Pregnant’ have proven to be equivalent to the crusty nacho cheese that you scrap off a crockpot after making chili cheese fries. But Eric seems to be a genuine kind person who is actually thinking into the future (except for that whole ‘let’s not use protection and get pregnant’ thing.) He asks Samantha to move in with his family so that she and the baby will be close to him and they can help more. Samantha considers it, due to the fact that her house is already stuffed to the brim and adding two more babies would make it overflow. (Yes, her mom is pregnant too. I am having a “Father of the Bride Part 2” flashback here.)

Her mom is very against this, and Samantha and Eric decide it’s best that Sam stays at home. “That way we don’t end up hating each other and stuff when we’re in our thirties and forties,” says Eric. The real loser in this whole scenario? Samantha’s little brother (can’t remember his name, which probably doesn’t matter because he’ll practically be invisible by the time those two babies get there.) He gets the pleasure of sharing his bedroom with a newborn baby! A baby screaming in your ear while you’re trying to do your pre-algebra homework can’t be a good thing.

Throughout the whole episode Eric  is there for Samantha: before, during and after labor. Later in the episode, Samantha complains that Eric isn’t doing enough to help her, but I think she should count herself lucky that she didn’t hook up with a guy more like Chelsea‘s or Lori‘s.

"Is it too late for the epidural?!"

The two scariest parts of this episode? One, Samantha goes through a terrifying labor where she lets out blood-curdling screams (and she’s not even pushing yet. That does it; I’m getting my tubes tied.) She ends up having a C-section and they show it. Like show the head being ripped from the hole in the stomach.

I know, it’s natural, it’s beautiful blah blah blah, but try to tell me that scene didn’t remind you of the scene in the movie “Alien” where the creature comes out of the man’s stomach? Creepy!

The other scary thing about this episode is that the father was like, my age. Let me clarify: not the baby’s father, the father of the pregnant 16-year-old. Yeah, he’s like a few years older than me. Samantha’s parents had her when they were 16 also. When the previews came on for the episode and there’s a scene where she is talking to her dad, I literally thought that he was the baby’s daddy. It’s just plain creepy.

Surprisingly, though, Samantha’s parents seem to be pretty level-headed and like they are good parents. Her mother tried to prevent the kids from seeing each other when she found out they were having sex. But you know how kids are….well, kids and the mother of the boy, who helped Samantha sneak out of her house to see Eric. That’s just awesome. Let’s just be thankful that it was all harmless fun and nothing happened that will ruin/change their lives forever from it….oh wait.

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