Survivor's Russell has Crystal Bowersox Missing Teeth Syndrome!

OMG- how did I not notice this before?! Russell from Survivor is missing a tooth (a la Crystal Bowersox of American Idol.) I noticed this last night when he was opening his pie hole during his fight with Danielle and thought that my mind was playing tricks on me causing me to have missing-tooth hallucinations, so I checked it on the official Survivor website and found this bio that confirmed it. (Ugh, that bio sounds like Russell wrote it, seriously. I especially like the sentence that starts “Standing tall at only 5’6”, he is built like a brick house with a bald head. At 200 pounds of pure muscle…” It just spews ego! He probably wets himself every time he reads it.)

What is going on with reality show contestants? I live in LA, so maybe I don’t know how the rest of this country views missing teeth. Is it a badge of honor in states like Louisiana to have a big gaping hole in your mouth? Is it so you stand out more and seem tough? (Personally, I’d get a neck tattoo like Andrew Garcia, that holds a lot more street cred in my book!)

It’s very hard to even find a picture of Russell smiling, so I guess he figures why pay the co-pay and go to the dentist? No one will see it anyway. 

Remember, kids, brushing and flossing is important. Unless of course you plan to be on a reality TV show.

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