Holy Crap! Elvis & Adam Lambert on Idol?! I’m in Heaven!

American Idol
"Does Elvis scream in any of his songs? No? Damn." Photo from candygossip.com.

So I basically almost peed myself when I found out that Adam Lambert was going to be the mentor this week. I have a deep love for Adam as a celebrity, and a huge amount of respect for him as a singer and performer. (Don’t believe me, check this out!)

As arguably the most talented person to ever set foot on the Idol set (with the possible exception of Carrie Underwood), Adam is the first good mentor Idol has rounded up in a few years. (Not that Miley Cyrus‘ advice wasn’t groundbreaking: “I think you should smile more at the audience.” Um…thanks. They should have brought her Acky Breaky Dad in instead. He could have coached the Idols on how it feels to be at the top of the world and then suddenly fall off the face of the music Earth, which is exactly what will happen to most of them after the tour!)

Adam was in their shoes last year and was able to propel himself into the music business successfully. What a great mentor!!

Anyway, so now I find out that not only is it Adam Week, but also possible Elvis theme week!! If this rumor is true, I will be in reality overload. As a huge Elvis fan (and two-time Graceland visitor), I will be bouncing off the walls with excitement, even if it means having to hear Tim Urban slaughter a great song such as “A Little Less Conversation” a la Jon Peter Lewis of Season 3. Oh God, please make Tim wear a rhinestone jumpsuit.

Other things to expect this week:

  • The inevitable slowed down, acoustic version of “Blue Suede Shoes” from Andrew Garcia, who will most likely be wearing a blue cardigan sweater and actual blue suede shoes, if I know my Idol right!
  • A taped message from Priscilla Presley (fingers crossed, please, please, I heart her!) I doubt Lisa Marie would do it because apparently she has gained some weight and is getting brutalized in the rag mags.
  • A crappy version of “Can’t Help Falling in Love” from either Katie or Tim.
  • Bad dancing from at least one contestant on the judge’s table, probably from Big Mike.
  • Siobhan to wear all leather and slick her hair into a pompadour, a la Elvis.
  • Adam Lambert to f-ing rock on Wednesday night if/when he performs! (Please, Adam, show musical guests like Rhianna how to actually sing well and not just stand there and rely on weird outfit and backup dancers to pull off the performance. Thanks.)

I can’t wait!! I’m taking my phone off the hook on Tuesday!!

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