American Idol Survey Results Are In!

"I'm guessing I didn't make the survey then, huh?!"


The Survey Results Are In!  

Thanks to everyone who took The Ashley’s first survey! Here are the results of the “American Idol: Who Would You Rather” survey:  

1)  Of the American Idol Top 12, who would you rather hang out with?  

  • Casey James (Drinkin’ beer and gettin’ poon in Nashville!)
  • Tim Urban (Church bonfire sing-a-long night! Does anyone know ‘On Top of Old Smokey?!’)
  • Crystal Bowersox (Because you know she has good weed.)
  • Siobhan Magnus (Going to see Friday the 13th…again.)

 The Winner: Crystal Bowersox (4:20 ya’ll!) american idol  

2) Of the American Idol Top 12, whose closet would you most like to raid?  

  •  Michael Lynche (The world’s only collection of XXXXXXL velvet suits!)
  • Casey James (How many plaid button-downs can one man own?!)
  • Katie Stevens (A large supply of cheap-looking clothes from the Asian clothing store.)
  • Siobhan Magnus (For life’s ‘what the f are you wearing’ moments.)
  • Other

hair clothesThe Winner: Lacey Brown (wins as a write-in!!)  

3) If you were stranded on a desert island, which Idol would you NOT want to be stuck with?  

  •  Tim Urban (If he brings his guitar, you’ll be listening to Donny & Marie hits until you die!)
  • Michael Lynche (He’ll have you bench-pressing tree branches within 24 hours…and he’s big so you can’t say no.)
  • Paige Miles (Most…boring…person…ever!)
  • Lacey Brown (That Minnie Mouse voice would get old real fast!)
  • Other

 The Winner: Paige Miles (People still don’t like Paige!)  

4) Of the American Idol Top 12, who would you most likely take hair advice from?  

  •  Casey James (His long, Fabio-esque locks are inspiring.)
  • Lacey Brown (Should set up a salon right inside local Hot Topic stores.)
  • Crystal Bowersox (Should write the book “Stylish Up-dos for Matted Hair”)
  • Didi Benami (Because her hair always look great and effortless!)
  • Other

 american idolThe Winner: Didi Benami (Her pretty boho hair couldn’t save her though!)  

5) Who needs to be eliminated next?  

  •  Katie Stevens (She just gets on my nerves.)
  • Tim Urban (Send him back to the Cabbage Patch!)
  • Andrew Garcia (Same song, different words every week.)
  • Michael Lynche (Should have gone home the first time)
  • Other

american idolThe “Winner”: Tim Urban (One-way ticket back to the Patch!)  

6) Which Top 12-er would make the best boyfriend/girlfriend?  

  • Michael Lynche (He can sing serenade you with Boys II Men songs every day.)
  • Aaron Kelly (He can be your puppy dog.)
  • Didi Benami (Dates spent walking barefoot on the beach and buying holistic crystals, perhaps?)
  • Paige Miles (Never says anything and you never really know she’s even there.)
  • Other

american idolThe Winner: Michael Lynche (The world’s largest body pillow!)  

 7) Who would you most like to take to the prom?  

  •  Casey James (Every girl in school would be jealous!)
  • Andrew Garcia (Because his neck tattoo would help build your street cred.)
  • Tim Urban (Good wholesome boy who will pose with you for photos to send to Grandma.)
  • Siobhan Magnus (Just to see what God-awful concoction she would wear!)
  • I’d rather go with Sanjaya than any of the above.
  • Other

american idolThe Winner: Casey James (It’s unanimous …hmm..I wonder why!!)  

 Be sure to fill out the next reality show survey, coming soon!!

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