Dear American Idol Executive Producer Ken Warwick,

"Honey, please."

Um..when did you get so damn snarky? Usually, the backhanded compliments on American Idol are left to Simon, but you’ve obviously decided to try your hand at delivering them.
When you told Entertainment Weekly that “at the moment [Lambert’s] not doing quite as well [in his career].” and that you hoped Lambert’s appearance on Idol would help put him “back firmly where he belongs, as a major star,” you were clearly still butt-hurt that Adam went to the American Music Awards in January and performed a very controversial and non-Idol-like bit.
I’m just glad that Adam was able to respond to your crap-tastic comment. He told Entertainment Weekly, “Aw…it’s so sweet of him, but I don’t feel like I’m struggling at all. I think things are right where they need to be. My single ‘What Do You Want From Me,’ is just breaking into the Top 10 right now.”
While you delivered fighting words, Warwick, Adam had enough grace to not take the bait and bitchslap you back in the press. You could learn something from your “struggling alumni.” You should focus on helping Kris Allen and leave Adam alone!

The Ashley

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  1. Good for Adam not showing weakness. He said just the right thing. I don’t understand why Ken Warwick, as Executive Producer, would make such comments. Gosh, if you didn’t know better you might possibly think he was trying to torpedo him.

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