The Stupidest People on Earth are Back: It’s Real World/Road Rules Challenge Time!!!

Real World/Road Rules Challenge Fresh Meat 2
Wes vs. Kenny: who will achieve the title of King Douchebag this year?

Every so often, MTV wheels out another steaming wheelbarrel of crap in the form of the “Real World/Road Rules Challenge.” In it, alumni of both the Real World and Road Rules (is that show even on anymore?!) compete against each other for money and the chance to be crowned that season’s biggest douchetard.

This season’s title is Fresh Meat II. A few years back, MTV realized that their ‘talent’ pool was getting pretty shitty, being that they kept bringing these same jobless crapnuggets back season after season. So they auditioned new people to join in the game (those that hadn’t originally been on Real World or Road Rules.) That season brought us people who are now staples of nearly every challenge, such as the lovely Diem and the supremely egotistical douche, Wes.

Well, Fresh Meat is back and this time, MTV has chosen what Kenny calls “the sleaziest group of people I’ve ever seen” (and when you’re a slime ball like Kenny, that’s saying something.) Missing from this season are Challenge staples Katie (who is most likely back home belching and chain-smoking and wondering why they haven’t called her lately.), as well as Eric, the token loveable fat-boy;  always-annoying Evan (who for some reason thinks that he’s super attractive. Um..ok), and of course the ultimate train wreck and punching bag, Tonya.

 Still, MTV has managed to corral up most of the usual suspects (not hard considering that none of these people actually bring home a paycheck unless its stamped with the MTV logo.) As Evan put it last season, “this is my job. These new people don’t realize that.” Aw…yo’ mamma must be so proud.

Real World/Road Rules Challenges
Who plans to embarrass their family this season?!

Basically this challenge season will be like all the others: alliances will be made, there will be the inevitable Kenny versus Wes fight (alright brewing by the second episode, awesome!), and there will be the new slutty girl who will bounce from bed to bed giving blow jobs (looks like Theresa has already signed up for this role, judging by her squeals to gay gal pal Ryan of ‘I really wanna have sex!’)

Also, count on plenty of Corona Lite-fueled brawls between contestants and girls experimenting with other girls in the hot tubs. Oh yeah, and they’ll probably do some challenges too.

Though I have a strict rule on not watching any reality TV show on MTV or VH-1 (other than 16 & Pregnant and Teen Mom), this show has been grandfathered in because I have been watching it for years and need my tri-yearly fix of these knuckleheads or I think I’ll die.

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