Here’s 2 Ways to Keep Up With The Ashley’s Reality Roundup!

caitlynn and tyler
"We're sad because we missed The Ashley's last post. We should have subscribed!"

Now you don’t ever have to miss a post on The Ashley’s Reality Roundup! Here’s two easy ways to make sure you read every snarky comment and every ‘Roundup!’

One way is to be a friend of The Ashley’s Reality Roundup on Facebook. It’s easy. Just go here and click the “Become a Fan” link. Each time a new post is added, it will appear on our Facebook page and you’ll see it. (Of course, feel free to pimp out the website to your Facebook buddies too!)

miss teen south carolina
"It wasn't that hard, even for me!"

If social network sites give you the willies, you can always subscribe to the website and have each new post emailed to you. (You should put your work email in so it gets mailed to you there, it will give you something to do other than work!) To do this, hit “subscribe.” Put your email in and you’re done. It’s so easy that even Caite from The Amazing Race could do it, and she’s dumb as a Pet Rock!

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