Maxim’s List of "Hottest American Idol Girls"

Get it, girls!

Maxim has released (a while back, but who cares)  a list of the hottest girls ever to set foot on the American Idol soundstage (minus Ryan Seacrest.) In my opinion, they got it pretty spot-on, but I would make a few tweaks.

Although I am a mid-20s straight female and I’m sure my opinion on hot women doesn’t mean much, I would have thrown in Jasmine Trias and Haley Scarnato (who could forget her short-shorts from Season 6? She had the ‘put something short on and shake it’ philosophy for getting to the next round!) And what about cute little Lacey Brown? Maybe she’ll make the list next year!

"I'm cute! Why didn't I make the list?!"

Here’s the link if you want to see pictures: . If you’re too lazy to click on it, here’s the list:

1. Katharine McPhee (best hair on American Idol ever, hands-down!)

2. Carrie Underwood (second best hair ever)

3. The O’Donohue Twins (stupid choice, they never made it on the show)

4. Kellie Pickler

5. Megan Joy

6. Katrina Darrell (Bikini Girl)

7. Kristy Lee Cook (if you can forget that “8 Days a Week” performance!)

8. Cristina Cristian (from the first season that no one remembers)

9. Kimberly Caldwell

10. Kelly Clarkson

11. Nadia Turner

12. Kara DioGuardi (poor Paula)

13. Camile Velasco (over Jasmine Trias? Really?!)

14. Mikalah Gordon (um…er…ok.)

15. Lindsey Cardinale (who?!)

16. Ryan Starr (wow, really? She must have a friend that works at Maxim)

  Who did they miss? Who shouldn’t be on this list? Tell me!

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