Your Ass Wants Casey James to Win American Idol…Literally.

american idol
What Ryan Seacrest is wearing under his suit. Ssh! Don't tell.

Ok, now this is just creepy. Like Sanjaya ponytailed mohawk creepy. If you feel that you are such a big fan of one of the American Idols and are trying to find ways to showcase your love of say, Crystal or Casey, here’s a new (and very odd) way to do so. Sure you may vote for Casey, and you may download all of his performances on iTunes, but honestly, you’re not really a fan unless you’ve got a pair of these Casey James tighty whities hugging your balls! (Don’t worry ladies, they’re available for you also!)

This Season’s Selections:

Creepiest Items Found on Site:

alex lambert american idol
A reference to Ellen's comment to Alex Lambert...or alluding to what's inside the boxers? You decide.

american idol underwear that Kara in the picture? Apparently she wants a piece of David Cook.

american idol underwear
Um...I don't think these will be a hit with men, however they're all the rage at the Lillith Fair.

american idol
Imagine it's about to get hot and steamy and you go to remove a girl's pants and see THIS montrosity under her Calvins. Why even try if her heart (and thong) already belong to Danny Gokey? You can't compete with that hottness.

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