16 & Pregnant: Season 2 in Review

Valerie: “You’re going to be here forever, right babe?” Matt: “Not gonna lie…I’ve already humped 3 hospital staff members…”

This season of 16 & Pregnant brought us more drama than ever before: from cheating baby daddies to trashy grandmothers who can’t get their act together. These girls knew how to deliver the drama, putting Maci and the other girls from Season 1 to shame! (Except for Catelynn, who gave us the gift of Butch and April.)

This week’s episode was the “Life After Labor” special with Dr. Drew. All of the girls all reunite to talk with one another about their lives. Each is shown a clip of their episode and then was asked by Dr. Drew how their awful families and crappy boyfriends who verbally abuse them make them feel. Awesome.

The “Life After Labor” also brought us some “special” moments, such as The World’s Most Unemotional Proposal. Ever. During the interview, Tyler (the one with the ponytail) surprises his girlfriend Nicole with a proposal and a ring. She looks at him for a second, prompting Dr. Drew to awkwardly ask her, “what do you say” (in the same tone your mom used to use when she wanted you to say thank you for someone.) Nicole replies “yes” but with all the emotion of a person who was just asked if she would like to schedule a root canal appointment.

Oh Nicole, I can’t really blame you. If a 17-year-old ponytailed guy proposed to me with the line “baby…I want you to be, like, my girl. I want you to be my girl forever,” I’d probably want to throw myself in front of a bus too.

The episode also brought an interview with Lori, the only girl on the show that chose adoption for her baby. All was good until the end of the episode when they carted all the girls’ babies out and Lori was left standing alone and baby-less. It even made me feel uncomfortable and I wasn’t even there.

Here’s my look back on the this season of 16 & Pregnant.

Worst Baby Name: Nikkole’s baby got the worst name in the bunch, in my opinion. When I think of someone named “Lyle” I think of a chemistry teacher or something, not a bouncing baby. It’s so weird that a 16-year-old chose this name. They usually go for the really trendy names like Sage or Crimson or something.

Boyfriend You Would Most Like to Hit: Again, this one goes to Nikkole. Her boyfriend, Josh, was so disrespectful to her, her mother and the general population. This little poopsnarl had the attitude that the world owed him something. I sat there wanting to kick the crap out of him and wipe that smirk off his face the entire episode.

Best Boyfriend/Baby Daddy/Sperminator: This one goes to Corey, Leah‘s baby daddy. After a night of condom-less fornication in the back of a pickup truck, Leah ends up pregnant…with twins! Despite being super-stressed out and saddled with a girl he barely knows as his baby-momma, Corey is an awesome dad and just wants to have his family together. But then Leah has to go out and try to bang her ex-boyfriend (who is no prize himself, by the way.)

Leah even tells Cory one night “We was together one month before I got pregnant. Was we in love? No we wasn’t!” Despite all of that, he is still trying to make it work.

“Coolest” Mom: This one goes to Lizzy’s mom, who didn’t bother “the kids” with any sort of grown up questions like “where are you planning on living” or “who is going to pay to take care of this baby.” She didn’t mind when Skylar moved in (“You kids have fun”) and even giggled along when Lizzie put in her creepy ass pregnancy belly ring. Is this the Twilight Zone?!

Whose Situation I’d Chose If I Had To: I’d be Lizzie. At least her guy is a good dad, and if the worst thing she has to worry about is that he cheated on her in their first month or so together, she is doing pretty good. I’m sure poor abandoned Valerie or Chelsea would kill to be in her situation!

Most Likely to Get Pregnant Again: Jenelle. One romantical night with Tyler and baby #2 will be ready to pop out before you know it. Of all the girls, it doesn’t seem like she’s learned her lesson. The hope and pray method doesn’t work, ladies! Obviously!

(Photo: MTV)

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