Trying Out New Shows…And Catching Up on Old Ones!

"Someday I'll grow up and make it onto The Ashley's Reality Roundup...and maybe get a new nose too."

I am currently looking for new shows to include on the Roundup. My Tivo is full of options, so I plan to spend the rest of the night watching them. I’ll let you know which ones I decide to watch on a regular basis. I’ve already cut some crappy ones, including TV Land’s First Love, Second Chance (good, but not enough potential to make fun of. I need more toothless people and/or out of control teenagers to really appreciate a show.) I also tried out the Real Housewives of Orange County, just to see what it’s like. After ten excruciating minutes, I had to turn it off. Everybody on that show deserves to get hit by a bus, Regina George style. (That’s a Mean Girls reference for those of you who didn’t catch it.)

Here are a few on my roster to try out:

  • Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood (Didn’t they live in an inn a few seasons back? Now they live in an RV or something? I know Dean doesn’t work much, but maybe Candy Spelling could loan you her house’s gift wrapping room to live in for awhile Tori?)
  • Jessica Simpson’s The Price of Beauty (should be nauseating, awesome.)
  • Supernanny (may confirm my position on remaining child-less)

Send me suggestions! What are you watching? What shows do you hate. Leave a comment or join The Ashley’s Facebook page here!

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