Your Top American Idol Season 9 Questions Answered!

The Ashley has taken it upon herself to research and find the answers to the most common questions that people ask when they come to my site. I’ve dug deep into my celebrity sleuthing skills to find the answers to these questions!

Do you have a question that you’ve been dying to find out the answer to regarding anything that’s happened on this season of American Idol, or its contestants? Leave your question as a comment and I’ll do my best to answer it!!!

Some of the Questions That I Get Asked A lot:

Is Tim Urban a Mormon?

This one took a while to figure out, and I’m not sure I totally am correct, but I believe the answer is NO. Despite my initial thoughts, after much research I believe that Tim is not actually Mormon. Instead, he is a devout Christian/Pentecostal. 

Here’s how I figured this out: Tim’s MySpace page shows him playing at a First Assembly of God church in Oklahoma before he was on “Idol.”

Tim playing at First Assembly Church of God in OklahomaFrom Tim’s Myspace

According to the church’s website, they are a Christian church. He also lists many famous Christian bands and Jesus Christ as his heroes.

Is Tim Urban related to Keith Urban?

Seriously, I can’t believe people ask this one. Yes, everyone that has the same last name is obviously related. Aretha Franklin and Benjamin Franklin? Obviously, brother and sister. Anna Nicole Smith and Will Smith? Totally first cousins.

Separated at birth?

What does Andrew Garcia’s neck tattoo say?

Andrew’s tattoo is especially hard to decipher, so I did some research and turns out it actually says “CAELAND.” What is a Caeland, you ask? It’s actually the name of Andrew’s son.



How can I get Lacey Brown’s hairstyle?

“Please Lacey, give me your hairstyling secrets!”

How can you get her bright red pixy hairstyle? According to an interview with an Idol stylist, Lacey’s hair color is referred to as “fashion red” by stylists and is part of a series of vibrant dyes, like blue, violet or bright red.

As for the cut, Lacey told OK! that there was a reason she went so short.

“I didn’t have a date one time for Valentine’s Day and I was very frustrated, so I went and cut off all of my hair. Ever since then, I have just had fun with it. I haven’t always dyed it red. I’ve always had it like every other color.”

So in order to achieve Lacey’s hair, tell your stylist that you want “fashion red” and then ditch your boyfriend on Valentine’s Day and go cut off all your hair.

Do you think Simon Cowell will end up staying for another season of “Idol?”

Um…in a word, no. Idol producers were smart enough to realize that Simon makes the show what it is. In fact, Page 6 reported that Idol producers offered Simon $100 MILLION dollars to stay…and he said no (that’s how you know someone’s rich: they turn down $100 million without even flinching.) However, according to that same report, he doesn’t think his leaving will affect the show, telling them, “He told us, “If I thought it would lead to the death of ‘Idol,’ I genuinely wouldn’t have done it. We are sure that ‘Idol’ will continue successfully.” (See, he’s not that conceited!)

I wanna give the champagne toast at the wedding!

Is Andrew Garcia married?

Andrew has purposely avoided calling Christine Conception anything but “my lady,” causing us to wonder what the hell is up between them? Are they together? Is that his wife? Girlfriend? Baby-Mamma?

Well, Christine is the mother of Andrew’s son, and they are currently together, but according to this exclusive interview, found here,  they are not married…yet.


Got a question that I didn’t answer? Leave it as a comment and I’ll try to sleuth it up and find the answer for you!

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