Wanna Know Exactly How to Get Lacey Brown’s Makeup Look?

american idol
"If you want my makeup tips, you have to listen to me sing 'Ruby Tuesday' again! Wait, why are you running away?!"

Even though Lacey Brown’s singing has been completely forgotten about by now (she was, after all, voted out of American Idol weeks ago), people are still interested in her hair and makeup. This season’s quirky beauty may not have had a voice people would remember, but they sure want to look like her!

You’re in luck! The American Idol makeup artist runs a blog that describes the exact makeup that she uses on each contestant every week (even the guys— come on, you didn’t think Casey James was that pretty naturally, did you? Well…maybe he is!)

Here’s a link to the blog in which the makeup artist described Lacey’s signature makeup look. (You can click on any contestant and see how to get their makeup looks as well! I wanna look like Big Mike! Now I know how to achieve his luscious lips…no seriously, it’s on there!) Click here to get the exact makeup used on Lacey’s face!

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