Get Ready For ‘Bachelor Pad’: A New ‘Bachelor’ Spin-off That Sounds Wonderfully Bad

“Cheers to crappy reality spin-off shows!”

There’s nothing worse than crappy reality shows…except crappy reality show spin-offs! The Ashley must have been living under a rock to not of heard about the upcoming TV show Bachelor Pad.

This sounds ridiculously crappy (and wonderful!) Basically, in attempt to squeeze the last drop of reality goodness out of past contestants of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, ABC is starting a new show that brings alumni from both series together, putting them in a house and letting the madness ensue.

Apparently, it will be Big Brother-style, and one contestant will be “evicted” from the house each week. (Not sure how they decide who gets the boot- perhaps whoever has hooked up with the least people in the hot tub by the end of the week?)

The executive producer of ‘The Bachelor’ franchise, told The Hollywood Reporter, “All these people have been friends, been enemies, they date each other…It seemed like there was an opportunity to combine that world with a new competitive reality show.”

Hell yes there is! There’s an opportunity for hot tub-hookups to go bad, girls getting into catfights, and people to get rejected— again! The Ashley loves this!

Past Bachelor darling Melissa Rycroft (you know, the one that got dumped on-air by Jason Mesnick so he could hump Molly) will host the show, along with Bachelor host Chris Harrison.

So which past Bachelor/Bachelorette contestants have been selected? Well, The Ashley is certainly hoping that cocky country singer Wes will be there, bringing us more of his delightfully bad singing. (Did he remind anyone else of Jaime Walters circa 1994 on 90210? Every time Wes picked up a guitar I felt like I was watching a performance at the  Peach Pit After Dark!)

A few people from the current ‘Bachelorette’ season are working on this spin-off, letting us know that they obviously weren’t chosen to be Ali‘s husband. It’s rumored that Craig (not sure which one), Jonathon (no weatherman in Ali’s future, I guess) and Justin “Rated R” will be on the new show.

There’s also rumors that Tenley (the girl Jake rejected for Vienna) will be on the new show.

And, you never know, Vienna could end up on this show— rumor is that her relationship with Jake (the love of her life— gag) is going nowhere fast! Hook her up with Justin Rated R! They are a match made in heaven!

(Photo: ABC)

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