Is Ryan Seacrest Going to be the Next ‘Bachelor?’

"Hot tub dates? Exotic locations? The camera focused on me the whole time? I love that! But I have to make out with"

OMG! An American Idol/Bachelor crossover of this proportion would make The Ashley’s head spin!

This is not just a BS story created to get some press. It’s a real possibility. Just a little while ago, Steve McPherson. the freaking CEO of ABC network was a guest on Ryan’s Los Angeles radio show and Steve officially proposed (without a rose, though) the offer to make Ryan the next Bachelor. Chris Harrison, the host of the Bachelor series, was also on the phone and said that he had been trying to get Ryan to be the Bachelor for years!

Yes or no Ryan...are you confused about your sexuality?

OMG- how great would this be? Ryan as The Bachelor would mean dates to the day spa for mani/pedis, nights spent comparing hair highlights and a whole lotta bitchy catfights! Let’s make this happen, ABC!

The official offer was extended to Ryan, who seemed interested but hesitant. One reason for his hesitation could be the rule that The Bachelor must be single. Ryan refused to confirm or deny if he was, indeed, single. He has been seen carousing with Dancing With the Star’s Julianne Hough, but I doubt they are actually dating. That girl is way too hot to date such a metro sexual like Ryan. They’re probably just comparing their cuticles.

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