‘Bachelorette’ Spoilers: Who’s the One With the Girlfriend?

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So you want to know which guy on The Bachelorette has the girlfriend? After last night’s teaser for the next episode fans are wondering who is the guy who is not there “for the right reasons!”

So it may not come as any surprise, but the guy is Justin.  It’s obvious that his motive to be on the show is to promote his “Rated R” wrestling charade.

It may surprise you to learn, however, that Justin not only allegedly has one girlfriend, but two.

According to RealitySteve, Justin had a longtime girlfriend back in Canada named Jessica while filming the show. She’s 19 (awesome) and apparently was OK with Justin going on the show and possibly making out with another girl in a hot tub, a “fantasy suite” or whatever else, as long as it was on TV.

“It wasn’t me who cheated, ladies, it was RATED R!!!!!”

Jessica is the one who calls Ali during next week’s episode. What made her make the call and out Justin’s big scam? Turns out Justin had yet another girlfriend that he was cheating on Jessica with, and she was PISSED.

So….Justin can cheat on his girlfriend Jessica, as long as it’s with Ali on TV. But if it’s with some other broad, it’s not OK.

Got it.

The second girl is named Kimberly. She recently gave an interview to Radar Online telling them that she knew Justin was going on ‘The Bachelorette,’ but didn’t have a problem with it because it was only to advance his stupid wrestling career.

“I agreed to keep dating him because he told me it was to launch his career and it had nothing to do with actually falling in love,” Kimberly told Radar.

Kimberly told the site that she and Jessica compared dates and realized they were each dating Justin at the same time. She added that, after their discovery, Jessica contacted ABC about being Justin’s girlfriend, only because she was upset about Kimberly.

If I was Jessica or Kimberly (or even Ali) I would beat that boy with his stupid dog tag Backstreet Boys-looking necklace.

I can’t wait until next week! I just wish Kasey was still around so that he could write a song about this whole cheating scandal and sing it over the ending credits!

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