Boo-hoo! The Bachelorette Producers Were Mean to Me, Says Justin

“Stop being mean to me! Waa!”

Poor ‘Rated R’!

Justin Rego, the guy who went on The Bachelorette with not one, but two girlfriends in order to promote his lame-ass wrestling career (um…did we ever even find out where the hell he wrestled?) is claiming that his experience on the show was “a living hell.” Yah, I know the last time someone gave me a free trip around the world it was a nightmare for me, too.

Just because he already had two chicks waiting for him at home, it doesn’t mean he wasn’t on the show to find true love with Ali, said Justin.

According to Hollywood Gossip , he is also saying that:

“He told producers prior to traveling to Turkey that he wanted off the show and wanted to get on the first plane home, tried to make a swift exit. But he had no such luck as the crew followed his every move and eventually convinced him to speak on camera to Ali one last time before he bolted.”

He also claims that he wanted to leave the show after the trip to Iceland, but the producers wouldn’t let him. He says the voicemails that he left for Jessica (which were played the show) were actually left after the producers denied his request to leave.

 “I left those messages when I was very confused and I was disgusted to hear messages with such private and personal content,” Justin says. “I am quite upset that they were shared with the world just for an amazing scandal. Those messages were actually left after I told producers that I wanted OFF THE SHOW in Iceland. Yes, that’s right! I no longer wanted to be a part of the show when we were in Iceland and wanted to get on the first plane home to Toronto!”

Um…if your tarty “ex” girlfriend decides to sell your phone messages to a TV show, it’s not really the producers fault.

Justin obviously agrees, as he is also whining that he feels betrayed by just about everybody: producers, and his “non-girlfriend” Jessica, who was the one that ratted him out to the show. He said that

“I no longer have any contact with Jessica, nor do I want her in my life,” he says. “I was not in a relationship before the show and I am still single now.”

Justin Rego's girlfriend photos
“Catch me with your lips, Rated R!”


No contact, eh? So I imagine you guys just happened to be in the same place a couple of weeks ago, and obviously, Jessica must have tripped and you caught her with your lips? ‘

We all know Justin’s a dipshit, but what does this say about Jessica? She’s just as big of an idiot famewhore as Justin! Jessica, if you call a show crying and pissed off because your boyfriend betrayed you, you’re kind of supposed to end things with said boyfriend. If you keep dating him, despite all the “horrible” things he did to you, you’re just as big of an idiot as he is. (The next Vienna and Jake, perhaps?!)

Justin leaves us with this, “It’s truly unfortunate that the producers of The Bachelorette took this experience that was supposed to be an amazing moment that I will never forget, and made it into a living hell for me.”

Translation: “It’s truly unfortunate that the producers caught me being an ass-wipe before my being on the show was able to help my lame-ass wrestling career. Now everyone who sees me wants to beat me over the head with my own crutches.”

Cry me a river, Rated R. Wanna see a photo of lame-ass Justin as “Rated R,” the wrestler? Click here!

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