Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Maci Bookout’s Tattoos

A close-up of Maci's massive ink...
A close-up of Maci’s massive ink…

Teen Mom star Maci Bookout may look innocent, but underneath she’s a wild child!

Although she rarely shows them off on the show, Maci has some pretty gnarly tattoos all over her back.

During one episode of Teen Mom, Maci showed off one of them, a small script word on her shoulder that said “Bulletproof.” Since then, however, she has tattooed the giant monstrosity on the right on her back. In a Facebook post a while back, Maci explained what the hell is going on with her tattoo.

“Bulletproof is because I can withstand anything thrown at me. Bentley Cadence is for Bentley and the page on my back has Bookout on it. The page stands for me loving to write. The three o’s are cupcakes and it’s one for my mom, dad, and brother. The u is my zodiac sign and the t is a lightning bolt which is my symbol for my group. ‘Learn to feel’ starts on my upper rib and then continues onto my back.”

Got all that?


Teen Mom
“We’re young & rebellious, ya’ll!”

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  1. THIs is gold. The level of butt-hurt in these comments has made my day.

    Although, this is 2010, does “butt-hurt” exist yet?

    Greetings from the future

  2. Who are you do judge whether or not her tattoo’s are good, or are a mess. Its her body and everyone have different taste. How judgemental and mean, last time I’ll be on this website!

  3. Who are you to say that someone else should think before they get a notebook page tattooed across their entire back? Did it really affect your own life that much that you felt the need to write an entire blog post about it? Sure, maybe if YOU got it then you would regret it when you’re 50.. but maybe MACI won’t. I just don’t understand how you can sit there and tell someone else how they are going to react when they get older. Just because it’s something that DOES happen does not mean it WILL. She is still going to be fucking beautiful when she is 60 years old because even if she is wrinkly she is going to have her stories and passions all over her beautiful wrinkled body.

  4. you bitches are all crazzyyyy. the author of this website already said countless times that thei horrible tattoos have nothing to do with their parenting so chill out. and furthermore THEY’RE ALL HORRIBLE PARENTS, every last one of those teen mom and sixteen and pregnant girls. I’m sick of everyone being so obsessed with these shows and trying to give the moms the benefit of the doubt because its only adding fuel to the teen pregnanct fire! they’re bad moms because A) they are on the show B) they are STILL on the show even after the first season aired (THEY ALL KNOW the show is bad for their lives and their childrens lives) C) they’re all fame/attention whores.

    1. your an attention whore all of you who have a comment to say about these girls you don’t even know, have not met and will probably never meet in your life!

  5. Maci is an awesome Mom I love her! Im a mom of two and i have more tats then Maci. Its a matter of opinion and if Maci likes the tats thats her business. Just because we have tats dont mean we are crappy moms or are neglecting our kids because we spend the money. Its the same as buying make-up, getting a mani, pedi, or clothes!

  6. The author of this article certainly is not a tattoo expert. The first pic, supposedly of an owl’s face, is actually the eye of an owl. The middle finger pic is midway through being removed. Lastly, and I cannot stress this enough, PEOPLE DO NOT GET TATTOOS FOR THE SOLE REASON OF BEING REBELLIOUS!! Tattoos are a form of self-expression, usually something that is meaningful, artistic, a vision come to life on the skin. NOBODY should be judged for having tattoos. Do they cost money? Yes, however, it is none of our business where this money comes from nor should it be a reflection on a person’s parenting ability. Shame on you for writing such a narrow-minded, ill researched article.

  7. Love your site Ashley. I have recommended it to everyone. Can’t believe people are so defensive on this tattoo thing. Can’t they see this is what this site is , I love reading your “snarky” post’s . you never said Maci was a bad mom. You just stated your opinion on her tattoo.

  8. i agree maci is def the best mom on the show..i give catelynn and tyler credit to they did the right thing..but i still think with the money there getting from the show they could of provided for carly..anyways yeah farrah is a spoiled little bitch, hate her.. and dont even get me started on amber..WORST MOM IN THE WORLD…and she should know that, if she doesnt know already..and oh yah ryans hot! maci you should of stayed with him 😉 but yah im sure kyle a really nice guy..<3

  9. WOW! this is crazy since when does having tattoos make someone a bad person or mom ? and i dont know if you knew this or not. but she gets paid a lot of money for that TV show. so where else would that money come from ? ….. who ever wrote this is jealous.

  10. BULLETPROOF all day & every day ! 🙂 al these are good teen moms. not everyone is perfect & if they made mistakes, let them make mistakes. it’s only for them to learn at the end. & stop judging yo! whoever wrote this, if you were in there shoes.. how’d you like it if someone wrote this about you? you might not be the person with all the hot asssz tattoo’s, but if you had a baby, you’ll try your hardest on your child. i’m against every word you wrote because i got tattoo’s & yes, it’s addicting but it has nothing to do with my child or being a bad mom. it’s meaningful tattoo’s & i’m proud to have these tattoo’s even if i’m old & it fades !

  11. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed browsing your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I hope you write again soon!

  12. I agree with this chick “The Ashley” these tattoos are stupid and look gay. I don’t care if she’s a good mom or not, she looks white trash and is nasty…. The Ashley, you go girl! Also, tattoo is not spelled tatto 🙂

  13. In what way did she take him away from his father and both sets of grandparents? He still sees him father on schedule, he lives with his parents so that covers one set of grandparents and every time she went there she went to her parents! She only moved an hour away, people grow up and move out and sometimes away from the nest. This generally results in grandchildren being born away from their grandparents eventually. Unfortunately in this case the grandchild came before the mom grew up, that is the only difference!

  14. Those tattoos are just trashy and ridiculous. I used to be in the camp that Maci was the best mom and everything she did, she did for Bentley. Once I saw her take Bentley from his father, both sets of grandparents and everything he calls home to be with a guy…..umm yeah no….I lost a lot of respect for her. That said, she is still the best mother on the show…scary

    1. maci didn’t take bentley from anyone. they still got to see him as much as they did before. well her parents didn’t but that’s only because maci and bentley both lived with her parents. obviously moving out (no matter where) would cause them to see him less. but ryan and ryan’s parents still got to see him the same amount of time.

  15. who ever wrote this is a flaming A HOLE!!! First off, whom are you to pass judgement on anyone’s tattoo choices and HELLO, watch the show, EVERYTHING Maci does is for her child who certainly does not appear to be going out. Do you see her baby’s grandma having to buy crib sheets because her baby is sleeping on a bare mattress, NO, that would be one of the others!! If she wants to spend some money that she earns on a tattoo or a few, who are you to judge? You never know she may have a friend in the tattoo business. And FYI…my grandma’s tattoos may not have been as nice when she passed as they were when she got them but she got them for a reason and was damn proud of them. GROW UP!

    1. As The Ashley has said before, I agree, Maci is the best mom on the show and probably the best teen parent I’ve ever seen. That said, I pass judgment on everything and everyone because that’s what I do. Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

  16. also keep in mind that Ryan has tattoos! just because you don’t like her tattoo doesn’t mean she is a bad mother. she is the only mom on that show that is all about her son. if she wants to treat her self to a tattoo then thats her business. those tattoos obviously have some sort of meaning to her so stop bashing it.

    1. I agree with you, Maci is the best mom on the show and probably the best teen parent I have ever seen, to be honest. Ambo and Farrah could totally take some tips from her!! (And it wouldn’t hurt Catelynn’s mother either!)

  17. A tatto is a tatto that should have no reflection on Maci and her parenting. She is a great mother and has been from the start I have never seen her put her self before her son. Bentleys needs have always came first in her book.And Ryan may have stepped up to the plate her recently,but if you followed the episodes from the begining he was the one always out partying it up and drinking it down while Maci was a home with Bentley! So if you want to throw the fact up in the air about her getting some tat work done and spending money on it…you also need to keep in mind that PARTYIN and the things that go along with PARTYIN aint free.So Ryan did his fair share of spending and alot of it too!! So what if she treated herself to a tatto she deserves to do a little for herself now and again!!

  18. UMMMM OKAY JUST TO LET MACI IS DEFINATLEY THE BEST MOM UP HURR SO YEAH GET IT STRAIGHT!! amber dont even pay attention to leah. all farrah does is whine bein a little brat. catelynn is the second best. BEST BELIEVE BIOTCHES (:

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