Wanna See More Pictures of 'Teen Mom' Maci Partying for Spring Break?

Looks like Maci and her new boyfriend (and future baby-daddy?) Kyle King had a great time partying it up for Spring Break a few months ago.

While I don’t agree with her choice of tattoo, I must say that the girl deserves a little fun in the sun time, sans baby. Of all the Teen Moms, Maci seems like the one with the best head on her shoulders and seems to be a very good mom. Even mama needs to burn off some steam once in a while! If I had to deal with her douchy ex, Ryan, I’d be going through a bottle of vodka a night!

Photos were retrieved from Ohnotheydidn’t…God knows where they stole them from though.

Kudos to her for losing all the baby weight! She looks amazing for someone who had a baby less than two years ago! Get it, girl!


  1. You should not be saying good job on underage drinking and by you saying good job Macy you are supporting it.

  2. Give the girl a break she is an amazing mom….she is allowed to be a teenager for one week of her life…she looks great!!!

  3. I couldn’t agree more with u on Maci. A good mom deserves some time to let loose once in while.and she looks amazing.

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