‘Teen Mom’ Shocker! Want to Know Why Farrah’s Baby-Daddy Never Appeared on the Show?!

Farah and her baby-daddy, Derreck, in happier times…

Apparently there’s a reason why Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham hasn’t had to deal with the baby-daddy drama that Maci, Amber and all of the Season 2 girls have had to.

It’s because her baby-daddy is deceased!

The Ashley always wondered why Farrah was so secretive about Sophia’s dad. During her episode of 16 & Pregnant, you may remember Farrah’s crazy-ass mom telling her to stop having contact with the baby-daddy. Farrah never really explained why the dad wasn’t in Sophia’s life. (However, I do think I remember her saying it was a guy who didn’t want to be a part of their lives….not sure if this is true or if I dreamed it up or something.)

Anyway, according to this newspaper from December 2008, before Farrah’s episode of ’16 & Pregnant’ aired, the baby-daddy (named Derek Underwood) got into a very bad car crash, flipping over into a power pole. The accident killed Derek and another passenger.

(If you want to read about that accident, click here.)

The big controversy about this (aside from the fact that it left Farrah alone with a baby) was that the passenger’s mom purchased her son and Derek alcohol at the grocery store right before the accident. She was arrested, but released when it was determined that Derek wasn’t drunk and was below the legal limit. However, the passenger’s mom was still charged with supplying alcohol to a minor.

Anyway, despite the fact that most of the time Farrah is just a whining brat that is in desperate need of a frying pan to the face, I do feel bad for her. I also feel bad for Sophia, who will have to grow up with a less-than-stellar mother, a crazy grandma and no father. Hopefully Farrah will finally grow up and quit being so annoying so she can meet a nice guy who can be a father figure to Sophia.


    1. look at the time this article was posted. this was around when the first season aired farrah didn’t say what happened to derek till the middle of season 2

  1. Seriously, people? Farrah is the most obnoxious, self centered, bitchy, disrespectful teen mom, ever! Her daughter is a spoiled, whiney, obnoxious brat, that needs to be slapped! Her mother is a horrible role model, and a horrible mother! You don’t do porn when you are a mom! She treats her parents and everyone she has contact with in such a disrespectful manner! The other teen moms have it hard, too, but you don’t see Maci treating people like crap! Farrah is a bitch, and should have her bratty daughter taken away from her, before she turns Sophia in to a mini version of Farrah!

  2. So I realize this post is old but I have a theory regarding the death of Sophia’s daddy. I believe that Farrah’s Mom (who appears to be rather controlling and is obviously quite wealthy), put out a “hit” on the baby-daddy in order to eliminate him from her daughter and granddaughter’s lives. In other words, she had him murdered (perhaps she hired someone to run his car off the road??). You’ve got to admit, seems plausable doesn’t it?!

  3. I remember hearing about this on the news one morning! It was very bad. It was so bad we heard about it half way across the state. (It was in Council Bluffs and we are in Mt.Pleasant.)

  4. The person that writes this stuff is an idiot. U all judge this poor girl yet I bet not one of u have actually been a teen mom and know how hard it is. And to top it off she is a single mom who lost the love of her life so far and has to not only deal with that but also see the guy everyday in her daughters face. I feel for Farrah. Iv been a teen mom and I know how hard it is. I hope she finds a great man and finds a way to put the past behind and be happy. To the rest of u. Get a life and stop judging other people’s!!

  5. Whoever made this article is a moron, Farrah is a great mother and I’m sure you’ve never been through half of the shit than she has. You called her immature, re-read what you wrote… Pretty sure that’s you who’s immature.

  6. I think Farrah’s mom has much to do about the way Farrah acts.
    Her mom is crazy,and so very annoying.Like mom, like daughter!

    1. Unfortunetly I agree.. her mom is very loopy.. but in the same time Farrah is so rude and disrespectful.. I am in no means saying she is a bad mom.. but wow she needs a reality check and a attitude adjustment …

  7. I saw Farrah on Teen Mom and 16 & pregnant. From what it looks like that Farrah doesn’t really want anyone to replace Derek and really does care about her daughter. Her mom is a little insane, and sort of wants to in my opinion take custody of Sophia. But as crazy as they are, I do feel bad.

  8. In 16 and Preg. Derek and Farrah were still talking on the phone. They were broken up and Farrah was advised by her mom to block his calls. It was discussed later on that this was due to Derek doing drugs and drinking. In season 2 Farrah talks to Dereks sister Kassy alittle about it without saying that he was using drugs. Another mention of this was in the interviews at the reunion with Debra. Also Farrah often says if she wants a boyfriend he cant be an alcholic or use drugs. I think that she doesnt say it flat out because she did love Derek and wants to protect Sofia.

  9. I’m still curious about the relationship (or lack there of) between Derek’s family and Sophia. Maybe there’s an issue with them not wanting theirs or Derek’s name on MTV and Farrah has to go by the rules. That would be hard for Farrah to cut that out.

  10. I was happy to finally see her talk about it. I’m sure some of her rebellion last season was in part due to his death. Her family seems unsupportive of Farrah emotionally and they didn’t like him to begin with. Farrah seems to have grown up and taken way more responsibility for Sophia this season. Her talking to a therapist will help her work through her grief and her relationship with her “lovely” mother. Talking about Sophia’s father will only make her and Sophia’s life better. I am definitly rooting for her as she works through these difficult issues

  11. Wow, very interesting! You seem to have done your research and this seems to be a reliable website from what I have seen so far. Keep up the good work!

      1. Sorry to say that I just watched the episode where Farrah calls to check on an “out of town” apartment so she can further her career and she is still the rotten selfish she always has been. Her parents have handed her everything……..and she is so ungrateful.
        I hope Sophia develops normally with Farrah as her mom.

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