“I Want to Sing at Ali’s Wedding!” Says Her Former Suitor Kasey Kahl

the bachelorette
“Ali, I’m ready to sing for your heart! My first number this evening will be ‘Lady in Red..’

No, seriously. He did say that. I’m not making it up.

According to the latest issue of US Weekly, that Kasey Kahl from The Bachelorette is up to his old antics of creeping everyone out!

US Weekly published a story promising “Inside Ali’s Secret Wedding Plans.” It was basically ridiculously uninformative, except for the final quote, which warmed The Ashley’s heart! When talking about potential wedding guest at Ali’s wedding to whoever she ends up choosing next week, they interviewed Kasey.

“I want to go [to the wedding.] I’ll be the ring bearer! I’ll sing at the wedding! says Kasey

Please, God, let there be an ABC-sponsored wedding extravaganza, and please let Kasey sing. I’d love to hear the second verse of his ditty “I Was in a Helicoptor.”

“I’m just letting you know right now, if that man comes to my wedding, I’m spraying him with mace.”

Nothing says forever love quite like an awkwardly creepy song from Kasey! It’s what every bride dreams of at her wedding!

Well, Kasey, while you’re at the wedding, protecting Ali’s heart, would you mind passing out seat assignments? The wedding planners may need help.

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