WTF?! Crystal Bowersox is Getting Hitched?!

Crystal Bowersox Fiance
This is the man: Brian Walker a.k.a. the future Mr. Bowersox!!

File this one under “straight out of left field.”

Reps for Crystal Bowersox are confirming that the rumor swirling in the American Idol gossip rooms is, in fact, true: Crystal is getting hitched!

‘Member during American Idol she had a boyfriend who she pretty much called out for not being brave enough to ask her to marry her? It seemed like they were on track to walk down the Idol. I mean, the man actually wore American flag pants to the show one night to prove his love to Crystal.

Rumors swirled that Tony and Crystal walked down the aisle at an Elvis wedding chapel while the Idols were in Vegas filming the show.

However, it wasn’t meant to be because the day before the ‘Idol’ finale he dumped her, ‘member? His name was Tony Kusian.

So you’re probably thinking “well, that’s awesome, they got back together and decided to finally make that trip down the aisle.”

Um…yeah…well, that would be nice but she’s not marrying him.

Maybe the chapel has a "two-in-one-year" deal?

She’s actually marrying some guy no one has heard of before. The groom-to-be is named Brian Walker and he’s a musician. Judging from his musical taste, it looks like he’s a fellow Ohio musician like Crystal. But where the heck did this come from?!

Not one to wait on anything (obviously), the engaged couple plan to marry in October! Um..they do know that October is, like, next month, right?! Just sayin’…if you want Ryan Seacrest there, he’ll need at least a 13 month notice, so he can squeeze the event in between his 75 jobs.

Congrats to the couple….and good luck planning a wedding in less than a month!

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