Lee DeWyze's First Single Debuted Today! Thoughts?

DeWyze fans, LEE-joice! His new single is out!

It’s here! Here’s a new song for you Lee lovers to swoon over!


Yes, this is mean. I know. I suck.

Ryan Seacrest has debuted the world premiere of Lee’s first single off of his album. It’s called “Sweet Serendipity,” and it basically tells the story about someone who came into good fortune by accident. (As you can see, Lee is certainly continuing with his “oh, golly, shucks” humble mentality. A good thing the way I see it, as we don’t need another arrogant musician in the industry. One Kayne West per universe, please.)

Props to Lee for recognizing that he has to act fast if he wants to have a successful career. Unlike other former winners who shall remain nameless, Lee knows that he has a short window of time to make his move into super stardom before he is replaced and relatively forgotten. (Countdown until next season’s auditions: 3 months!)

Here’s the link to Ryan’s page. Just scroll down and you can hear the audio of the new song.

What do you guys think? Me likey. However, I am still a firm member of Team Crystal Bowersox. I heard her “Up to the Mountain” song playing on the radio in a clothing store on Friday and I almost cried I was so happy. There I was, standing in the middle of “Fashion Avenue,” about to try on a poorly made sweater, nearly blubbering. The 16-year-old-with-an-attitude that was manning the dressing room was totally creeped out by me. It was awesome.

Congrats to both Crystal and Lee!

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