Awww….Just Another Reason I Love Me Some Adam Lambert!

Awww, Adam! The Ashley loves this!

In response to the recent gay bullying suicides, Adam Lambert took to the web and released this video to help other struggling gays who are being bullied. Adam has been “out” since after high school but no doubt he was bullied for years back when he looked like this

The message in this video is strong and great, however, given the enormous crush that The Ashley has on Mr. Lambert, the only thing she could do while she watched this was stare at Adam. What can I say? I’m a sucker for black and white video…and boys (actually, only Adam) with eyeliner!

But honestly, kudos to Adam for taking the time to speak from his heart and release this. The Ashley wore purple on Wednesday to show her support against gay bullying!! She hopes you did too!


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