Real World/Road Rules Challenge Host Suffers Critical Injuries & Memory Loss!

Get Well, TJ!

Well, even The Ashley misses a story (or twelve) every now and then.

Apparently, the host of The.World’s.Best.Show.Ever (and the show that The Ashley’s husband hates the most), Real World/Road Rules Challenge, had a brutal BMX bike mishap on October 14 and almost died!

TJ Lavin spent all of last week in a medically induced coma after falling during the Dew Tour Championships. The ride was supposed to be his swan song, as he was hanging up his BMX shoes (cleats?) after it. He suffered bleeding in his brain, a broken wrist and an orbital fracture (the orbit is the area around your eye, just FYI! Thanks WebMD!)

According to, he is now off the ventilator and breathing on his own. He’s awake and talking, although he’s not making much sense, according to Chas Aday, his manager.

He also suffered memory loss. Although his doctors are expecting his memory to eventually come back, his cognition is described as “very shaky” at the moment.


TJ is currently on MTV’s “The Challenge” which is just a new fancy name for the Real World/Road Rules Challenge. The Ashley really likes TJ as a host of that show. He gets really angry when one of the contestants wants to quit and he totally calls them out and makes them feel dumb. It’s like he gets personally offended if one of those creepballs wants to bail. I love it!

Anyway, in an eerie coincidence, TJ’s friend Ty Pinney suffered a horrible BMX crash just one day before TJ did. According to US Weekly, a fundraiser   TJ and Ty will be held at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino (a.k.a. Douche Rock Resort & Casino) in Las Vegas on Nov. 19.

“It’ll raise money for medical bills and to raise awareness for head trauma and the importance of wearing helmets,” Aday told Us. “Because if they didn’t have helmets on they would probably both be dead.”

The Ashley’s Reality Roundup hopes for the best for TJ! The Challenge won’t be the same without him telling off the egotistical Challenge contestants!


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