Where Are They Now: 16 & Pregnant Stars Seasons 1 & 2

You know you wanna know!

Note From The Ashley: This article is almost a year old, so a lot of the information is not up-to-date. (It was written before the first season of ‘Teen Mom 2’ started.) Please keep that in mind!

OK, so we know what happened to some of the stars of 16 & Pregnant, Season 1: we know that Maci eventually found love again, we know that Farrah ended up having drama with her mama, we know that Catelynn and Tyler are doing great, and we know that Amber (or as she is more appropriately called “AMBO”) is a boyfriend-beating, ex-con-dating creepo that uses too much self-tanner.

But do you ever wonder what happened to the other girls from the first season of the show? You know, the ones that don’t get an MTV paycheck anymore? Well, The Ashley does, so she was determined to find out where those girls are today and how they’re doing.

She also wanted to know about the girls from 16 & Pregnant Season 2. Those girls were remarkably more trainwrecky than the first crop, so I had to find out what happened to them as well? The pressing questions must be answered: who couldn’t hack it as a mom? Who made a return trip to ‘the clinic?’  Is anyone pregnant again? The Ashley must know!

Let’s start with the girls from Season 1. Four out of the six girls featured in Season 1 are now on Teen Mom. But what happened to those other girls?

Season 1

Ebony Jackson was the girl that had to give up her dreams of being in the Air Force because she was pregnant. Her baby daddy Josh continues with his plans to join the Air Force. So where is she now? Ebony married baby daddy Josh, who just graduated tech school and is now in the operational Air Force. Although Ebony never made it into the Air Force herself, she did graduate from high school so that’s a plus!

"Why doesn't anyone care what happened to me!? What does Maci have that I don't have?" An MTV paycheck, for one.

Whitney Purvis was the girl who was pregnant and living with her also-pregnant mother at her grandma’s house. (Member her?) Well, she’s still with the baby’s daddy, Weston, and they are planning to get married. You may remember that it was later revealed that their baby, Weston Jr., was diagnosed with a rare liver disorder. He’s apparently still doing fine.

However, according to Whitney’s formspring account, she’s already had at least one more pregnancy scare since we last saw her. Lovely. Seriously, use a freaking condom, girl! They’re not that expensive…I have coupons! I’ll send you one just strap it on!! Geez!

Season 2

Jenelle  Evans was the girl that looked like a young, white trash version of Reese Witherspoon. She was arguably the girl that was most unfit to be a mother. After her episode aired, video of her smoking pot (while pregnant, naturally) was leaked. One of Jenelle’s (I’m guessing now former) friends also revealed via Formspring that Jenelle smoked pot in front of baby Jace, and that Jenelle left the baby in the car while she went to a party. Who knows if these accusations are true, but judging from the way she acted on her episode, it’s not all that far out.

"I'm coming back, bitches!"

So where is she now? Jenelle signed over her custody rights (not sure if it was temporary or permanent) to her mother after she failed a drug test. Although the baby still lives with Jenelle and her mom, her mom is the primary and legal caregiver (thank God!)

Where’s the baby’s dad? Well, he was in jail (of course), but is now out but does not see his son (s). He is allegedly dating a 17-year-old (um, he’s 25). There are also rumors that he has fathered two other children other than Jace (awesome. Can someone please put a muzzle on his penis?)

Jenelle has a new boyfriend named Kiefer (LOL). She claims to be on birth control, therefore she doesn’t use condoms. Why, you ask? As she says, “becuz i only have sex with kieffer and i kno he is clean and so am i.”

Super. She claims to be attending college, but with that spelling, I’m not so sure.

teen mom
Lizzie during her 16 & P episode

Lizzie Waller is now going by Lizzie Sickles. (If you’ll remember, Lizzie and her baby daddy, Skyler Sickles were engaged during their episode of the show.) They actually got married, and I’m assuming that it was a quick courthouse-sorta-thing because on her formspring she said she would like to have a big wedding for her 10 year anniversary and renew her vows. (Yeah, because that always ends up happening. I don’t know one person who had a quick wedding and actually followed through with having a big celebration later on. It just doesn’t happen. Sorry Lizzie, no dream wedding for you.)

He put a ring on it....

According to her formspring account, she is now the Implanton form of birth control, which means baby Summer won’t be getting a sister or brother anytime soon! YAY! Being that they are still living with her parents, I think this is a wise decision. Good job kids!

Valerie Fairman, who just turned 17, is still with her baby daddy, Matt. They actually moved in together. (You may remember that during her 16 & Pregnant episode, Matt dumped Valerie and didn’t want to talk to her at all unless it was about the baby, Nevaeh…that’s ‘heaven’ spelled backwards, ya’ll!)

There have been fake “Valeries” going on Facebook and Formspring (LOL, I can’t believe people have so little to do that they create fake accounts for someone who was on one episode of an MTV show. That’s just plain sad.)

The fakers have said that Valerie is pregnant again (not true) and that she will be on the next Teen Mom (also not true). Valerie is good friends with Nicole, who was also on the second season of 16 & P.

A very "West Virginian" family photo from Sept 2010!

Leah Messer is the girl that got double the “fun” when she realized she was pregnant with twins, by a guy she had just met. Corey seemed like a genuinely decent guy. She met and fornicated in a truck with him right after breaking up with her long-time boyfriend and got pregnant. They struggled to try to make it work.

So where is she now? Leah graduated from high school (good job! She had two babies and she still managed to graduate…ahem, AMBO.) Cory and Leah got back together in June of 2010 (yay for the babies!) and are living together. There’s a good chance Leah will be on Teen Mom Season 3, as she has been mysteriously “busy” since September 2010.

The only bad thing is that there is something wrong with Aliannah, one of the twins. Leah hasn’t come forward and revealed what it yet, but we may get to find out during Teen Mom. It is the result of the baby being born breech. There have been rumors of Down Syndrome, but there’s no confirmation on that, and it’s really none of our business as viewers. The twins do look very different, especially around the eyes. Here’s a little bit more info on it http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/AliannahSimms/mystory. (Update 1/12/11: The link has been disabled, MTV probably made her take it down.)

While doing the research for this “Where are they Now” post, The Ashley has discovered lots of interesting tidbits on the teen moms. Be on the lookout for a Frequently Asked Questions post coming soon!

By the way, if any of the above information is wrong, please correct me! The Ashley welcomes any of the real girls to confirm or deny anything that’s written here about them!

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  1. all off u are good moms. teen mom was the best so was teen mom 2 and 3 .teen mom 4 is a little crase but it is good.
    i love all off the shows they are grat.

  2. okay well for an even more up to date update lol 🙂 lets start with jenelle, let’s see she gets kicked out of her mom’s house how suprising, her and kieffer(or however you spell that name) go and stay at his friends beach house then jenelle steals her moms credit cards and they go to new jersey then even after they were told not to go back to the friends beach house they go and while kieffer is at a friends house the cops come to the beach house and arrest jenelle for possesion of marajuana, paraphanilya, and breaking and entering the police then go and find kieffer only to be caught smoking marajuana and snorting crack also gets arrested ; jenelle spends one night in jail and still nothing ever changes …… she will never get poor baby jace back but thank god

  3. Ali Simms has developmental dysplasia of the hip. It has nothing to do with Down’s Syndrome, which is a congentital disorder. It is a disorder in which the hip joint is basically dislocated, and risk factors include being a female child, being the first child, being breeched, and oligohydramnios (lower than normal levels of amniotic fluid). Oligohydramnios was likely because of the fact that Leah was pregnant with twins, and Ali possesses the other risk factors. Treatment usually consists of wearing a brace or possibly getting surgery. There are some genetic risks for DDH as well.

  4. Thanks for the updates, however I think it is extremly rude to talk about how there will be no “dream” wedding for Lizzie, I had a courthouse wedding and it in NO way undermines the love my husband and I have had and STILL HAVE to this day for each other, their are some people who actually get to have that fairy tale wedding but there is no point on delaying a wedding just because you don’t have the funds to do it that way. I was actually quite offended by that statment.

  5. This may sound bad, but the first time I saw Leah talking with her Mom at the table (before Leah even noticed something was wrong with bay Ali), I looked at her Mom, and the first thing that came to my head was- “she looks like she has Downs Syndrome”, I’m not being mean, it just really looked like she has that gene, but she is normal. Then when I saw the episode where the Dr said she needed to see a “genetics Dr” to see if she had some kind of syndrome, I thought that was ironic. I know the baby doesnt have it, but since genetics is inherited, I feel the Mom should get checked out, maybe for carrying some bad gene that caused the babys problems……btw, some of you young Moms that posted prior to me, Wow, you can tell you never really did good in school or even graduated, your spelling is deploring! ………….lol

    1. Down’s Syndrome is not genetically passed down. It is congenital, which means that it is present at birth. It does not mean that there are genes in previous generations that are passed to the baby. It is a chromosomal anomaly, actually called Trisomy 21, in which chromosome 21 has an extra copy. Any baby could have Down’s Syndrome, but there are risk factors such as being over 35, etc. There is a specific look to a person with Down’s, such as downward slanted eyes, upturned nose, protruding tongue, one palmar crease, etc. They also often have heart problems. However, if Leah’s mom doesn’t have Down’s Syndrome, then she’s not going to look like she does, because no one has the looks but not the actual symptoms. That being said, get an education for your own sake please.

  6. It is our business. They decided to put their lives on tv for everyone to watch. And besides, most of these teen moms and their offspring will end up on welfare, food stamps and other government funds and we pay for it. So that make these winners lives our business.

  7. I have a friend who had a kid at 14 her mom did all the work taking care of him! his dad is a good dad but all the 2 of the think about is who they will be with next or if there going to be back together or not, and not for the kids but themselfs and i just wish that that lil boy dont have a hard life(but i think he will)

  8. its cool too see where they are at. but why are you so negative in the way you talk about them.. maybe these girls need some hater block from you

  9. i think that the teen mom show is good to show girls that they can get pregnant at sixteen years old and still manage to graduate. who knows if this whole teen mom show is a real show because it is just reality tv.. I think that teenagers should take responsibility and manage to not get pregnant while still in highschool and some cases, junior high.. =/ this is rediculous.. i think that teen pregnancy is preventable..

  10. I have four kids and twoof them with special needs one with Kilippel-Feil Syndrome and one with Autisum. My heart goes out to both Leah and Cory. My husband and I were in our 20’s when we found out about the Klippel-Feil syndrome and it was heart breaking. As a mom I went through the “was it my fault” thing. Chin up and no matter what love her like there is no tomorrow because there may not!

  11. On leah and cory I do not find it fair that 1 of the twins got to go on the picnic and the other didt get to go and with her dad it was not fair to me I mean I feel bad but its like it all fair to both of them it was like that’s all she cared about in the show I felt bad for the other twin

  12. I know this is going to sound bad, but I’m glad there are health issues being dealt with this season. I have a son born with spina bifida, hydrocephalus. Being a mother of a special needs is so much harder & to be a teen mom too I could not imagine! I’m in my early 20’s & with a stable home its been difficult and very emotional. Statistics say 1 out of 25 will have some type of medical problem ranged from minor to major. My sons is major & it could happen to anyone. I love him to death & would never trade him ever, but it’s very, very hard. Having a child makes you grow up quick, but having a child with special needs changes you completely. For me it was for the better, I think leah & corey will do well with whatever they have been facing.

    1. I too have a daughter w/ SB I was only 19 when I had her but I was married and already had a 1yr. Having her I believe brought me and my husband together more. She has been through alot and its not going to change. She is 10 now and is doing great.

  13. Ashley just a side note, the website for Leah’s baby has been disabled. But I’m sure all the info will come out in the TM2 series starting tomorrow!!

  14. this is to Whitney Purvis hi my name is amber and i just seen ur part in tonight show about how u found out that ur son had water on the brain. i had a son and he has the same thing and i was 16 years old when i had him. they told me that he would not live past 2 years old and he is now 5 years old. He does not walk or talk he is still behind. and they tell u if u have more kids that the others will have it i want to let u know that it aint true because i have had 2 more kids after my son so it aint true. i know what u are going throw because i have been there and still am my son has had 27 surgerys and he will still have to have more so when you thank that it is bad just remember that it could be worse then what it is. I will tell you like some one told me when i had him they said that GOD will never give to something that you cant take care of and i still live by that. i live in tn and if you live here there then there is things that will help you pay for his cost and his doctor app. but i just really felt that i need to let you know that i understand what you are going throw and dont ever thank that you cant do something because of your son cuz you can just put ur head to it and do it.

    1. Hi my name is liz. my little brother was born with water on his brain and he is now entering high school and is healthy and has no problems at all. My step mom and father were also told he wouldn’t live long. They told them he would only live 2 weeks. I wish you both the best of luck with your kids.

  15. i dont know if anyone else informed you, but down syndrome is a genetic disorder and cannot occur due to a baby being born breech. it is also HIGHLY unlikely in girls her age. by looking at the twins faces neither of them have the looks of having down syndrome. the only reason they look so different is because one takes after her father and the other takes after her mother. just thought i would give you the heads up.

  16. Ya down syndrome is genitic. I would know my 2 year old son was born with it and you can’t really say poor baby cause its all she’ll ever know when we the viewers ever find out whats going on with her. But i wish all the teen mom’s the best of luck and don’t forget to use condoms ladies

    1. Downs syndrome is caused because of one extra copy of a chromosome so I wouldn’t call it genetics. You could be perfectly fine but your sibling could still get it even when you have the same parents.

  17. I have been wondering what happened to them. I’m glad to hear that some of them did finish school and are still with the fathers. Jenelle should have given the baby to her mother straight from the womb she was the worst. I was a teen mom and I love the show I hope it stays on air

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