Anna Duggar Pregnant Again: Is She Cursed to Be Another Duggar Baby Machine?

“You were just kidding about having 25 children…right? RIGHT?!

I seriously think the Duggar Family is going to take over the world someday.

It looks like there will be yet another kid clocking in with that famous last name in 2011. However, it won’t be Michelle giving birth this time. The Duggars’ baby bonanza has invaded another uterus: that of Anna, wife of the eldest Duggar child, Josh. They’re already the parents of 1-year-old Mackynzie.

Now, it goes without saying that Anna knew what she was getting into when she married into the famous Duggar family. Baby-making is the name of the game. It’s what got them famous, it’s (partly) what puts food on the table for the entire litter and it’s just what them there Duggars do. (I know they don’t talk like this, but in my head, anyone named Jim Bob needs to talk like that.)

“Oh my God, he has that baby-making look in his eye again!”

Being a female in this family would scare the crap out of me. Anna knows that in order to match (or beat) Jim Bob and Michelle’s offspring count, they need to produce at least one spawn a year for the next 20 years. (I know they “only” have 19 kids right now, but you know that Michelle will be pregnant again any day now. Jim Bob can’t keep his paws off her for long!)

According to this article in People magazine, the couple is (naturally) asked how many kids they plan to have.

“We’ll be having 25,” Josh replies, jokingly. In fact, he and Anna have agreed to leave the number of children they have “up to God,” as do Jim Bob and Michelle.

So basically, what he’s telling us is that kids will be shooting from Anna’s loins for the next two decades or so. Poor Michelle probably used to laugh when Jim Bob would joke about having twenty kids or so. Good thing that didn’t happen— can you imagine?!?! Oh….wait.

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  1. Gross. Trying to out-bunny rabbits? Why would any woman who wasn’t brain-washed, I mean, raised like this, do this ti herself? Why would you think that squeezing out a fresh puppy every 11ish months is all you have to offer?

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