Is Anyone Else Sick of Hearing the Word “Kardashian?”

The Ashley has reached the point where she throws up in her mouth a little when she hears that word: Kardashian.

Why are these people famous? More important to know is why do people care about three sisters who have little to no talent in any facet (although I’m sure Kim’s upcoming album will undoubtedly be little piece of heaven. Why does every annoying piece of crap in Hollywood feel the need to ‘bless us’ with a musical gift? Lindsay Lohan, Kelly Osbourne, Angelina from Jersey Shore (more on that later) and Paris Hilton (Ok, I admit, I have her song on my iPod) are just a few of the many worthless celebrities that have unleashed these crap nugget albums on us.)

Anyway, I’m just tired of them. Every week when The Ashley gets her US Weekly magazine, there are 2-5 stories about one, two or all three of these irritating Kardashian crap-goblins. I’m sure they have some exclusive paid deal with the magazine (as does Kendra What’s-her-Face), because it can’t be a coincidence that they always seem to appear each week. This week’s pip: a “which Kardashian are you?” quiz.

Gag me with a spoon!

Seriously. Sacurity!


It seems that anywhere The Ashley goes, the Kardashians are there, waiting for her, taunting her that they are here to stay. Supermarket checkout counter? Yup, there they are, jumping off the pages of US Weekly under a headline proclaiming that one, two or all three are pregnant and/or dumping their significant other. On the radio? Yup, one or more of those jokers calls into Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show nearly every day, causing The Ashley to growl in disgust and change the channel.

I just read this story  about paying celebrities to tweet stuff for you and it made me sick in my stomach. Apparently, if you own a business and would like to have Khloe Kardashian tweet to her ‘fans’ that she likes your product, it will cost you $2,941.25!

They won’t event tell you how much it would cost for the more-popular sister, Kim, to tweet it for you. You have to ‘call for a price.’ This makes me ill.

Can we end this now? Can they just go away? I don’t want to watch, smell like, look like, wear the same clothes as or listen to the Kardashians.

Anyone else with me?!!


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