‘Teen Mom’ Amber’s Charged With Domestic Violence! Read the Police Report!

“Jail?! I can’t go to jail! There aren’t any tanning beds there!”

Teen Mom star Amber Portwood is being charged with two felony counts and one misdemeanor count of domestic violence! (If you need a refresher on what she allegedly did to deserve this, click here. Oh, and here.)

According to TMZ, if AMBO is convicted on all counts, she faces three years behind bars and fines up to $10,000. (That could buy a whole lot of tanning cream and eyeliner!)

According to this CNN article, “two of the three charges are felonies because the couple’s 1-year-old child apparently witnessed the violence,” according to Anderson, Indiana police spokesman Mitch Carroll.

“The charges were outlined in a probable cause affidavit filed by police, but Portwood, 20, will not be arrested until the Madison County, Indiana, prosecutor files formal charges.”

If don’t have time to read the entire police report, The Ashley is happy to sum it up for you and pull out the juiciest parts.

* Basically, after the episodes with the violence aired, the police department and CPS received a bunch of calls and emails about it. This caused the PD to review the raw and unedited footage which it obtained from the show’s producers.

* AMBO received one charge of Battery in the presence of a minor under 16 for the roughing-up that took place during Season 1 (filmed in August 2009), when AMBO allegedly punched, slapped and threatened to beat Gary’s ass if he didn’t apologize for being disrespectful to her father. Leah was sitting on the bed in the room when this was happening.

*AMBO received a second Battery charge for the incident on Season 2 where she allegedly kicked, slapped and hit Gary with a closed fist three times, including kicking him when he was walking down the steps carrying a TV.

*AMBO received another Battery in presence of a minor charge for an incident that wasn’t shown on TV. Apparently, in July of 2010, AMBO allegedly got into a verbal argument with Gary, assumed a fighter’s stance (LMAO) and punched Gary in the face and body. Leah was sitting in the same room. They didn’t discover this incident until after the PD subpoenaed the raw tapes from MTV.

One of the incidents in question…

The report also goes on to say that AMBO admitted in October 2010 that the acts were out of anger and were not staged for the TV show. She also goes on to say that she can’t remember all of the incidents because of a ‘medical issues that she’s currently under a doctor’s care for.’ (Um..pills and booze?)

*The PD used the Teen Mom Reunion Specials to help implicate AMBO in the acts. (‘Member when she apologized to Gary during the Season 1 reunion, stating “It will never happen again?” )

To read the TMZ story and to read the actual affidavit, click here!

(Photos: MTV)

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