The Ashley Loves Catelynn & Tyler! And So Does Everyone Else!

catelynn and tyler
“Holy guacamole, Tyler! There’s $15,000 in here!”

This story just warms The Ashley’s cold little heart!

There’s no doubt that fans have been rooting for Catelynn & Tyler since they first saw them on 16 & Pregnant, and later on Teen Mom. Despite having been dealt a crappy deck in the poker hand of life, Catelynn & Tyler have demonstrated that they are classy, wonderful adults drowning in a sea of hard knocks.

Although their lives include an ex-con father with a mullet and a verbally-abusive white trash mother and an endless cloud of cigarette smoke, Catelynn & Tyler have gotten through it together, and with class.  

Attention Cate & Ty: Keep your money away from this man!!

Their decision to give up their daughter for her own good shows that an apple really can fall far, far from the tree. (In this case, thank God it did…can you imagine a world with two Butches!?!)

Thankfully, The Ashley is not the only person who feels that these two kids deserve a shot in life. They are so much better than the crappy people they are surrounded by, and “Teen Mom” viewers are determined to give them a chance to make something out of themselves!

“Wait….they got 15 grand?! You’ve got to be kidding me!”

On October 20, the website Jezebel decided to start a college fund for Catelynn and Tyler. The website editors asked their readers to make donations that would go towards helping them pay for their college education. The Ashley heard about this when it happened, and though she was optimistic, she didn’t believe that viewers would actually cough up cash to help complete strangers, regardless of how deserving those strangers may be.

Luckily, The Ashley was wrong! (It happens every once in a blue moon!) The website collected (get this!) $15,000 in the Catelynn & Tyler fund!! According to Jezebel, Catelynn and Tyler plan to share the money equally and will put $5,000 ($2,500 each) toward Barnes & Noble for textbooks. The remaining funds will go into a client-trust account.

The deserving duo was overwhelmed by the viewer’s generosity!

I’ll bet ol’ AMBO wishes she could get her hands on $15,000— think of how much self-tanner, eyeliner and cheap vodka that could buy! OMG!

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