Which Former ‘Idol’ Contestants Acted Like a Total Diva on Friday?

Move over Dick Clark! There’s another ‘dick’ trying to take over New Years Eve!

The Ashley can’t tell you who it is (but she will say the ‘Idol’ that acted like an asshat has a name that rhymes with Bennifer Budson) but a former American Idol star acted like a total diva on Friday night while filming scenes for “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve.” (Yes, I hate to break it to you, but they film most of that show weeks before New Years Eve. Only a little bit of the show is actually filmed live at Times Square.)

Anyway, according to The Ashley’s spies, “B-Bud” treated the staff horrible, bossing them around and acting like a total buttsnatch. She made sure everyone knew who the ‘star’ of the evening was! She complained about how her mike stand was wrong and told people “she shouldn’t have to perform like that.”

In addition to treating the staff bad, she barely acknowledged the crowd (who, mind you, had been on their feet dancing for about 10 hours!) After performing, she ignored the audience and promptly walked off stage instead of socializing with the crowd like many of the other performers did.

So who is she? Well, here’s some hints:

  • She never won “Idol.” In fact, she didn’t even come close.
  • She is a spokesperson for a weight loss system….
  • She’s the only one to ever win a Grammy.
  • Um, she’s the only one who played “Rockin’ New Years Eve” this year. Look it up.


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  1. Wow! The Ashley, I know a couple hot chicks that went there too! Anyway, they told me she didn’t even know the lyrics to her song she had to read everything off big ass tv’s in front of her! lol too funny! learn your song meanie!

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