Watch Jenelle Evans Dance in What May Be The Most Embarrassing Video Ever

Oh dear God…

Today is your lucky day because The Ashley has brought you an early Christmas present!

So, we know that Jenelle Evans from 16 & Pregnant (Season 2) pretty much does everything but take care of her son, Jace, including smoking pot, yelling at people on Formspring and physically fighting with her mother. What else does Jenelle do to fill her days, you may ask? Make YouTube videos, of course!

Jenelle recently devoted a good part of her day to making a “music video” for Ke$sha’s “Tik Tok.” She can be seen lip-syncing the words to the song, as she attempts to dance seductively around her bedroom and (of course) her mother’s kitchen floor. At one point, Jenelle is literally singing into a comb.

It’s really just a little slice of heaven!

The Ashley enjoyed the fact that Jenelle was holding the camera while trying to dance, creating a slightly frightening, seizure-inducing effect. Of course, the best part is when Jenelle very seriously slides across the kitchen floor, after emerging from behind the kitchen table.

Watch the hilarious video below:


  1. just discovered your website and have been on it for like an hour.. SO AMAZING! this video seriously just made my day. come on, jenelle.. REALLY?! how much you wanna bet she was high during this? sad thing is i don’t think she was.. i’m pretty sure she’s 100% serious! lol. keep it up ashley 🙂

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