Crystal Bowersox’s Album Just Came Out! You Buy It Now!

Put down the lame-ass Willow Smith album and buy something worthwhile, kids!

During last season of American Idol, The Ashley made no secret of her support of contestant Crystal Bowersox over the other contestants. (Who you’ve likely forgotten about by now….’member Aaron Kelley? Andrew Garcia? Didn’t think so.) Crystal, by far, had the most potential to be a respectable member of the music industry, even over eventual winner Lee DeWyze. (I did like Lee though, don’t get me wrong.)

Well, The Ashley thinks you should go buy Crystal’s album (or download it on the iTunes for all you high-tech people.) She deserves to become a success—from everything I’ve read, Crystal seems like a genuinely nice person who has earned her way to the top: from singing in subway stations to dive bars.

The Ashley hopes that Santa Claus will be putting Crystal’s album, “Farmer’s Daughter” in her stocking. I’ve been obsessed with that title track since I first heard it while she was on “Idol.” That song was written before she was on the show and it is downright amazingly beautiful.

The Ashley doesn’t normally hand out compliments this easily, but she has to give credit where credit is due: this chick rocks! (Also check out Crystal’s song “Saved by Grace,” which she sings in this video. This song is so pretty, it makes me cry— and that does not happen very often at all! It didn’t make the album, but it very worthy of a mention!)

Don’t forget to set your TiVos boys and girls: Crystal will be on Ellen’s show tomorrow!! And go buy the album.
That is all.

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