Amber Portwood Pulled Over by Police Last Night! Plus….

"What do you mean you have to have a valid license to drive a car?! That's lame!"

Well this story just keeps getting better and better…

Everyone’s favorite Teen Mom train wreck, Amber (also known as AMBO here on The Roundup for her Rambo-ishly violent ways), had yet another run-in with the Indiana police this morning, Radar Online is reporting!

While she wasn’t in trouble for beating anybody up, apparently she was stopped by an officer in Anderson, Indiana when he became suspicious that she was under the influence. According to the story, AMBO “was swerving all over the road and crossing the yellow line so the police pulled her over thinking she was drunk,” a source said.”

The officer made her take a breathalyzer and made her do the field sobriety test (walk the line!), but she ended up passing both tests. (Maybe she wasn’t drinking; perhaps she was distracted because she was admiring her ginormous, God-awful new stomach tattoo?!)

The source said she wasn’t drunk, just “out of sorts” due to her medication. (Oh, that’s reassuring!)

However, AMBO didn’t go on her merry way: the cop discovered that AMBO was driving with a suspended license and she was issued a $150 ticket.

The story continued: “She knows she’s not allowed to drive, yet went out and bought a new 2006 Dodge Magnum,” the source told The police let her go with a ticket because she was only a few blocks from her home and the passenger in her car agreed to drive the rest of the way.”

File under: Should've learned the first time!

If you believe the latest In Touch Weekly story, that passenger may not have been the only one in the car with AMBO. The rag mag is reporting that Amber is yet again PREGNANT!!! (Why, God, why?! Maybe MTV can convince Brandon & Theresa to adopt this child?!)

Although most of the Teen Moms have been rumored at one time or another to be pregnant again , none of the rumors ended up being true. (Unless, of course, Farrah is carrying a 13-month-old baby in her flat stomach and didn’t tell anyone.)

However, this latest story  from In Touch Weekly actually has the makings of something that could be true.  The best part is that the mag is claiming AMBO has no idea who the father of the baby could be, as she’s allegedly slept with eight guys in two months. She is hoping that new boyfriend Clinton “Daddy Long Legs” Yunker is the baby-daddy, but it’s too soon to tell.

According to Star, who also ran with the story,

Well...maybe you are...who the hell knows?!

“Amber is scared to death about what’s to come,” the source tells Star. “She adores Leah, but she doesn’t really want to be tied down with another baby.”

Um…they ought to tie her legs shut. Just sayin’!

Hey, AMBO, go answer your door…I think I hear Maury Povich knocking.

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