Jenelle’s Forgotten Father Had No Idea She Was a ‘Teen Mom’

"Wait, so my dad knows about me now? you think he'd babysit tonight while I hit up the club. I have the urge to dance and do white trash things!"

So it seems that Star Magazine actually did a little reporting (instead of just sitting in their offices and making up stories with little or no truth to them.) They, like The Ashley, must have been wondering while watching the first episode of Teen Mom 2 where the hell is Jenelle‘s dad? Her mom, Barbara, has a prominent role in the show (since she seems to be the only person that takes care of poor Baby Jace.) But where the hell is her dad?!

Apparently, according to Star, he’s been living under a rock, completely unaware that his daughter has become MTV’s next cash cow trainwreck!

Apparently, this is Daddy Dearest...

Reporters hustled to be the first to find and interview someone from his family and found his sister (who would be Jenelle’s aunt, just FYI). Her name is Judy Ruane. Turns out the entire Evans clan had no idea that a member of their family was a mother-pushing, pot-smoking MTV reality star!

According to the story on Star‘s website,

“None of us has seen or heard from Jenelle since she and her older sister and brother, Ashleigh and Colin, moved to North Carolina in the late 1990s with her mom after her parents got divorced,” Jenelle’s aunt, Judy Ruane, tells Star in an exclusive interview. Judy says her brother Robert was cut out of his children’s lives completely.”

Robert, (or the ‘forgotten father’ as Star called him) had no idea his daughter had even given birth!

The article continues…

“He was shocked — there was total silence on the phone,” Judy tells Star. “He clearly was stunned by what’s happened.”

What, no exclusive video of the aunt breaking the news to the dad?! I’m disappointed in you, Star. You’re usually much less classy than this! I would have expected them to have that camera all up in his face when he found out so they could catch every money-making tear on film!

And don’t argue that ‘Jenelle is really a great mom, she’s just edited that way.’ She screams and pushes her mom, tries to act all hard yet relies on her mom for virtually everything, has no job (being a reality TV star doesn’t count.)

Ugh. I feel bad for Robert, even if he is a kid-abandoner.

"Someday Dr. Drew will come..."

With all this crappy parenting going on, Dr. Drew should seriously consider opening up a home for all of these poor Teen Mom babies! (Well, at least AMBO’s and Jenelle‘s. All the other ones are doing ok– so far!)

Can’t wait to see what other white trash shenanigans Jenelle gets into next week! Those other girls are a complete snoozefest compared to her!


  1. I feel sorry for all 3 of them (Barbara, Jace & Janelle). Barbara has been made hard & mean by a harsh life. I think she was burnt out on the 2 older kids by the time she had Jenelle & just had no love, empathy or patience left to give. Jenelle was raised with very little love (her own mom told her she was an unloveable whore) and is obsessed with not being alone (which is probably why she had Jace). While she does obviously love her son, she’s too emotionally immature and selfish to be a mom. And when she does make an effort, her mom puts her down every single time or tries to prevent her from doing normal mom things (like taking jace to the 4th of July celebrations, or taking him down to the store while she gets some necessary groceries). Jace is going to grow up seeing his mom & grandma do nothing but verbally abuse each other & will probably take that behavior on board too. I hope that the Evans family can reach a point one day where they can all have good relationships with each other.

  2. I think this was more harsh than funny… tone down the hate, man. Sure Jenelle is a bitch to her mother and she’s lazy and irresponsible, but she is a 16 year oid, and she seems fine with her baby to me (WHEN she’s with him). At least she doesn’t completely ignore him like Ambo. If I had to live with Barbara I’d flip shit too… her mother is controlling, manipulative, and emotionally and verbally abusive. I’m not saying Jenelle is some kind of hero but she learned her ways from the best.

    1. By exploiting her child and acting like a horrible human being on television, Jenelle is subjecting herself to criticism. Also, she doesn’t HAVE to live with Barbara. She can move out on her own and grow the hell up and take care of her child…oh wait, she wants to party every night of the week. As far as learning from the best, I have seen plenty of people with crappy parents who have turned into decent human beings. In fact, Jenelle should vow NOT to be like her mother and set a better example for her child. Jenelle has no one to blame for her situation but herself. Being 16 years old is not an excuse. When you get pregnant at a young age, you have to suck it up and grow up.

      1. Well said, Heather! You think like The Ashley. Also–I don’t think Barbara is all that bad. She’s taking over the parenting because Jenelle wasn’t doing it. I don’t think that makes her controlling, that makes her a good grandma. Otherwise CPS would have taken the kid away! She’s angry with Jenelle for putting her in that situation and she has a right to be. Barbara’s raised her kids and now has to raise Jace in what should be her retirement years. I’d be pissed too!

        1. Hey atleast im trying to be a better mom to jace. I might have problems but im trying to change. I dont party every night like i used to. Im trying to be the best mom i can be because i love jace

          1. @jenelle I agree, you’ve obviously stepped up a lot in the last few months or so. (This article was written a while back). Keep up the good work! 🙂 -The Ashley

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