This Week in Reality TV Star Arrests….

Jen’s mug shot, courtesy of TMZ. I know you were drunk honey, but what’s stopping you from doing those roots?! Damn, get yourself some Clariol hair dye, stat!

It seems like all of your favorite reality TV stars have been getting their drink (and drug) on lately…

First, we start with Jen Jowett, “star” (and I use that term loosely in her case) of the second season of You’re Cut Off. (To see her antics on the show, which includes weave-pulling, click here.)

Apparently, Jen did a little bit too much celebrating on January 11 (the same day the show’s second season premiered.) According to TMZ, she was pulled over in West Hollywood that night for talking on her cell phone. When she rolled down the window, she apparently had boxed wine stank breath and was given a field sobriety test. When she failed to successfully walk the line, she was arrested and booked into jail.

According to TMZ’s sources, Jen’s been “spiraling out of control ever since she signed up for the show.”

Um, you think?

“Hey guys! ‘Member me from my gay porn movie?!”

Joining Jen in a cell is our favorite Survivor winner (and homo-erotic film star) “Fabio” Judson Birza, who was arrested in Santa Monica for (wait for it….wait for it…) SKATEBOARDING under the influence. No, seriously.

According to this article  on Pop Eater , Fabio “was stopped for skateboarding in the street, which is illegal in Santa Monica. Officers tell TMZ that Birza was acting strangely, evidently under the influence.”

Perhaps he was coming home from a meet-up with Jen and her boxed wine?
But that’s not all they have on Fabio!

Apparently, he was also charged with an unrelated DUI warrant and a probation violation and was being held Wednesday evening on $37,000 bail! He was later released and was picked up in a beer-filled stretch limo, according to TMZ.  (No word if he got his skateboard back.)

The Ashley is in LOVE with both of their goofy ass mug shots. Jen looks like she just did ten rounds with Mike Tyson, but whatever Fabio is on, I want some!

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