Lunchtime Ramblings of a Reality TV-obsessed Idiot

Um...who wouldn't want this person to be a part of their conversation?!?

Today, while I was heating up my fantastic cuisine of Progresso Veggie Soup (mmmmmm, jealous?) something happened that occurs every so often.

This group of people(who I don’t really talk to) was discussing last night’s American Idol. The very mention of “Idol” perked up The Ashley’s ears and she began to eavesdrop on their conversation. (Hey, usually they only talk about things like poetry readings and tax reform and crap like that so for them to be talking about something interesting was pretty astounding.)

Anyway, they began to discuss the auditions. One asked, “Why would FOX even air this part of the show? Who actually wants to watch people sing horribly?”

Um….that would be me.

Another chimed in that there are a lot of stupid people in this country that enjoy this stuff.

Hello…my name is Forest. Forest Gump.

“Who would actually waste their time voting for someone on this show?” they wondered.

Me again.

Then that feeling of ownership began to engulf  The Ashley. She wanted to join in their conversation SO.FREAKING.BAD but it’s that situation where there’s no non-awkward way you can interject into a conversation. So what happens is that you’re bobbing and weaving and desperately trying to think of something relevant to say that wouldn’t look like you were eavesdropping.

This probably happens to all of you, too. You know how when you have, say, a favorite band. You are convinced that no one could love this band more than you do, therefore making you the definitive authority on all things having to do with this band. When you hear someone talking about them in conversation, when their concerts sell out or you see someone wearing their T-shirt, instead of feeling a common bond towards them, you feel jealous. Like they’re stepping on your turf?

That’s how The Ashley feels about reality TV.

The fighting words came next: they made fun of Adam Lambert.

Oh helllll no! Why don’t people understand that Adam singing is a gift from God?! Must I remind you of this performance? (One of the best performances by Glambert, ever!)

Just thought I’d share what goes on in the reality TV-obsessed mind of The Ashley.

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