Before They Were Reality Stars: Guess Who?

Who am I?

Who’s the graduate dressed for success in this photo? Even back when this reality TV star was living large at Livingston High School, he had no trouble getting the ladies. (He was voted “Most Handsome” and “Mr. LHS” by his classmates.)

Click below to find out what this 1990s stud looks like today…

 It’s recycled Bachelor, Brad Womack!
Click here to see a gallery of high school picks of the Brad-ster.
Back in high school, Brad was known as “Brad Pickelsimer” (insert LOLs here). He later changed his last name to Womack. (He has daddy issues, ‘member?)
Here’s a page straight outta the LHS yearbook, courtesy of Splash.
LOL at editing mistakes....also, didn't Brad hate his dad in high school? Why did he say he was one of his greatest influences? Just wondering...
Here’s what “Miss LHS” looks like today. (You know you were totally going to Google her to find out!) I think that’s her anyway.
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