10 of the Hardest ‘Sister Wives’-Themed “Would You Rather?” Questions Ever: Play Now!

Your face…after you take this quiz…

We’ve made it through another season of Polgamy House Hunters er…we mean Sister Wives

To celebrate the end of this long, drawn-out season, The Ashley has once again dipped into her demented mind to bring you her own version of the classic elementary school game “Would You Rather?” In the past, the quizzes–- which forced Roundupers to choose between two impossibly hard scenarios–- were Teen Mom– or Duggar-themed, but The Ashley figured it was time to bring this creepiness to Kody Brown and his crew!

Throw your crap into a moving van and gel back your Top Ramen hair, because it’s time to take The Ashley’s “Would You Rather? ‘Sister Wives’ Edition Quiz!” (You may want to fill up your birthing bathtub, though, because after you take this quiz, you’re gonna feel dirty!)











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16 Responses

  1. OMG! Some of these made my brain hurt!…. I’m going with the suggestion of giving CBD a go. I’d rather be high as a kite and in
    la la land than cope with Kody…better still dose Kody with enough of it so I wouldn’t have to listen to, look at or be in proximity of that weasel Kody !

  2. WTF Ashley? You are warped GF!! I figure the eating question was a toss up, either way its a great diet plan. And seriously Meris daughter made fun of Moms eyebrows? Wench apparently its heredity.

  3. Mykelti and Tony just look like they have terrible hygiene. I wouldn’t mind making tacos, but I could never work with people who smell nasty. She’s also try to recruit me for her downlines in all the MLM shit she shills.

  4. I definitely meant ASS cheek when I agreed to that Kody tattoo!

    Still laughing at the thought of my husband coming face to face with my new Kody nipples!!

    1. I absolutely couldn’t do it. It was beyond too sick to imagine. I may never get the mental picture of the first question out of my head.

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