10 of the Hardest Duggar-Themed “Would You Rather?” Questions Ever: Play Now!

“Y’all are sick!”

Last year, The Ashley dipped into her demented mind to bring you her own versions of the classic elementary school game “Would You Rather?” Last time, each of the quizzes– which forced Roundupers to choose between two impossibly hard scenarios– were Teen Mom-themed, but The Ashley has decided to celebrate summer (and the upcoming new season of Counting On) by doing a Duggar-themed quiz!

Inflate your birthing pool and put on your modest denim skirt, because it’s time to take The Ashley’s “Would You Rather? Duggar Edition Quiz!” Much like a photo of eldest Dug Josh, this ain’t gonna be pretty…

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(Photos: TLC)

18 Responses

  1. I needed several bouts after taking this quiz yesterday. It was really difficult and rough.

  2. I’ve never really watched this show, but enjoy reading about it on here. While I concur with everyone in feeling like the older (creep) brother is a steaming pile (and to a lesser extent the homophobe husband who looks like he is literally melting…poor guy) I’m a little confused by the hate for the others. They seem like decent people who just grew up very religious. I gotta say (get them downvotes ready!) I can’t help but wonder how much of the hate is simply because they are so religious. Yeah yeah, I know what you’re going to say about their treatment of women and all that, but do you have the same level of disgust towards the muslim community? Or any other groups who are a less forward-thinking than we’d like? Don’t get me wrong, I think the Duggars are a bit over-the-top, but they don’t seem like total monsters. And some of the hatred seems a bit extreme.

    1. I don’t personally hate most of the Duggars, but to answer your other question, yes. I have the same level of disgust towards fundamentalists of any stripe, not just Christians. Most Christians aren’t fundies who preach the Duggar brand of misogyny, patriarchy, and intolerance for anyone who doesn’t fit into their narrow version of religious law, and neither are the Muslims that I personally know, but the ones who do are terrible. They don’t just live by their own warped and backwards beliefs, but actively campaign to change laws in this country to force others to live by them as well. They are dangerous.

  3. This was amazing! Lol! Sadly the camper question was the hardest for me, we lived in one for 9 months while building our home last year. Not pleasant but would’ve been horrific with no air and 5 kids ?

  4. I love the Duggars and Jana Duggar is my favorite Duggar on the show. God bless you Jana Duggar And God bless the Duggar family

    1. Yo, John…I talked to god, she said ‘sup.

      Then she told Jesus to handle her small stuff.

      So I talked to Jesus, he didn’t say ‘sup, I’m pretty sure you’re the kind of small stuff he’s sposed to be handling. Might wanna cool it with the ass kissing, I hear he can be a real phallic appendage when he’s been face palming too much.

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