No More ‘Bachelor Pad’ for Jesse Beck: He’s Getting Married!


“Do you mind if I pull out my ingrown hairs in front of you?” “No, not at all.” True love.

It seems like Jesse Beck won’t be lounging around the ol’ Bachelor Pad much longer…he’s now engaged to be married!

You may remember Jesse Beck as the lovable goof who took fellow ‘Pad’ contestant Peyton Wright on multiple dates during the show. He tried to get in her pants using the proven techniques of trying to pick her nose (yes, you read that correctly), digging out ingrown hairs from his knee and forcing her to watch, chewing with his mouth open and making cocktails of champagne and martinis and trying to get her to drink it. For some reason, Peyton decided to “just say no.” Can’t imagine why…


Everyone knows the way to a woman’s heart is through her nose.

He also had a “relationship” (hey, four days counts with these creeps) with Natalie, but quickly moved on to woo-ing Peyton. (Maybe he started to get a rash after Natalie?)

Well, it seems that Jesse B. (as he was called on the show) has found himself a woman who enjoys all the ingrown digging, open mouthing chewing and nose-picking Jesse can throw at her because…he’s engaged!

Her name is Bianca and she moved from her home to his home in Peculiar, Missouri (how appropriate) to be with him. On Christmas Day, Jesse B. popped the question and she said yes. Dry your tears, Peyton. I don’t know how you’ll go on knowing that you’ll never be the future Mrs. B.

Don’t feel too bad for Peyton…US Weekly is reporting that she has been seen “canoodling”  with Bachelorette Ali’s discards, Chris Lambton (Chris L. as you may remember him). According to US, the two showed up to a celebrity golf tournament together in August, and as recently as this month were seen holding hands and talking in “deep conversation” at a bar in Dallas.

According to this article, Chris’ blossoming romance with Peyton was one of the reasons he turned down the chance to be the next Bachelor. I think it was the fact that Chris L. had enough of the reality TV nonsense and didn’t want to look at another rose for as long as he lived…

“I found a very nice girl all by myself,” Chris told the Track. “She’s a nice Southern girl. We’ve been dating for a few months.”

He also revealed that his new girl is from Tennessee and Texas. (What a surprise, Peyton’s from Tennessee and Texas!)

It’s also reported that Chris took Peyton as his date to his brother Mark’s wedding in September.



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